The Beneful dog foods have been on the market for quite some time since they were first produced in 2001. The Nestle Purina Petcare company has produced a variety of dog food products for both adult and puppy dogs. The Beneful products are well enriched with nutrients that ensure the dog pet remains healthy and strong. Also, some of the products are designed to make the dog’s skin more healthy and shiny. Beneful dog foods are the most recommended across pet dog lovers as they are safe and meet the set standards.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH BEEF, TOMATOES, CARROTS, AND WILD RICE The product is enriched with several nutrients that are important in maintaining a healthy dog. The meal contains properly chopped blend with wholesome ingredients that are visible. They are rich in flavor to add the dog’s appetite and designed with delinquent texture. The product is available in 3 oz cans. It contains real beef. It also enriched with carrots and wild rice. The meals are a productive, happy and healthy blended with a dogs taste.
The meal is designed to be an enjoyable meal for the dog. It contains a finely chopped blend of chicken, tomatoes, carrots and rice. It has delicious flavors to keep the dog in active appetite. The product is packed in 3 oz packages. It’s moist and ideal for adult and puppy dogs. It also designed with a different texture that is easily broken apart. The meal is processed with sufficient water, chicken, gluten wheat .liver and meat by-products. It has vitamin b12 supplement that is crucial in boosting the dog’s immunity.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH SALMON, TOMATOES, CARROTS AND WILD RICE. The meal is available in 3 oz cans. It contains well chopped and visible ingredients of salmon, tomatoes, and carrots. The product is designed to keep the dog healthy and also vitamin supplements to boost its immunity. The product is processed with sufficient water to keep it moist. In addition to the vitamin supplement, it has over 10% of proteins.
PETCO BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE TUSCAN STYLE MEDLEY) WITH BEEF, CARROTS, RICE, AND SPINACH The product is also available in 3 oz cans. It’s designed to keep the dog happy and healthy. Besides, the product is processed with plenty of water to keep it moist. It has 9% of crude protein, 2% of crude fat.


Netpicks is a company that was founded in 1996 by Mark Soberman, focusing on trading training and education. Since its foundation, Netpicks has made it its business to provide information about strategies in trading to the people who are looking to improve their skills in trading or for people who intend to know how to trade from a beginner level. The company guides the people through their journey of becoming skilled traders and as a result generate profits consistently for them. Netpicks mainly deals with people who are trading on the forex platform, also, informing other people about stocks, signals, future, options and ETFs in swing and day trading. Netpicks personalizes each client’s needs whereby they train them on how to invest and enhance their earnings by the use of tutorials, videos, blog entries and also customized plans that suit each trader’s needs and desires.

Netpicks focuses more on the real world requirements of investors and use this information to train and educate the trader accordingly in a simple and easy to learn design. Netpicks ensures that all the people are accounted for by the use of videos. This means that a trader can learn and start trading almost immediately. The requirements of the user change the concept of the video for each person’s needs to be met, learn more on

Recently, Netpicks blogged about having an optimistic mind-set when one wants to start trading as this is a significant determinant of the success rate of the trader’s investment, check ( They say that failure is part of doing business and it’s bound to happen to anyone,  how the affected reacts after such an event determines whether their future endeavors will be a success or not. This can only be achieved by a set-out plan that also includes an exit strategy should such an event occur. If the trader follows these steps, they’ll be able to come from the drawback strong and ready to take on something else. Usually, Netpicks advises the traders to seek a positive outcome instead of expecting to win. Traders, therefore, should expect to lose a given amount of time but it should fall below the predetermined exit price, thus allowing them to continue trading even after experiencing a loss.

Jim Toner: Do These Things

Jim Toner is a successful entrepreneur with more than 28 years of experience in real estate investment. It’s a career he purposefully ventured into after crunching the numbers of his multiple jobs and realizing that he could never provide for his family all that he wanted at that rate. He studied the ‘real estate investment with no money down’ courses for several months and then he made his first deal. Then he closed another and then another and another. Several years in, he started to share his methodology and strategies with his family and friends. They soon suggested that he offer conference seminars where more people could attend.

Though he would continue the path of success, he did encounter some harsh adversity thereafter, as well. But he and his family pulled through it and exited the ordeal as refined gold. Jim Toner shares with us some of the keys that serve as the foundation for his and his family’s success.

