The Beneful dog foods have been on the market for quite some time since they were first produced in 2001. The Nestle Purina Petcare company has produced a variety of dog food products for both adult and puppy dogs. The Beneful products are well enriched with nutrients that ensure the dog pet remains healthy and strong. Also, some of the products are designed to make the dog’s skin more healthy and shiny. Beneful dog foods are the most recommended across pet dog lovers as they are safe and meet the set standards.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH BEEF, TOMATOES, CARROTS, AND WILD RICE The product is enriched with several nutrients that are important in maintaining a healthy dog. The meal contains properly chopped blend with wholesome ingredients that are visible. They are rich in flavor to add the dog’s appetite and designed with delinquent texture. The product is available in 3 oz cans. It contains real beef. It also enriched with carrots and wild rice. The meals are a productive, happy and healthy blended with a dogs taste.
The meal is designed to be an enjoyable meal for the dog. It contains a finely chopped blend of chicken, tomatoes, carrots and rice. It has delicious flavors to keep the dog in active appetite. The product is packed in 3 oz packages. It’s moist and ideal for adult and puppy dogs. It also designed with a different texture that is easily broken apart. The meal is processed with sufficient water, chicken, gluten wheat .liver and meat by-products. It has vitamin b12 supplement that is crucial in boosting the dog’s immunity.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH SALMON, TOMATOES, CARROTS AND WILD RICE. The meal is available in 3 oz cans. It contains well chopped and visible ingredients of salmon, tomatoes, and carrots. The product is designed to keep the dog healthy and also vitamin supplements to boost its immunity. The product is processed with sufficient water to keep it moist. In addition to the vitamin supplement, it has over 10% of proteins.
PETCO BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE TUSCAN STYLE MEDLEY) WITH BEEF, CARROTS, RICE, AND SPINACH The product is also available in 3 oz cans. It’s designed to keep the dog happy and healthy. Besides, the product is processed with plenty of water to keep it moist. It has 9% of crude protein, 2% of crude fat.

Kevin Hart Crosses Over Into Mainstream

Kevin Hart is the little comedian that has risen to a big platform when it comes to movies. The thing that has made Kevin Hart stand out so quickly is his ability to quickly adapt to mainstream movies.

In the beginning he was the comedian that spent a lot of time getting his audience familiar with his role in black movies. These were comedies that typically consisted of an entirely black cast of main characters. This would be the launch pad for someone like Kevin Hart, but this would not be the area that he stayed in.

In time Kevin would discover that he was able to bring about a whole new era of buddy comedies. He would star in movies with
Dwayne Johnson. He would star in movies with Ice Cube. He became someone that was easy to recognize for a personality that seemed much bigger than his physical height.

Over time Kevin Hart has become a true business man that continues to branch out and build a pathway for other comedians to follow. He has helped friends that are in the comedy business. He has utilized his platform from movies to create television shows. All of this goes back into the hard-working persona that has become known as Kevin Hart. He is a true business man that knows how to break beyond what is considered the norm for a black comedian.

All of this work that Kevin Hart has put into building his legacy is starting to pay off.

The Rock Opens Up About Depression

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the highest-paid, most sought-after actors working today, with a string of hits like “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “The Fate of the Furious.” He’s well-known for his humorous, good-natured social media posts. From outward appearances, it looks as though he has everything.

However, the actor and wrestler recently opened up about his struggles with depression. A few major incidents pushed him into a state of despair. When Johnson was a teenager, his mother attempted suicide in front of him. He claims that she tried to walk into oncoming traffic before he was able to pull her to safety.

He soon sank into a depression of his own. Later, when an injury ended his NFL career before it could begin, he found himself depressed again.

Johnson says that he and his mother both recovered but that it was tough. “I was crying constantly,” he said. On Twitter, he encouraged people — especially men, who might be more likely to bottle up their issues — to seek help. He urged everyone to “not be afraid to open up” and assured that “you’re not alone.”

Johnson’s next action flick, “Rampage,” opens on April 13. It stars the Rock as a primatologist who teams up with a giant ape to save the world from other giant predators. It’s loosely based on the video game series of the same name.

A Great Year for Cardi B

Every now and then a song comes along that is just catchy and hard to dismiss. In 2017, Cardi B is the rapper that had that song. She was someone that managed to crossover even though she was barely known in the music industry.

For several years the reality TV role was what Cardi B played. It was with the “Bodak Yellow” song that she became a real star. This was one of the most played songs of 2017. It would go on to become a break out hit for Cardi B. This hit would allow her to gain the attention of Bruno Mars, and he put her on the “Finesse” remix. It was a great chance for Cardi B to show the world that she has something to offer in rap.

