The Beneful dog foods have been on the market for quite some time since they were first produced in 2001. The Nestle Purina Petcare company has produced a variety of dog food products for both adult and puppy dogs. The Beneful products are well enriched with nutrients that ensure the dog pet remains healthy and strong. Also, some of the products are designed to make the dog’s skin more healthy and shiny. Beneful dog foods are the most recommended across pet dog lovers as they are safe and meet the set standards.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH BEEF, TOMATOES, CARROTS, AND WILD RICE The product is enriched with several nutrients that are important in maintaining a healthy dog. The meal contains properly chopped blend with wholesome ingredients that are visible. They are rich in flavor to add the dog’s appetite and designed with delinquent texture. The product is available in 3 oz cans. It contains real beef. It also enriched with carrots and wild rice. The meals are a productive, happy and healthy blended with a dogs taste.
The meal is designed to be an enjoyable meal for the dog. It contains a finely chopped blend of chicken, tomatoes, carrots and rice. It has delicious flavors to keep the dog in active appetite. The product is packed in 3 oz packages. It’s moist and ideal for adult and puppy dogs. It also designed with a different texture that is easily broken apart. The meal is processed with sufficient water, chicken, gluten wheat .liver and meat by-products. It has vitamin b12 supplement that is crucial in boosting the dog’s immunity.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH SALMON, TOMATOES, CARROTS AND WILD RICE. The meal is available in 3 oz cans. It contains well chopped and visible ingredients of salmon, tomatoes, and carrots. The product is designed to keep the dog healthy and also vitamin supplements to boost its immunity. The product is processed with sufficient water to keep it moist. In addition to the vitamin supplement, it has over 10% of proteins.
PETCO BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE TUSCAN STYLE MEDLEY) WITH BEEF, CARROTS, RICE, AND SPINACH The product is also available in 3 oz cans. It’s designed to keep the dog happy and healthy. Besides, the product is processed with plenty of water to keep it moist. It has 9% of crude protein, 2% of crude fat.

Get it Right With Kevin SeaWright

Who Is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin Seawright is the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for a company called Newark Economic Development Corporation. He gained his success by effectively restructuring companies throughout New Jersey.

Kevin obtained a Masters of Business Administration from Almeda University and a Business Graduate degree from Notre Dame University. Being a leader is nothing new for Mr. Seawright. Below is a list of premier business leadership positions he has attained over the years.

  • Deputy Chief Operating Officer
  • Campaign Manager
  • Executive Director of Operations
  • VP Finance & Human Capital

Social Media

Check out the Vice president social media channels to find out more about his achievements and personal agendas. Kevin keeps a clean social media presence. He can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. All pictures are crisp and business savvy. Learn more about kEVIN Seawright:

The profile business visual explains why this business professional is so well accomplished. Mr. Seawright Tumblr page really gives an inside look of the personal humanity of the person from the personal choice of post. Visit the well accomplished economic specialist as his website:

Business Worthy

Some of the beneficial advantages that come with Kevin renewable services are unlimited. One of the great things that an opportunist will acquire is a well-rounded business format. It means “simply” that he can be used as an all in one service because of his extensive diverse background.

He is responsible for over $400 million in operational management returns for all areas of business. A plain level of explanation would be the research of Kevin’s background and delivery.

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Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC Assist Baltimore City Housing Employee Attain First Home

Susan McGalla Broke the Glass Ceiling and Wants to Help Other Women Do the Same

Susan McGalla is a successful businesswoman from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, who has worked hard to achieve recognition in the retail management industry. She has pushed her way to the top to become the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Using her experience as a lifelong Steelers fan and an executive with an eye for fashion to create the “what we wear campaign” that helped revitalize the Steelers fan fashion division.

McGalla has risen in a male dominated industry despite all the obstacles that were in her path. As a child, she was not given special treatment because she was a girl. In fact, she faced many of the same obstacles that other girls faced. She became tough and resilient, which helped her succeed in her chosen field as an adult.

Unfortunately, Susan McGalla is a rare example of success, and many women are unable to overcome the obstacles in their path. Decades of women’s leadership initiatives are not enough. There are many opportunities to connect and network with each other, but this is not enough. Women only hold 1/4 of the positions of power. Without being able to network with and gain the influence of men, women will never be able to achieve the success in business that they desire.

A better solution is to create opportunities for women to be sponsored by male and female leaders in the industry. Executive sponsorship can help to end the gender gap. Highly motivated women, who do not have the resources or connections to succeed on their own would be paired with experienced executives. These experienced executives would help by taking these women under their wing and investing in the women’s careers. If the women they sponsor succeed, they succeed.