He advises us to rise early, spend some time simply in thought and then expend physical energy. These three activities alone help him to keep his mind and body positioned to exert more and new energy. Jim also reveals that he guides his daily accomplishments from an angle of an overall understood direction (as developed during his quiet, early morn, thinking session) but allowing for the day’s happenings to also carry him productively through it. Another of his tips for a lifetime of success is reading regularly. This permits you to acquire knowledge and perspectives that may differ from your present paradigm in a positive way. Likewise, reading gives you something new to discuss with others as you build and solidify relationships. Jim Toner suggests we read Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search For Meaning.”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner teaches that of utmost importance, particularly in regards to financial success, is that we must maintain a healthy and positive attitude. This is the true mark of an entrepreneur and all who dare to meet life head on and thrive right through it. This us an aspect of the resilience factor. Though it helps to have a team, your personal level of undaunted determination will even impact their willingness and enthusiasm.

Finally, Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) counsels us to lead lives of disciplined freedom. With purposeful living as demonstrated through time management and smart goal setting, we empower ourselves to live fully. We must work for ourselves and master sales. Consult with those who know more than you on the topic and emulate what these successful people are doing. He also acknowledges that these keys to success remain the same across generations and through millinea. Our surroundings and tools will change but our fundamental response as human beings remains the same. That response encompasses integrity, bravery, diligence and kindness. The formula doesn’t change. And while you’re at it, buy yourself some real estate. It’s the cornerstone of building family wealth. Here’s an interesting vimeo documentary featuring Jim Toner.

Learn more about Jim Toner:


Arjun Kapur-A young man with a dream. This brilliant young man, upon graduating from The Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2011 went on to start GoBuyside, and since then he had never looked back.

Your company can be like Arjun Kapur’s, a company that is forward moving and that never looks back. But how can you do that? By going online to the company Mr. Kaput started: GoBuyside. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

There, you can learn about the life of this remarkable young man and how he has helped and continues to help many companies around the world maintain their corporate edge by learning how to hire top corporate talent.

GoBuyside is a global investment recruitment firm, that in just 7 years has gained phenomenal success in the Business World. If this trend continues, one can only imagine what the next seven years will bring, which will be nothing short of good.

And once you’ve become a registered member if this trusted website, you will get to meet some of the brightest financial minds in the business, in the business of private equity hedge funds and investments.


Perhaps you may questions about how top corporate professionals are chosen and what GoBuyside looks for in the way of top talent, there’s nothing to worry about, GoBuyside has its staff online to address all your investment-related questions.

Yes, Arjun Kapur had a dream of financial success and he was able to see the reality of his dream come true, and the same can happen for your business, of course with Mr. Kapur’s assistance.

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So come online and become a registered member of GoBuyside, the firm that will make your company great. Read this article at Accesswire.

LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos Signs Multi-Year Herbalife Sponsorship

LA Galaxy midfielder and Mexican National Team member Jonathan Dos Santos has signed a multi-year deal with Herbalife Nutrition, making the company his official sports performance nutrition partner. Herbalife already has an existing relationship with the LA Galaxy and it sponsors a team nutrition room, which includes providing a number of nutrition products for the Galaxy players and trainers.

Image result for herbalife

Under the terms of the deal, Herbalife Nutrition will team up with Dos Santos on a number of marketing initiatives as well as sports nutrition education and joint community partnership initiatives. The two parties recently partnered together on a video in which Dos Santos showed fans how to make his favorite morning smoothie, which includes Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength powder.

Born in Mexico City, both Jonathan Dos Santos and his brother Giovanni both joined FC Barcelona’s famed academy as young teens and eventually they both worked their way up to Barcelona’s first team. In 2014, Jonathan joined Villarreal CF, where he received great acclaim for being one of the premiere mid-fielders in the Spanish League. In 2017, Jonathan and brother Giovanni both joined the LA Galaxy as one of the team’s three Designated Players.

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980 and it employs nearly 8,000 employees in more than 90 countries. It sells and distributes a wide range of nutrition and health-based products, primarily through Herbalife Independent Distributors. The products range from core products such as Herbalife nutrition powders and nutrition supplements to healthy aging and digestive health products. The company also has a line of skin care products. The company also supports the Herbalife Family Foundation, which works to provide healthy food and nutrition products to children and families in need.

Herbalife sponsored FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi between 2010 and 2013. It currently shirt sponsors the LA Galaxy and has sponsored Cristiano Ronaldo since 2013.

