102 Year Old Gets Her Doctorate

Ingeborg Syllm-Rapoport recently became Germany’s oldest recipient at the young old age of 102! Yes, you read that correctly 102 years young! In 1938 Ingebord Syllm-Rapoport submited a thesis that was rejected by German authorities on the basis that she was half Jewish. As a Neonatologist, she finalized the last part of her educational journey last month when her thesis was recognized and she received her Doctoral Degree as Igor Cornelson stated. She felt that getting the degree was not just for advancing herself and her career but for other Jewish people that had been denied access to education during the same time period. During her acceptance speech she dedicated it to all that were discriminated against and who suffered that same injustice as she did. “For me personally, the degree didn’t mean anything, but to support the great goal of coming to terms with history—I wanted to be part of that,” Ingeborg was quoted as stating. In 1938 when she handed in her thesis paper on diphtheria,her supervisor at the time, Rudolf Degkwitz, stated he would have gladly accepted her work if it hadn’t been for the strict laws that were enforced by the Nazi labor laws.

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