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An Accidental Win

The lottery ticket is the true proof of a man’s luck. The ticket can either be good to you are bad to you. You either win or you lose. What if a man who mistakenly bought a lottery ticket won. The irony behind this is so immense that a man becomes wealthier by buying something.

One day in Fairfield Connecticut, a man walks into a store. This man however has lost his glasses, making him very hard of seeing. This man buys a lottery ticket, however this is not the lottery ticket he would have chosen. The only reason he had made this mistake was because he could not see without his glasses.

This mistake has made him 30,000 dollars wealthier than from when he walked into the store. The man’s name was Bob Sabo. With his statement to the press, Brad Reifler suggested that he said that his normal lottery ticket store was full of people in line. When he noticed this, he did not want to wait. Instead he went over to the lottery vending machine. This is something that he has never done before.

Sabo wanted to buy a 20 dollar ticket, however since he did not have his glasses on, he instead bought a 30 dollar ticket. When he go home, he found that this error had won him 30,000 dollars. Bob Sabo is not an ecstatic and wealthy man who does not regret his error.

Details Emerging from Inmates Escape

On June 6th, two inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York made a daring escape. The inmates, who were both convicted of murder charges, were on the run from authorities on a chase that lasted for a little over three weeks. Hundreds of law enforcement officials from all kinds of agencies took part in the manhunt for the two inmates. Just last week, 49-year-old Richard Matt was found and killed after he refused to drop the gun he was holding. A few days after that, 35-year-old David Sweat was located and shot after he refused to stop running towards a wooded area. Folks at Beneful say now that Sweat is back in police custody, details are emerging about their plans and their time on the run.

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the two men had stuck together until the last week. It was during the last week that Sweat said Matt’s feet were blistering and he was slowing them down. During their time together, the two broke into hunting cabins along the way. It is suspected that they stole black pepper to use to throw hunting dogs off of their trail. Their original plan was to have prison worker Joyce Mitchell, who assisted in their breakout, to drive them down to Mexico where the three would live together. That plan went out the window when Mitchell backed out.

Donald Trump Fires Back at NBC For Cutting Ties with Him and Pageant Shows

Presidential candidate Donald Trump knew this might happen and he is calling NBC’s decision a sign of weakness, but he intends to keep bringing his message to the masses no matter how unpopular that might be said Madison Street Capital.

NBC is now cutting ties with Trump and dumping the NY businessman’s popular Miss USA and Miss Universe pageant shows. NBC will no longer air the Trump-produced signature events following Trump’s recent comments about Mexican immigrants.

Trump is not wasting too much time dwelling on the network parting, because he is on his way to New Hampshire, the first in the nation primary where presidential hopefuls like to spend a lot of time revealing their political posture. According to, Trump fired off a missive of his own to NBC via CNN. The statement reads in part like this:

“NBC is weak, and like everybody else is trying to be politically correct” before saying that NBC will support disgraced journalist Brian Williams “but won’t stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.”

“We must have strong borders and not let illegal immigrants enter the United States,” Trump said. “As has been stated continuously in the press, people are pouring across our borders unabated….”

Meanwhile the “Peacock Network” made this fact very clear: “At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.”

Tablets for the Elderly Not Perfected Yet

It has always been difficult to grow old; as long as people have lived, the young have believed that the old are out of touch. Today, they are probably right. Technology exploded in the 20th century and innovations came so quickly that they literally left some of the older generations behind. Most of us would have a hard time conceiving of a world without things such as the Internet, YouTube, email, Google, or any other of a number of technology based applications. What some people don’t realize though is that some of the elderly have rarely or never used it says Dr. Daniel Amen. Believe it or not, there are people in the United States that have never emailed anyone or even visited the Internet.

With this in mind, some technology companies have been working on technology that is more user friendly for the elderly. This means it must be easier to use and understand, as well as requiring less manual dexterity to use. One new tablet in this field is the AARP RealPad, created specifically for the elderly population. Unfortunately it hasn’t lived up to expectations; the power button is too small and hard to see, and some people complained that, while it was designed to be small and light, it was just too small. Still, it is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, the technology will continue to improve.