With the right programs and incentives in place, soon there will be many women like Susan McGalla. These are women who like McGalla, wish to be seen not as women, but as professionals who happen to be women. Like McGalla, these women are smart savvy women who use the skills are resources given to them to help them succeed in a difficult world.

Find out more about Susan McGalla:

How Marc Sparks Helps Others Succeed In Business

Marc Sparks is a highly successful businessman in the Dallas, Texas area. He has started dozens of companies during the course of his career and has found more success than failures in doing so. In either case, he has learned quite a bit which is knowledge that he applies to his next venture. He is now the founder and owner of Timber Creek Capital, LP where he helps other entrepreneurs launch their own companies. He is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

A Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks is able to help build three companies in his offices at any given time. Each company has a long incubation period where the new product or service is refined and prepared to be launched. In addition to office space, his personal expertise in starting a company, as well as other business services, Marc Sparks is also able to offer financing in order to provide the money needed to get a company off the ground.

Marc Sparks helps people to build companies in other ways as well. He is the author of a book he titled, “They Can’t Eat You“. The book outlines his philosophy and experience establishing new companies and includes both his successes and failures. It gives readers a guideline how to not only successfully establish a new company but also how to run it going forward. He exposes people to the realities of entrepreneurship as well which involves a lot of hard work but most importantly solving other peoples problems in a way that is not easily duplicated by others.

In order to get the funding to launch a new product or service, a person will likely need to convince a venture capitalist to provide them with the necessary funding. A meaningful presentation that gets across the key information is very critical. Marc Sparks has advice for people putting this presentation together as he has sat through a lot of them. He says the very first thing is to not waste the potential funders time as their time is valuable. Every visual used has to serve a very important purpose or it needs to be cut. He also says to tell a legitimate store using real data. Using proven research clearly explained will go a long ways in getting funding. He also says to keep it simple because otherwise it’s easy to get lost in the details. Finally, he says to be proud of your product which shows the confidence to succeed.

Marc Sparks gives back to others in the community. He has supported a wide variety of non-profit organizations including Habitat for Humanity and a local homeless shelter. Another charity he supports helps students in Dallas earn their diplomas.

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Mark Hutchinson Biography

Born in Australia, Mark Hutchinson is renowned for his dedication on matters pertaining wildlife. The founder of Wild Ark shares his earliest moments drawn from horse riding, fly-fishing, mustering sheep and crawling into wombat holes. At 19 years, Hutchinson traveled the length of Africa by car, barely a year fishing and camping at Jackaroo in North Australia, after high school. Throughout his life, Hutchinson has focused on educating people about the wild, drawing inspiration from his many entrepreneurial ventures. Further, he operates a travel and training firm which has been operational for over ten years. His dream is to leave behind a legacy anchored on an ambition to improve the world natural state, for better inhabitance by the coming generations.




Mark Hutchinson grew up between Victoria, Queensland and South Wales. At the age of eight, he moved to Sydney alongside his family. During his holidays, he loved spending time on friend’s farms, long dusty tracks, and wide open spaces. After enrolling for a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Sydney, Hutchinson started his own personal training company. The success of the early venture combined with a successful trip to Africa initiated the necessary confidence to establish the business he always envisioned.


Career path.


Later on, Mark established the UNTAMED adventure company which specialized on guiding tourist in nature furthers outposts. In 2005, Hutchinson partnered with Anton Letegan in the delivery of training courses which ultimately lead to the birth of AVANA. In 2015, Hutchinson left the CEO role in the company and went ahead to establish the WILD ARK, a firm that seeks to create awareness on the need of protecting the worlds bio-diversities especially in nature hot-spots. Further, the ventures pay focus on making a positive impact to both tourist touring a place and the local inhabitants.


Social life:


Mark Hutchinson has Master of Business Administration from INSEAD School of business in France and is currently pursuing a master, at Macquarie University, of conservation Biology. During his free time, exploring wilderness and surf board take the better pie of his time. While in Sydney, swimming in the beaches is a daily activity with afternoons capitalized with sessions with his two little girls, who love spotting birds. Listening to other peoples ideas, form an integral part of his life and attributes this virtue to his success story.

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Lime Crime: Makeup for Everyone

There are a lot of options with your makeup. You may not know exactly why you should choose Lime Crime for your needs, but there are plenty of reasons this makeup line can do everything you could want and more.


What is Lime Crime?