People that Google this breakout artist are getting a chance to see other videos that Cardi B has brought to hip hop, but few of these songs have surfaced in the way that the “Bodak Yellow” has. It is only a matter of time before more people start to ask more about who she is and how she came to be.

It is very clear that the reality TV show hype is what brought her to the mainstream. She decided to capitalize on this. She also used her sexuality to build an audience. The most importance part of the equation, however, is the way that she self-promoted her single and pushed it to the top with catchy hooks.

Flavio Maluf Discusses New Deal

Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, issued a note last night, informing the company’s workers and leaders in Botucatu about the deal between Eucatex and Duratex. They have confirmed that they will do business between companies. Eucatex will give a farm in Capão Bonito in exchange for the production line of thin sheets of wood in Botucatu.

Flavio Maluf believes that productivity at work is an essential factor for success. Because of this, the president of the companies Eucatex, the businessman and executive Maluf, brings some tips to overcome the possible obstacles and not drop the income in this period. Check out.

1- Do not overdo in unnecessary conversations

This is a habit that can take a lot of the employee’s work hours. What contributes most to the establishment of this custom are the breaks for coffees and snacks. It is at these times that people focus on the same place and start random conversations – which is not a prohibited practice, everyone has a right to breathe, provided that it is short. However, when it stretches too far, it becomes inappropriate and results in loss of productivity. Visit to learn more.

2- Do not overdo the use of the cell phone

With all the technology nowadays it’s hard to stay away from this little gadget that sounds magical, does not it? Yes, but it does. Of course, many jobs require you to be connected, informed, up to date – but for everything, there is a limit. Flavio reports what the founder of the Longitude School says: a look at the messages and news is tolerable, but this should not be so frequent as to disrupt the progress of work and decrease professional performance. So watch out.

Mr. Flavio is Chief Executive and director of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio and serves as the Chairman of the Board at Eucatex since 2005. S.A. Industria e Comercio. He worked for Sistemas S.A. Corretoras de Título e Valore Mobiliário and Citibank, New York. Flavio Maluf got his Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering at Fundação Armando Álvares

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Rudy Giuliani Confirms Divorce Rumors

Former New York State prosecutor and long time mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, has reportedly announced that his marriage of 15 years is over. Speaking to the news outlet Page Six, Giuliani confirmed that his wife Judith has filed for divorce.

Ina statement given to Page Six the 73-year-old politician asked that the public grant he and Judith privacy as they go through this difficult time. He did sugar coat the split, saying that there are problems on both sides and hinted that the divorce may not be the most amicable in the history of divorces.

The Manhattan Supreme Court records show that Judith filed a divorce with the court and that it did not go uncontested. Given the couple’s assets and celebrity status, the divorce proceedings could continue for years. The couple do not have an

The couple were married in 2003, just two years after Rudy completed his last term as the mayor of NYC. He unsuccessful ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2008. The couple married when Rudy was 58 and Judith ten years younger at 48 years old. Each had been married twice before and the third time was certainly not the charm for either party.

Giuliani is a bit of a folk hero in New York City, credited with reducing the rampant crime that the city was infamous for prior to his arrival in the 1970s. As a prosecutor he successfully investigated and put behind bars several of the city’s organized crime bosses.

Equities First Holdings Takes the World of Finance By Storm

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has provide clients the tools to reach goals. The primary product of EFH is the equity-loan. An equity-loan allows a potential borrower to use stocks as collateral. EFH can provide financial advice to help its’ clients achieve their goals. EFH helps people by partnering with investment banks. EFH succeed because the equity-loans are trusted by clients. The popularity of the loan will help them grow.

The London office has several transactions help people take notice. It was enough for EFH to learn their office will work in a new market. EFH saw an operation had a chance to strive and it allowed them to move forward with expansion to markets in Australia and Asia. People have a chance. Joel Leonoff, CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) received an Equity-Loan and once he repaid the loan he receives 9 million shares. Th equity loan is the reason EFH has been able to generate a $1 billion in four years.

Equities First Holdings info:

The Evolution of Drake in the Rap Game

When Drake makes a decision to give away money he goes big. With a net worth of $100 million some people may say that it isn’t a big deal for Drake to give away a million, but this really is a big deal.