Organo Gold: Coffee For Your Health

It was in 2008, Organo Gold was found and became a leader in its product line of coffee beverages loved by those with active lifestyles. The company’s products include teas, flavored beverages and single brews. However, they offer personal care products for body management and health. This includes a list of items such as beauty bars, grapeseed oil, nutritional shakes and more. Organo Gold has a dedication to supplying coffees that have natural ingredients and are from organic farming. Coffee lovers today demand that the beans come from the region it grew them in. One of Organo Gold’s favorites among customers is the Gourmet Organic King of Coffee. As for their product line, this is the only one that is instant and contains the organic Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold remains committed to bringing the earth to its many consumers all across the country. You will find in their independent shops one-cup brews packets, beauty and wellness products and their flavorful teas. Organo Gold even offers coffee lovers to take part in their company success. No matter where you live, one can join up to be an Organo Gold Distributor. When signing up, a distributor will get a true sense of the active lifestyle and coffee culture. While on the Organo Gold team, they allow you to give out samples, provide automatic shipping for home brews, engage with like-minded customers and supply community barista with trendy organic coffee and tea resale products. Follow Organo Gold on


For years, millions have had financial freedom by committing to Organo Gold as a distributor marketing a product they love and can relate to. As a member of the business, you find you become more involved in the community when distributing the Organo Gold brand. It’s a healthy alternative product of coffee and tea that’s available in over 45 countries.


Effectiveness of Contactless Payment: PSI-Pay

The report that was announced by the British Retail Consortium indicates that most of the transactions such as purchases are done using credit cards. And that made the PSI-Pay to affirm that cashless payments are taking over the market and in collaboration with Kerv Wearables they are campaigning on cashless payments, and they are introducing he contactless payment. The contactless payment is the most effective and quickest way to facilitate transactions in the United Kingdom. The Kerv has released the contactless payment ring that customers can use in the market, and it is surpassing the traditional transaction methods.

For over ten years the contactless payments have been in use in the market where a third of the transactions have been carried out in the UK. Further, the Church of England adopted this method of payment where donations are collected in over forty churches. PSI-Pay says that the contactless payment will help the users to purchase and carry other transactions securely in the market.


So that the contactless payment is convenient to the customers, the two companies have launched a proprietary ring that is designed in various sizes to fit both genders. More so the ring is durable and has the ability of waterproof hence it is difficult to get damaged and destroyed. Therefore, those that have contactless payment rings or cards according to PSI-Pay Company they only need to tap them on the POS terminals. The process doesn’t need the user to use and personal identification number (PIN) and for that reason, the transaction is limited for security purposes.

It is imperative to understand that PSI Pay Company is famous in the global market for its technological services when it comes to payment of transactions worldwide. Its services are crucial as they make it possible for the revenue generated to have a remarkable increment. Financial Conduct Authority regulates this company hence the contactless payment is guaranteed to be safe. PSI serves both international and local businesses where the transparency, efficiency, and clarity are witnessed. In addition, PSI provides prepaid accounts to more than 170 countries around the globe and all over the European Union with electronic money.

Overcoming the Intimidation Factor of Due Diligence for Private Equity

Investments, acquisitions and hiring opportunities can be great for a private equity firm. The only thing is that there is a need for due diligence. The concept of due diligence can be very intimidating for people. However, it is crucial to the success of private equity. Blind investing will eventually lead to major losses. However, the intimidating nature of due diligence can overwhelm the average person and make him want to skip the process. Sadly, people who try to make business decisions without due diligence run the risk of winding up in an undesirable position. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the overwhelming nature of due diligence.


One thing that can be done to make due diligence a little less intimidating is get organized. Often times, people who have a lot of tasks find it easier to get done when they get organized. In order to get organized, it is important to prioritized. Therefore, the most important aspects of due diligence can be taken care of. Of course, the private equity firm has to determine what is the most important part of the task so that it can work efficiently towards coming up with a wise decision.


Another way for a private equity owner to make due diligence less intimidating is by delegating to a company that provides services like Corporate Resolutions. When getting help from a team, due diligence can go more smoothly. However, the important thing is making sure that the people who are handling due diligence knows how to handle his part of the task. He has to know how to read the numbers and compare them to other time periods so that he can come up with a forecast for the opportunity. One of the major advantages of delegating is that it takes some of the pressure off of the owner of the private equity firm.  Especially one that also provides executive background checks, which can be important for larger investment entities.


One can use a combination of tactics in order to make the due diligence process less intimidating. For instance, the private equity owner can organize the process by time and groups. He can give some of the tasks to different groups. Meanwhile, he can handle some of the task himself. The main thing is that the private equity has to find its zone so that it will be able move forward in the right direction. When there is anxiety, judgment can be compromised. The whole point is for private equity firms to be comfortable with the due diligence process.


Of course there are plenty of other methods that can be used for due diligence. Also, experience can increase comfort with the process of due diligence. Businessmen who gain enough experience with the process can find ways to make it more efficient. However, it is still important to know everything about the business. Among the most important pieces of information is the history of the business. One thing to know about the information could be the strongest seasons and the weakness seasons of the company. This can help businessmen make their own forecasts about the business and decide if they are going to make the investment or not.