This makeup is something that works for many different needs. It is bright and full of color that helps to make your eyes and your face to stand out when you are wearing it. Doe Deere created this line because she wanted to have great makeup that was more like her. That is why it’s so different from the other lines you might see at the supermarket.


Why Use it?

There are several reasons you might want to get this makeup. The largest is to have the best colors you may need and to make sure you are getting the most out of your makeup. It can be a bright color that you wear when you are out on the town or when you are working. This is going to be up to where you work and what their policy is.



Lime Crime has a lot of color options for you. Most of the colors that you have in this line are bright and full of color. You will probably find a color palate that has more than one bright color that goes with the others. This can be great to give your face more depth and to make each day different with your makeup. You can choose one color that works best for you first and then build off of that. This will be totally up to you and what you like.


Another thing you might find is the glitter colors as well as the metallic colors that can be found. These will give you more options for your colors and will help you to do more things with your makeup than you have before. You can also try new things out with these additional color options.


There are many different options for makeup, but this one may be your best if you want something different and fun. Take a minute and decide what you want with your look so you can get makeup that will make you look your best.

The Path to Success of Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Talk Fusion, on 21st February 2017 returned with yet another guest article; a second for that matter within a year’s time on MarTech Advisor’s homepage. This second article was titled Video Advertising Trends of 2017 and highlighted the trending techniques and styles of the year 2016. Its success was marked by its rating on various platforms a well as that it was hosted by MarTech Advisor, a top publication that is read and shared by Forbes. Reina exposed that he shared the reasons for which he shared his thoughts through the article, so that the readers could grow healthily with this new method and learn the importance of making video as their means of advertisement. Reina described use of videos in marketing as a valuable asset because it combined many aspects that are helpful such as growing popularity of videos, marketing analysis and consumer trends. His recently written article was expected to be accessed by more than 1.1 million subscribers of the MarTech advisors.


Talk Fusion is a hot and fast growing host of the first Video Marketing Solution aimed at helping businesses and their owners to stay well ahead of their competition, attract plenty of customers and increase their sales and proceeds. Their products are marketed all over the world in over 140 countries by Independent Associates. Currently, the company is the seventh largest in the world in the field of video communications and has been featured in many stories, especially on news such as in The success of this company is because it is promoted by Bob Reina’s connections in the Direct Sales industry. Bob is an important figure in the development of Talk Fusion.


Besides being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk fusion, Bob Reina had also served as a police officer at Tampa Bay. During his time in service, he was initiated into network marketing and worked as a part- time associate. He had great passion and an unbelievable work ethic that kept him going until he achieved his ambitions in business.

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Talk Fusion Founder & CEO Bob Reina’s Mission to Change Lives

Who is Bob Reina?

The Importance of Investment Management with Matthew Autterson

For people that are looking for ways to profit from investing, it is important that they know about investment management. Investment management could be the very difference between making profits and losing all of the money. One thing about investing and making a fortune is that they all come with a risk. However, it does not have to be treated as a gamble. There are ways to handle the risks so that things can work more to the favor of the investor. Among the things they can do is get the help of an investment manager so that they can rest assured that they are going to get their profits.

Among the investment managers that can be trusted is Matthew Auterson. He is someone who has a lot of experience as an investment manager. He knows a lot about the different types of assets one can invest in. Therefore, he knows where people can go in order to have the best chances at profiting. If he sees a potential problem with an investment, he makes sure that his clients know about it so that they know the next step in case anything unfortunate should occur.

Among the many different aspects of investing that people like Matthew Auterson deal with is diversification and investment styles. One thing that is certain is that people need to take a look at what the successful investors do so that they will be able to gain success on their own. Investment manager Matthew Auterson can provide advice to people who are looking for ways to bring forth the greater fortune and financial prosperity.

One thing that investment requires is a lot of research, thought and wisdom. The worst thing one can do is try to jump in head first with their money because they are likely to lose it all without careful observation.

How Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Are Fighting For Human Rights

There are different ways through which individuals in the society can engage themselves in the process of helping those who are disadvantaged in the society. However, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have a unique method since they know that easiest way to which such an action can be achieved is by fully taking advantage of the small opportunities that cross our path in this life.


Opportunities come once in a lifetime, and these two individuals know how to benefit from such chances. As a result, they have ended up making such a huge impact in the world of human rights advocacy by establishing an organization that continues to foresee that the rights of those who might want to fight the political powers that have been set or even express their opinions are never abused. The authorities that have been established know how to fight back the moment they feel threatened and this exactly what the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund foundation is out there to ensure it comes to a halt.


