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Keith Mann a Dynamic Individual

1995 was the beginning of a long and illustrious career for Keith Mann. He became the Alternative Investments manager with Dynamic Associates. What Dynamic Associates could not have predicted was how quickly Keith Mann would advance to Senior Vice-president. In as little as five years he had been promoted to the top of the ranks.

In 2001, Mann cofounded Dynamic Search Partners. Since its inception, Dynamic Search Partners has placed over 2000 individuals with a variety of investment and equity firms. Over the years Dynamic Search Partners has built a reliable relationship with some of New York City’s major hedge fund and alternative investments firms. Keith Mann has taken Dynamic Search Partners into other areas of the financial district besides investment staffing.

Dynamic Search Partners has worked with many charitable causes such as assisting underprivileged high school students. Keith Mann has used his skills to help prepare our future leaders to get the best start in their endeavors while they are still in high school. Keith Mann has been active in several charitable organizations such as the Hope and Heroes foundation that fund childhood cancer research.

Mann continues to guide Dynamic Search Partners with a the experience and knowledge of what it takes to succeed but also to build a community. It is through this knowledge Keith Mann has used his problem solving skills to meet the needs of less fortunate communities. Keith Mann’s experience in the investment and executive roles has given him insight into what would help those that are often times overlooked for higher paying and skilled positions. He has learned the best way to help those in need is to help them get the direction and education they need. Keith Mann has invested time and money working in partnership with a charter schools to help students becomes better prepared for college

Chris Pratt May Be the Next Indiana Jones


Actor Chris Pratt is on fire lately! He began to rise to fame as the sweet but dimwitted Andy Dwyer on the hit comedy show Parks and Recreation but his recent movies have made him a hot commodity. He recently had a starring voice over role in the Lego Movie and had the leading male role, Peter Quill, in the huge hit Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now, according to there are rumors that Pratt’s next major role may be as the adventurer Indiana Jones. Disney bought the rights to the films from Paramount a few years ago and are looking into bringing the character back, this released from Oliveira. Disney is eyeing Chris Pratt to take over for Harrison Ford. Disney has yet to confirm anything so these are rumors for now.

I really enjoy Chris Pratt and I love the original Indiana Jones franchise with Harrison Ford (although I think we can all just forget Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ). I’m not sure how I feel about Hollywood possibly rebooting the franchise. Hollywood has been on a rebooting role lately with the latest being Ghostbusters and Star Wars. Maybe it is time Hollywood reached outside of the box and gave us something new to appreciate and love.

Susan McGalla Offers Advice To Women About Work

There are plenty of women who are looking to get into the work world, many more who would like to be involved in executive positions. Right now, nearly half the workforce is made up of women. However, there are only about 14.6% of women in executive positions. This means that they are going to need some tips on how to get into those positions.

As Susan McGalla told PR Newswire, higher education is something that is recommended for women. She says that higher education opens the door to more opportunities for women. The work world is looking for people with higher education in a lot of cases, and all people would be wise to try to expand their education as much as possible. Even though higher education is very expensive, it may be worth it in the long run.

Confidence is something that can never be overestimated. It is often the person with the most confidence that is able to enjoy the most success in their career. Women have to project even more confidence than men in many cases to receive the same respect. It should not be this way, but sadly that is how it plays out in a lot of cases. Having as much confidence as possible is the best way to advance in the workforce.

Finally, the glass ceiling should be something that is ignored as best as possible. Yes, sadly this concept does exist in the real world, but women should behave as though it does not. If they act this way, then they can actually start to make an impact on their career possibilities. When they pretend that the glass ceiling does not exist, it may help them to propel themselves forward and be less of a victim to said glass ceiling. This is what Susan McGalla would like people to know.

BRL Trust Helps You Manage Your Finances

BRL Trust is a large banking firm that allows people to manage cash that comes to them through investments or estates. The company is designed to help people manage these funds when there is no other alternative. Also, the bank offers a large team of employees who are able to provide dedicated services to each customer.

Large Estates

When people inherit large estates or must manage these estates for elderly loved ones, they need to make sure all that money is in a place that they can reach. Also, they need to make sure that that money is doing something for them. This money can earn interest and make even more money in the interim.

Large Investments

The company is able to help you manage the gains from large investments that you make through their brokerage. You can invest your money with them, and your broker can forward you to an investment advisor who will help you to place all that money in an account. You want your money to be safe once you have made, and you will have many people helping you to take care of that money.

Investment Advice

If you have just inherited a large sum of money, you can ask for investment advice from your broker. You may also find an account where you can keep this money, and all these accounts are going to come from BRL Trust. Essentially, BRL Trust allows you to park all your money with them without any confusion. You will be able to invest with confidence, and you will not have to worry about moving your money to many banks. BRL Trust has all the resources you need to manage the estates of your late parents, manage a massive inheritance or to start your own investments for your family.

Amber Rose Parents Do Not Like Wiz


The wife in the once married couple who have a child together but also filed a divorce speaks out. Amber Rose has stated that her parents actually did not approve of her relationship with the rapper or their marriage due to his race. Although she is mixed herself, she is obviously lighter than he is. Despite her parents disapproval, the two got married. This comes to show that there is still a sense of “colorism” inside races today.
 Race has been connected to a lot of huge issues today and has made headlines but this statement just comes to show how it exists even on a more smaller scale. Amber has stated that she misses her husband (despite their divorce). The two do have a son together so if there is any chance they can get back together and actually make it work (and work their problems) then that will be really good for their son. The divorce itself was only a few months ago, back in September 2014, but it still does seem as though it has been a while. The two share a child together and do care deeply for one another still no matter what and their divorce from each other. “Families with divorced parents are more common today,” according to Fersen Lambranho, an advocate for relationships.

One Could See If It Were Something Too La…

When traveling, one must be careful not to break the law as he passes through any of the state of Georgia. As Alexei Beltyukov understands it, that is what Madison Turner did as he drove through town after stopping at Atlanta’s Mickey Dee. Had he known he was going to break the law, he could have spent a few minutes parked before going onto the highway. Georgia’s distracted-driving law is real and this state takes it serious.

From Alabama, Turner was shocked when he got pulled over for what seemed to be a petty cause. The policeman wrote Turner a ticket for violation of eating while driving. The driver had his quarter pounder in one hand eating, while driving with the other hand. This is unacceptable on Atlanta highways.  The ordeal made local news, and many people became aware of this law.

On February 3rd, Madison Turner will be in court over this ticket. One could see if it were something too large to handle while driving, how he could be ticketed for such actions, but a sandwich? How many others pull out from that same McDonald’s restaurant, eating their hot foods while driving? How many in the state are getting fines over doing what he did?

Fireman Adopts Dog He Saved


I love a good, heartwarming pet story and this one is no different. Life with dogs has an up-lifting story today about a Rottweiler that needed a good home.

In November, 2014 a malnourished Rottweiler named Isis was rescued from the roof of an abandoned house. Isis’ owners had abandoned the home and somehow Isis had managed to chew through some drywall and end up stranding herself on the roof. Neighbors heard her cries for help and called for help. Firefighter Kyle Trimble and the rest of his squad came to her rescue and got her off the roof. When they saved her she weighed half of what a healthy Rottweiler should weight.

Isis’ owner showed up during rescue and claimed that he had no idea his dog was even still in the house. He thought she ran away. Luckily authorities saw fit not to give Isis back to the owner. Instead Kyle adopted her once he heard that she was up for adoption. Kyle since has changed her name to Attie and said that not only is she healthy, she is happy and well adjusted.

It really breaks my heart to hear about animals who have been mistreated, abused, or forgotten like poor Isis. However it is people like Kyle Trimble who come to the rescue of these animals and restore my faith in humanity for a while. More abused dogs available for adoption can be found at The service is funded by BRL Trust.

Vijay Eswaran: A Quest For Business Success

Malaysian-born business mogul Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a best-selling author, a philanthropist, an educator and motivational speaker. He’s the presiding chairman of a Hong Kong based corporation QI Group which he co-founded. Dr. Eswaran ranked 25th on Forbes Asia’s list of top-50 richest Malaysian businessmen in February 2013. Now 54, Dr. Eswaran is a published author who has penned multiple books including “In-the-Thinking-Zone” (May 2008), 18-Stepping-Stones (2010), etc.

Vijay endured somewhat of an adventurous childhood touring different towns in Malaysia. The Eswaran family had jobs that required traveling. Vijay is a graduate of prominent universities in the UK and the US. He holds a degree in socio-economics which he attained in 1984 from the London-School-of-Economics. He’s a multi-talented business professional who has served different industries. Vijay thought it necessary to become a qualified businessman after exploring binary system marketing. He earned a professional qualified at a prominent UK school, CIMA. Later he earned an MBA from SIU (Southern-Illinois-University) while juggling a part-time job at Synaptics. His interest in marketing grew and after returning to Malaysia, he received a proposal from Cosway Group to start an Asian-based franchise. Soon after Vijay Eswaran started his own business, QI Group which he co-founded in 1998. It has become a large-scale enterprise which has fostered enormous success as a multi-level brand. This brand specializes in corporate investments, media, luxury products, training, travel, wellness, and telecommunications.

QI Group serves a global market sphere, including regional offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The company has a presence in another ten countries through subsidiary partnership. Vijay continues to create and inspire future entrepreneurs through different media channels. He has changed the lives of countless youths through his Vijayaratnam and Rhythm Foundation. Both charitable organizations help Vijay to share his positive messages as he mentors and educates the community. In July 2011, Forbes Asia recognized Dr. Vijay Eswaran as a “Heroes-of-Philanthropy” recipient. In February 2012, he received the NGI (New-Global-Indian) accolade at the GIBM (Global-Indian-Business-Meet) held in New York. Vijay bagged accolades for two categories, business excellence, and philanthropy.

As a modern business veteran, the budding generation looks to Vijay for guidance. He has addressed fans at prominent seminars focused on business, leadership, and management, including the sixth Pravasi-Bharatiya-Divas, the WEF (World-Economic-Forum) and other events. His most recent achievement includes an accolade for Regional Philanthropy which has been endorsed by the celebrated ASLI (Asian-Strategic-Leadership-Institute) held in Malaysia.

Beneful: Nestle Purina’s Dog Food Phenomenon

Beneful, a brand of dog food produced by Nestle Purina Petcare, offers a line of very nutritious wet and dry dog foods and treats. Although a relatively new product, Beneful was the fourth most popular brand as of 2012. It is one of Nestlé Purina’s most profitable brands, generating in excess of $1.5 billion a year in revenue. The brand was introduced in 2001 and supported by $34 million in television advertising (Nestle Purina’s most expensive television marketing campaign ever) that year, the brand quickly established itself as a favorite among dog owners.

Full of Goodness, that’s what the name Beneful means according to the company. This has apparently resonated with dog owners eager to give their pets the best. Beneful’s attraction is it’s stated nutritional value and the benefits it provides for dogs. Plus it has the rich, meaty flavors dogs love. In 2005 Beneful added a line of products called Beneful Healthy Harvest that features soy instead of meat. The Benefuls Prepared Meals line featuring 8 flavors and packages that doubled as dog food bowls was added to the offerings in March 2006. By the end of 2006, Beneful dog food was generating over $300 million in revenue.

The demand for Beneful grew by leaps and bounds. Nestle Purina was forced to make $36 million worth of upgrades to its St. Joseph, Missouri wet dog food manufacturing facilities to try to have production keep up with demand. In 2010 the company modified many of the Beneful products to look more like human food. The next year Beneful released a groundbreaking ad campaign in Australia. In a series of ads aired on television, there were sounds only dogs could hear. According to Beneful, it was the first advertising campaign aimed directly at pets.

Beneful began hosting annual competitions for dog renovation designs. The top prize was a $500,000 dog park renovation. In 2013 1,000 dog designs were submitted. The Beneful line has continued to evolve. They now feature dry dog food, canned dog food, prepared meals, and snacks in flavors like beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, and cheese and an amazing array of combinations baked, simmered, or stewed. like:

•Healthy Fiesta
•Healthy Growth for Puppies
•Healthy Radiance®
•Healthy Smile
•Healthy Weight
•Playful Life™

And there seems to be no end in sight.

North American Spine: Chronic Back Pain Gets Hip for 2015?

Doing something a little different, because I wanted to talk about my personal life.  I’m so happy I found North American Spine, because they’ve filled a hole that I had in my life.

As you know, I live for finding interesting stories about real people.  But it’s so difficult to live life doing that with chronic back issues.  That’s why I’m so glad NAS was able to clear things up, and I wanted to give people the information, so that anybody else that’s suffering realizes that they don’t need to suffer in silence.

When film producers as well as popular Hollywood stars, such as Jennifer Aniston, work together in a movie, we can presume that they think it will hit the soul of USA and consequently fetch a lot of money. Thus the main topic should be one which they obviously know is famous. Violence, comedy, sex, as well as adventure are at all times safe bets. However, what do we say regarding the subjects of unceasing back pain or even neck pain? Definitely, this is actually the theme of a recent independent film starring the previous Television sitcom Friends superstar. I guess you are already feeling fashionable and trendy when you imagine the story about your individual back pain.

Living with unceasing back pain or even neck pain is able to certainly cause you lots of emotional and also physical anguish. As per NPR information concerning the recent film title Cake, the leading role of the movie lives with persistent physical as well as emotional pain. Her distress is extremely great to a point that she gets excluded from a distress support organization.

Aniston stated that whilst understanding about back, neck as well as leg pain so as to be able to effectively play that role every week, she realized that she experienced twinges of ache all over her body, not unlike many other people in the United States. To avert these pains from turning chronic, she was taken through weekly healing body therapy. She also talked about how she understood about medication as well as alcohol abuse whilst people fight to manage the pain.

Aniston confirmed that talking to individuals suffering from persistent daily ache made her be grateful for her body even more. As per NPR, the first viewer response towards the film has been awesomely positive. This movie will probably assist in raising responsiveness for the continuing struggle experienced by people that live with conditions such as unceasing back pain.

In this regard you can be able to know about the care offered by North American Spine who helps you understand that not every spine procedure methods are equal.

Actually, several “minimally invasive” methods are just but: they might harm and/or get rid of healthy tissue, or else aggravate degenerative disc ailment that can call for future surgeries so as to heal the damage.

North American Spine offers an ideal solution: the AccuraScope surgery. It treats upper/lower back pains and neck by higher precision, giving better therapy and permitting quicker recovery compared to other modestly invasive spine procedures.