2015 Stock Market Ends Flat

The end of 2015 found the stock market right where it has started. However, this can be a good thing because it can help investors adjust their psychology when it comes to making the right investments. This can actually lead to good news for 2016. The first half of 2015 was rather calm due to the optimism of the investor combined with solid fundamentals. However, as the years went on, there have been growing concerns which has resulted in a radical change in attitude in the period starting August and lasting throughout October. The crash has brought forth a lot of worries that have caused investors to be skeptical.

However, there were some investors tat were able to weather the storm. Among the investors that were able to push through the crash with wisdom is James Dondero. Jim is highly experienced as an investor. It should be no surprise that he is able to fight through even the toughest periods of times when it comes to investing because he has over 30 years of experience investing in different stocks and markets. He runs a hedge fund called Highland Capital. He manages CLOs, mutual funds, REITs, ETFs and plenty of other financial activities.

Jim began his career in 1984 when he worked as an analyst. This has given him the experience and the ability to be bale to handle any downturn of the market which included the recent one of 2015. James is also quite optimistic about the new year as the market recovers to its previous levels. All that needs to be done is to learn from the mistakes of the previous year and not repeat them. Given James Donero’s experience, even he remains cautious about the market and the uncertainties that have recently been revealed.

The recent downturn of the market has definitely left a lot of investors shaken to the point that even the signs of recovery were not enough to restore confidence in the market. The investors are looking to new factors to measure when it comes to whether the market is safe or not. The investors kept tight to their pessimistic anxiety. One thing they look to in order to help give an indication of whether or not the market is safe is oil. The price of oil is what triggered a lot of concerns as it dropped to lower prices. Goldman Sachs is one of the people that are predicting an even further plunge in the price of oil.

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