The challenge being faced in today’s society may be huge, and therefore, it is only by making one step at a time that success will eventually be achieved. Jim Larking and Michael Lacey have ensured that more people can get hold of the opportunities that exist, and they have reduced the fear that used to exist among the masses with regards to the consequences that may be faced once they poke the law.


Freedom of expression is a right that is entitled to all individuals in the society, but it is exactly what Jim and Michael ended up suffering for when they made a publication in the Phoenix News Times. However, their continuous fight for the rights of others and extreme dedication towards the course of protecting human rights have yielded positive results as they have ensured that it is possible for more people in the society to succeed in different situations with less worry unlike it used to be in the past.


Jim and Michael are always in the course of helping other people in the society, and they have achieved this by ensuring that they report on various issues that people face in the society while addressing the need for ensuring that such problems are brought to an end. However, when they got into problems as a result of reporting on their sheriff, Jim and Michael decided to start a foundation, once it was established that they were being punished as a result of stating the truth.


As much as Lacey and Larkin had to resolve the various issues that faced them, they have always ensured that they help other people in the society who have never had the opportunity of expressing themselves. The Lacey and Larking Frontera fund has continually enabled Jim and Michael to fight for the rights of more individuals in the society than other public group formations, and they continue to do this no matter the challenges that they may face in future.

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Philanthropist, Finance Specialist and technology minded Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a English businessman and foreign exchange expert. Greg is the owner of Learn to Trade and has spoken on over six thousand stages. Some well known events he has spoken at are the Success Summit Congress, The National Achievers Congress and wealth expos in the United States. Mr. Secker started his own non profit in 2010, The Greg Secker foundation. His foundation recently helped to rebuild a community in the Phillipines. The community his foundation is rebuilding was hit in 2013 by Typhoon Haiyan. The main focus of the rebuild has been supplying the community with basic needs that they will be able to maintain and care for in the future. The foundation is building typhoon proof houses, wind turbine powered free electric and establishing farms for the community so they can provide their own food.

In addition to these philanthropic rebuild efforts, the Greg Secker Foundation also hosts a Youth Leadership Summit. The summit provides powerhouse speakers who empower youths with vital information to prepare themselves for their future. The pro bono speakers talk about such things as wealth, entrepreneurship, education, health and relationships. The foundation held similar events in Africa and plan to host some in Australia in the future as well.

Prior to the foundation of the Greg Secker Foundation, Mr. Secker worked in the early 1990’s as a trading technologist. He created foreign exchange trading systems. He attended University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. Greg always had an interest in technolgy and while he a student at the University of Nottingham he built and sold computers. After constructing a three dimensional model of a fluid dynamics follicle he attended a job fair where he was able to network and earn a job interview which resulted in a job at the Virtual Trading Desk. Working on the currency trading floor was what sparked Gregs interest in finance.

Rick Smith’s Experience Paid Off

Everything that Rick Smith does, he does with passion. Whether he is working as an engineer or he is working as the CEO of a prison industry company, Rick Smith does everything that he can to make sure that the job is done the right way and that he is successful with it. He tries to bring about awareness of the problems in the prisons that he works with and that is something that has set him apart from the CEOs of the other companies that work in the same industry. It has made him better than most of the other people and has truly set the bar high for the industry that he is a part of. it has also made things easier for him to successfully run the Securus company and to do more for the prisons that he works with through the company.

Know more:

One of the first things that Rick Smith did was engineering. This was a career that he had three degrees for and something that he was confident in while he was getting started with his career. He wanted to be an engineer for many years and he did everything that he could to make the dream come true. The problem, though, was that once he started doing it, he did not like the things that were going on and he didn’t want to keep doing it the way that he had been. Rick Smith decided to look for something else to do in his own life.

As Rick Smith looked around, he decided that he was going to work in business. He wanted people to know what he was doing and made sure that he was successful at it so he decided to get another degree. This time, he got an MBA so that he would be prepared for business. He tried hard to make sure that he was going to be successful and did everything that he could to find CEO positions that he could use his engineering skills. While there wasn’t anything specifically related to engineering, there were many prison industry CEO opportunities.

After working for his first prison industry company, Rick Smith Securus knew that he would be able to try new things and do more with all of the options that he had. He tried to show people what he was capable of and make things better for those who were in different areas. He then took a position with Securus. Since taking the position with Securus, Rick Smith has made the company more successful, learned more skills on his own and brought more change to the company. He has acquired many new prisons and now has over one million prisoners who are in prisons that are served by Securus. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.