Why many other rappers are flashing money and making it rain in strip clubs Drake is taking in money and doing something that benefits so many people. It is a big deal, and this is one of the first times that something like this has been seen in a rap video. This is clearly another innovative way for someone like Drake to express himself. He has become the guy that people look at when they want to hear and see something that is fresh and exciting.

Drake has been rapping for a long time, but it is his sing-song blend of R&B singing that has made him someone that women prefer. It has been stated that his laid back nature has been the thing that has made him rather popular with the crowd that is getting old. Women that are removing themselves from the world of gangster rap are elated for someone like Drake.

He has become the person that has managed to humanize rap. That is really the reason that more people look to Drake Aubrey Graham to see what his next move is. When you have done everything giving away $1 million may just seem like the next obvious step in the equation for Drake.

The Slow But Effective Rise of Drake

Drake has been a powerful artist that transitioned from acting to rap. It was amazing to see how a simple mix tape helped Drake become one of the most well-known artists in the world. His songs have collectively received more than a billion spins on Spotify. He has appeared in Sprite and T-Mobile commercials.

Some people may wonder how Drake continues to dominate, but the answer is rather simple: he is charismatic. This is the real reason that he gets the big commercials. People can relate to what he is doing, and his songs have catchy hooks. All of these things make a big difference. This is proof that Drake is among one of the best when it comes to propelling himself to the top. He doesn’t need a marketing team.

One reason for that is that Drake has created a formula where he gets popular off singles. He doesn’t have to make a whole album to sell music. He realized this with “Hotline Bling.” This was one of his biggest singles, but it was released during a time where there were only 2 two songs being released.

Drake is also known for battling, and he took down Meek Mills in a battle. There are so many areas where Drake has proven himself to be effective. He has his own team so his music does not sound like anything else out there. All of these are good things that make people appreciate what Drake is bringing to a very wide audience.

Original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, Receives Star

Lynda Carter, known for her role as Wonder Woman on the 1970s television series, is the latest recipient of a star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame. The honor was revealed on Tuesday afternoon, as the star was joined by her daughter in the celebration. The move has relevance today as the Wonder Woman series has been rebooted in recent years in a series of movies. She was also joined on Tuesday by the Chairman of CBS, Les Moonves, and director of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins.

Carter was first featured on television when she was just 5 years old and later became a singing sensation as a teen. She then was named as Miss World America in 1972, which catapulted her career into television. While she has shied away from the screen and stage in recent years, Carter continues to perform around the United States as a songstress, her first love.

She married Washington D.C attorney Robert Altman in 1984 and moved away from the Hollywood scene for the rest of the decade. During the late 1980s, her and Altman had two children. They continue to make the East Coast home today, living in the same home in Maryland since 1987.

Carter, 66, has been involved in the entertainment industry for an outstanding 50 years. During the Wonder Woman years (1975-1979) Carter was perhaps the most famous female in Hollywood. Her iconic status was finally cemented, literally, in history earlier this week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Felipe Montoro Jens and The PPP Project in Sao Paulo that Helps Generate Jobs

It’s hard to pound the pavement. Looking for a job knowing that there’s a lot of uncertainty and competition out there means that there are sacrifices, risks, and unfortunate situations that would push the limit of one’s talents and endurance. When a country has not a lot of entrepreneurs, risk takers and is without a business culture that’s prevalent in the corners of the country, there would be a lot of jobless people pounding the pavement. Fortunately, in Brazil, there are business leaders like Felipe Montoro Jens who are initiating ways to generate jobs through a public and private partnership. Right now, one of them would be the PPP projects in Sao Paulo. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

100,000 Jobs for Brazil

It may seem like an act of pulling a rabbit out of a hat to say that with the help of Felipe Montoro Jens, Sao Paulo Brazil can get about 100,000 of jobs. In the new program set by a municipality-centered project in Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens will help build a committee that would improve the housing situation in Brazil. With the help of the group Cohab-SP, the new residents of the housing project will be chosen. Those who will qualify will get to live in the housing project with the support of the government. It is also with the help of the city of Sao Paulo that the right families will be chosen. These families will then be the residents of the PPP housing community.

However, the significant contribution of the Private-Public Partnership set by Felipe Montoro Jens is the fact that more jobs will be generated to those who will be helping Mr. Jens in building the housing project. Amid the series of phases of the housing project, more people can get the opportunity to offer their skills, expertise, and labor to earn income from the budget set for the project. Truly, Felipe Montoro Jens has helped produce the right amount of sustainable level of work highly needed by the country.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Mr. Jens is the CEO of EnergiparCaptacao S.A. as well as the chairman of Concessionari do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.

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