Sightsavers Fighting the Good Fight

Sightsavers Helps The Blind In More Ways Than One

Sightsavers is a world-renowned charitable organization which focuses on helping the visually impaired in third world countries. Through a large and creative variety of programs and initiatives, these helpers of the blind and near-blind work diligently all through the year to help those who are most in need.

One of their recent projects is called Education For All, and it is an education initiative that involves helping the school system in Sierra Leone to learn ways of dealing with disabled students. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa there are old ideas and superstitions about the disabled which have proven hard to be to eliminate. Sightsavers is doing their best to give them the knowledge and skills that will allow them to truly change the system for the better.

One of the most moving stories that I have ever heard associated with sightsavers involves a certain province in India, where the rate of sexual assault is astronomically high. Naturally, if you are a female with a sight disorder, you are extremely vulnerable. Watching a video about this, we hear about how one girl was afraid to leave the house by herself. She says that she believed that she would always be afraid and unable to go anywhere alone. Until the good people at sightsavers helped her to learn Judo.

Sightsavers has been helping an organization called Tarun Sanskar with an initiative that involves teaching these vulnerable young girls the art of self defense. When you watch these girls having a spirited Judo match, you cannot even tell that they have any disability whatsoever. The psychological effect of this kind of training is enormous, as any practitioner of the martial arts will tell you. I must say that it is nothing short of inspiring to see these young women taking a proactive approach and learning how to fight instead of cowering at home.

Based on what the women in the video say, they have gained the same benefits from the martial arts that all dedicated practitioners gain. Confidence, self-respect, independence, and a deep sense of discipline are just part of what makes this a great idea.

How Victoria Doramus Brought Her Media Background To The World Of Nonprofits

One of marketing experts Victoria Doramus’ specialties is spotting trends. She has identified up and coming design, fashion, and lifestyle trends during the course of her career for a number of companies in the media industry. Her goal is to discover upcoming trends and then document them. During her time in this industry she has fulfilled a wide variety of roles including being a market analysis, copy creator, designing creative campaigns, and networking so that she can build brand awareness.

After graduating from college with a degree in journalism and mass communication Victoria Doramus entered the media industry by finding a job at MindShare in Los Angeles, California. Since that time she has also worked as a youth market trend analyst for Creative Artists Agency and spent over a year working for Trendera as a lifestyle trend editor. She has also been a trend consultant for two organizations which was Stila Cosmetics and J. Crew’s collaboration.

Victoria Doramus has also turned to her writing abilities to be a ghostwriter for six years of her career. She was a research assistant and writer for a number of published books which includes among others Menu Dating: Taste-Test Your Way to the Main Course, What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide, and The Modern Girl’s Guide To Sticky Situations.

In 2016 she decided to focus her career on helping nonprofits meet their goals of helping out. Victoria Doramus has served organizations like the Women’s Prison Foundation, Best Friends Animal Society, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, and Room To Read. Working out of London she volunteers her skills and experience in a variety of capacities. She is self-employed and makes it a priority to give back by supporting charities with her background in such areas as market analysis, project management, and developing creative and compelling advertising campaigns. View Victoria Doramus’ career history.

Social Media:

Infinfty Group Austrailia: A Leading Financial Provider

Finances do not come easy to many people. Often times people need a trusted advisor to lead and guide in their financial decisions. For every phase of life, a person has different financial needs that have to be met. Not all financial institutions are created equally. Infinity Group of Australia is a leading company in the nation that aids it clients with superb solutions for their money matters.


The company offers a long list of services. One of their most notable services is its debt reduction service. This makes the company stand apart from competition, as not many other companies work to reduce debt for clients. The company sits down with clients and create custom plans for reduction. The company has a list of strategies that can be applied to a client’s current financial situation. Their goal for reducing debt is to enable clients to create opportunities for them to create streams of income that produce a more comfortable lifestyle for themselves.


Creating wealth is important to this company. They offer a wealth creation service. The goal of this service is to educate and make clients aware of ways they can increase their income. With a raise in salary, it slows for debt to be reduced significantly. This service works well with the company’s debt reduction service. Many clients testify how this company has enabled them to increase their income due to income producing opportunities. Infinity Group watches and analyzes the latest investments and their yields. They only direct clients to investments that seem to be the most profitable.


For Infinity Group’s clients that are either already retired or are deciding to plan for retirement, they offer a retirement service to plan and prepare for a changing lifestyle. The company is fully aware of the adjustments needed to be made to so people can still enjoy their lifestyle. They have a set of strategies they offer their clients needing to maintain their current lifestyle for retirement.


Infinity Group Australia reviews emphasize the quality this company offers to their clients. Customers expresses how much this company has helped them with their financial questions and goals. Customers recommend this company because of their excellent knowledge and strategies to help their clients have a good financial future. Learn more: