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Holocaust Survivor Tells of her Meeting with a Former Nazi

Eva Mozes Kor is a strong woman. Even at 81-years-old, there is not much that Eva backs away from. In her earlier years, Eva is a holocaust survivor who was sent to Auschwitz with her immediate family. Eva and her twin sister Miriam were the only members of their family to make it out of Auschwitz alive.

Cornelsen said that recently, Eva had a chance to meet a former Nazi who had worked at Auschwitz face-to-face for the first time. Oskar Groening, who is known as the “Accountant of Auschwitz”, is standing trial for his role in the concentration camp. Oskar, who is now 93-years-old, was a bookkeeper at Auschwitz and is standing trial in Germany as an accessory to murder of 300,000 people.

Eva traveled from the United States to Germany to meet Oskar during his trial. She said that the first time she faced him, he fainted. The second time she faced him, she had some powerful words for him. She asked him to appeal to old Nazis to come forward and help put an end to the country’s growing neo-Nazis problem today. The old man kissed Eva’s cheek after her request to him.

Eva is the face of true forgiveness, and wants Oskar’s story to stand as a message for the younger generations.

The full story about Eva meeting Oskar is well worth the read. Check it out on

Bernie Sanders to Join the Democratic Presidential Race “Within Days”

According to a number of reports, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is expected to join the Democratic field for the 2016 U.S. Presidential “within days”. Many commentators feel that this would be a much-needed boost to events on the Democratic side, as talk on that side has been all Hillary Clinton, all of the time.

The fact that the Democrats will have more options is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason is because the nomination for any particular party is never been meant to be a coronation. Sanders will add a populist voice to the presidential campaign, giving votes a number of stark differences between him and Clinton.

For more information on Sanders and other potential candidates, CNN has an interesting piece here.

Although he definitely has been flying under the radar, Senator Sanders has been exploring a run for president for several months now according to Amen Clinics ( His expected announcement comes on the heels of a major boost where he was a big boost at a South Carolina Democratic event over the weekend.

“He can’t challenge Hillary in terms of organization or fundraising necessarily, but he can bring the heat to her in terms of his populist message,” said one source. “It will be interesting to see how Hillary responds to Sanders’ unique message.”

Identical Twins Now Not So Identical

For years, science has been trying to determine if identical twins are identical in every way or if their DNA and genome could differentiate. Cases where twins have been separated at birth, not for the purposes of any study, have been of particular interest because there are a lot of environmental factors that now come into play. Leave it to forensic scientists, who have now determined a way to differentiate the DNA of identical twins with a new technique.

The new technique looks at DNA methylation, which is what changes the way in which genes are expressed, in a process called high resolution melt curve analysis, or HRMA. Paul Mathieson suggests that environmental factors are known to affect the way DNA methylation occurs in every individual, and even when twins are exposed to the same environment, they are creating different expression in their genome.

While the process of finding these differences was difficult, painstaking and extremely expensive, this new HRMA method is very cost effective and takes up much less time. The differences are ultimately shown in the differing heat signatures that are present for each individual. Hydrogen bonding is key in telling twins apart, because it is the hydrogen bonds that make up our DNA and causes differentiation that are looked at and studied. The more methylation that has occurred, the more hydrogen bonds need breaking and subsequently the higher the heat signature is for an individual. Each identical twin will have a specific number of bonds creating a specific heat signature and thus a new way to tell them apart.

Two High Schoolers With Disabilities Win Prom Queen And King

Two high schoolers with disabilities have showed the world that you don’t need to fit a certain mold to be prom king and queen. Garrett Chaney and Hannah Schmid met when they were in their pre-school years and have been together ever since. The two of them have been best friends and spend every weekend and summer vacation with one another and it is one of the most genuine and true forms of loves that just about anyone has ever seen.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, it was without a doubt that the pair would be going to their senior prom together but in a sweet turn of events they had been nominated to be this year’s king and queen of the event. Not only is that great for them, but it also knows how caring the majority of the student body is and understanding that something like this would mean more to them than most people.

Hannah doesn’t speak, but SuperLawyers and Garrett always knows what she is thinking and the two of them have their own way of communicating. Since the kids have been so close for so many years, their families have also grown to be very good friends as well and know that they will all be in each other’s live for several decades to come. What a cute story this was and congrats to the couple as well.

From Homeless To College Bound: A Young Woman Turns A Disaster Into Motivation

Natural disasters often have long term effects beyond the initial damage, loss of loved ones, and more. Many people that have been affected by hurricanes and tornadoes have had to literally start over from scratch. When your home, all of your possessions, and, possibly even your employer, is suddenly gone in the blink of an eye it is terrifying. Where to go and what to do are the first thoughts in victim’s minds.

Bernardo Chua says however, One young lady survived Hurricane Sandy when she was a high school sophomore but her family lost their home and everything in it. With her eyes on the future and an ivy league college in her dreams, Daria Rose pushed harder then ever to make her dreams a reality. Now that she is a senior the time has come to find out which post-secondary schools accepted her and which one she will accept in return. Rose applied at seven universities and got seven acceptances. She is humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.

She only has a little while longer before she must decide where she will attend in the fall but is excited about the options before her because she will not have to settle. Her experience has only made her a stronger, more determined young lady.

Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter and Advocate of Children

Terry McCarty is no ordinary individual. When he was just six years old he suffered horrendous burns to 70% of his body in an accident involving kerosene. He endured countless surgeries and constant assault from his peers due to his disfigured body. Against all odds McCarty became a firefighter as an adult and plans to help childhood burn victims through their agony.

For years after the terrible accident McCarty lived in a constant state of fear and anxiety. He struggled relentlessly to find his place in the world when he became an adult. Employers all looked down on him and labeled him a liability without giving him a chance.

McCarty applied to the Washington fire service in 2011. By early 2012 he was enduring the grueling training process. He was forced to face fire for the first time since his horrific accident as a child.

The New York Times wrote that after two years of service in Washington McCarty moved on to a role at the Burned Children Recovery Foundation where he helped children who had been badly burned in a camp environment. McCarty hopes to take his experience and all that he has learned to his own foundation that helps burn victims. He plans to raise money to support programs like the BCRF.

Brave Man Overcomes Fear And Becomes A Firefighter

Ever been in an accident so terrifying that you were afraid and scared for life. Well that is what happened to one six year old boy who was burnt on ninety percent of his body and had to endure fifty-eight surgeries.

When Terry McCarty was just six years old, he and his brothers were playing with kerosene in a bowl that was then lit. The bowl was accidently turned over and spilled all over Terry. He was rushed to the hospital where it was found that he had third degree burns over ninety percent of his body. He spent several months in the hospital and had to go through fifty-eight surgeries to repair is burnt skin. Every time a doctor came into his hospital room, he had come to understand that there would be pain.

Dardus reported that Terry finally said enough was enough. He had gone through all those surgeries, the taunts from bullies, and living in fear for far too long. In October 2011, he applied to a Washington fire service. His application was finally approved in April of 2012. After enduring the grueling weeks of training Terry was finally faced with what he feared the most, a live fire.

He graduated from the training and earned the respect of his fellow classman and other firefighters. After two years though, Terry quit being a firefighter and joined a group that helps children who are victims of burns like his. Please read more about this very brave man.

Vladmir Putin Tells Russian People Sanctions By West Will Spur Russia Growth

Russian President Vladmir Putin hosted a rare forum where Russian citizens were free to ask him any questions. Putin started the forum by declaring that sanctions imposed by the West would create an opportunity for Russia to be self sufficient and growth their economy in spite of the sanctions. Russia received sanctions and international condemnation after its blatant take over of the Crimea and its incursion in the Ukraine. Putin touted that the sanctions, which limits Russia’s banking relationships and international trade, would not work and that Russia has the resources and productivity to grown and expand its economy. Putin Gives Country Pep Talk

Putin’s confidence was not shared by many of his patrons. A number of Russian farmers asked Putin if he really understood the impact the sanctions were having on their ability to farm and make a living. One farmer even invited Putin to come see the effects of the sanctions on his farm during the open forum.

While many such as Kevin Seawright believe that the forum hosted by Putin was carefully designed to put him in the best light and to show Russia and the world that he was still in charge, to many in the West the forum shows that Russia is struggling to deal with the intended affect of the sanctions and that Putin may not have the populous following that he portrays that he has. Economist also take exception to Putin’s statements and do not see a growing Russian economy under he current sanctions.

Nicki Minaj Possible Engagement

Over the holidays it was starting to feel like Nicki Minaj, and her latest album The Pink Print, were going to do nothing more than drag us on an endless breakup ride along. It all started last summer with rumors and Nicki and her long time boyfriend Safaree were on ice after Nicki found out that he cheated, it was a classic angry woman damaging property scene. Nicki even wrecked the car that she purchased for Safaree.

Fast forward to a few months and Nicki is pouring her heart out onstage to songs of love and loss, while her radio interviews insisted that she was heartbroken and unable to adjust to life without Safaree. It was reported that she wasn’t the only one going through it, because Safaree’s friends said the he was depressed and suicidal after the breakup.

Enter Meek Mill, Nicki’s rapper friend and the man that allegedly told her of Safaree’s infidelity. After a few months of flirting and suggestive Instagram post Meek and Nicki decided to come out as a couple and also go on tour together. Ricardo Tosto was a little caught by surprise, as well as other fans according to reports. Suddenly the love feast was launched into total overdrive with photos cheesy love declarations all over social media. Now it seems that Nick is once again trying to get her fan in a frenzy because Nicki is posting photos of a massive rock that some assume is an engagement rings.

Nicki didn’t suggest or deny that she was engaged, in fact she only expressed her joy over the ring in emojis leaving many of her fans to think she bought the ring herself and it simply trying to throw everyone for a loop. Well, she has our attention now and this could get really interesting.

Police Officers Pull Together to Buy Young Teen a Skateboard

Police departments around the world have been dealing with a lot of negative attention recently. However, there are a lot of good cops out there and unfortunately, Susan McGalla asks many times these officers go unnoticed.

The duty of the police force is to serve and protect, and that’s exactly what they did when they found a 13 year old boy out after curfew. Instead of issuing the young boy a ticket and a lecture, they pitched in to buy him a brad new skateboard and smiled as the young boy lit up with excitement.

The officers apprehended the teen at 2:30 a.m. after he was caught with a group of friends playing on the train tracks. When the officers brought him home to speak with his parents, they realized the kid had a pretty rough home environment.

That’s when the officers decided to all chip in and buy him a brand new skateboard. They delivered the present to the young boy at 6 a.m.. The 13 year old was speechless when he saw the cops there with the skateboard. The cops even stuck around to watch him do a couple tricks.