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There Is No Better Michael Jackson Impersonator Alive Than Sergio Cortes

Back in the days when music was a lot more enjoyable, Michael Jackson ran mainstream music. Even back when Michael was a child and playing with The Jackson 5, he still played music that many people wanted to hear. Michael Jackson always will be one of the best performers that ever lived, even though he’s no longer living. If Michael Jackson wasn’t so great, then many people wouldn’t want to be him, imitate him, and even praise him. Michael Jackson was one of the few entertainers that could make women faint when he touched them, or even if the woman just gazed upon him.

Michael was a living legend, and it’s unfortunate that he passed so suddenly. Michael is fondly remembered by the music he left behind as well as by the imitators that continue to remind everyone who the King of Pop was. Imagine that Michael used to have to work so hard as a child to make music when most people were riding their bikes, playing games, and running around with their friends. Michael didn’t have a normal childhood like everyone else, but it helped him to grow up to be the best musical artist that ever lived.

Someone as great as Michael Jackson is talked about all the time, and it’s because very few people on this earth are even half as talented as Michael Jackson was, much more to reach the heights of fame that Michael reached. It’s no surprise that Michael Jackson imitators will be seen all over the world, no matter what country a person may go to. Michael Jackson is someone who was imitated in life, and he’s imitated a lot more now that he’s dead. The really good Michael Jackson imitators are the ones that draw people in, sell out shows, and really make people believe that Michael is still alive. Although some Michael Jackson imitators do okay, Sergio Cortes is a superior imitator that does great.

Sergio has been performing as a Michael Jackson imitator for years, and he looks exactly like Michael Jackson, so much so that it’s difficult to tell the two apart. If one was to look at a side-by-side picture of Sergio and Michael, it would be nearly impossible to tell who the real Michael Jackson is. A good Michael Jackson imitator not only looks like the star, but he’ll also dance like Michael as well. Sergio definitely has gotten down his dance moves because he can do all the moves that Michael used to do, including the Moonwalk.

Best Ways to Target SEO Keywords

Provably, keywords are the most significant rudiments in search engine strategy and the entire search engine advertising campaign. These keywords will be used to target your desired audience, classify your business and edit what the content of your website will be like. Search engine keywords have evolved over the years and can now produce the best results to the end user. However, some out-fashioned tactics can be seen in some websites. Some of these websites employ keyword studying that is used to trick the search engine to rank it as many times as the keyword variations are typed. In the end results, it has made most users not to trust results from the SEOs since they brought a lot of irrelevant results. To avoid making such mistakes, it is important to implement your keyword strategy.

It is important to use the keywords that you are targeting in your web page in a keen focus of the searchers whom you are trying to attract to your page. It can be achieved through

• Mentioning of the Keyword in the title page
That is essential as it tells your searches as well as the search engine what your page is all about.

• Meta Description
Do not forget this as it acts as a boost to your ranking in the search. Here we are targeting the users, and a good description is essential as it helps click through rate.

• Place the Keyword in The Main Headline
As you want your users and searchers to find a matching topic between the search extract and your landing stage page.

To target SEO, Keywords one should start by doing a thorough keyword search that is relevant for them and gives an overview of your website. List the keywords you have and group them. Following to that is to use your keywords as titles and headlines in your site. This si the most important thing to do as the manual and backward way of optimizing searches is being phased out as SEOs use superior search algorithms. This can be done through white shark media.

Many businesses now trust White Shark Media for optimizing their searches in the search engine operators. Many small and large companies that have had to receive its services truly appreciate. It has been able to lower the cost per conversion and increase in conversion by far three hundred and thirty-seven percent. White Shark Media is now a Google AdWords Partner.

Source: WhiteSharkMedia Blog

Jenifer Walden the Successful Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Plastic Surgeon who is currently certified to practice by the renown American Board of Plastic Surgery. She is formally fellowship-trained mainly at the field of Cosmetic Surgery.

Just the other day, Jenifer moved and permanently stay in Austin from his previous residence in the New York City. She did this so that she could manage to raise her twin boys near their family. Dr. Jennifer Walden is recognized by many to be a very active member at the prestigious American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

She is a member at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, among other positions. She is also known for siting in several boards. She has managed to accomplish very many projects throughout her entire career like a cosmetic surgeon, and she been able to be awarded several trophies.

Many people recognize her as a Texan native. Dr. Jenifer Walden was born and grew in Austin, later she is known to have been brought up in Northwest Hills. Walden went for her high school education at the famous Anderson High School. When she was in high school she was actually a good football player. When she completed the under graduate schooling, she decided to go to college at the University of Texas located in Austin. After working hard in the university, she managed to graduate, with Honors with Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

The bachelor’s degree was not the end of her studies. She later very worked hard and proceeded to get a Medical Doctorate, which was eventually completed attaining the Highest Honors and she graduated as the Salutatorian at the famous University of Texas Medical Branch. Walden was selected to become the president of Texas Alpha Chapter.

Today, Jenifer is actually a regular person at different media houses, where she is invited to discuss about various beauty issues, like the the current technological developments in cosmetic surgery,soft tissue injectible, the various mommy makeovers, the current and the most talked about celebrity plastic cosmetic surgery, among other important topics that are related to her profession.

Apart from being extremely competent and a very experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeniffer Walden is known to be an established writer. She has been able to write and also publish various books and other winning papers made for research. She has been able to do co-authoring, having been able to edit an award-winning textbook which is called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. introduced in 2010, by Elsevier the book has been able to do very well. She is also a medical philanthropist. During her own free time, she helps the unfortunate and the needy individuals who come her way. She is an actually a role model to women all over the world.

The Cost of Dating a Russian Man

Though reportedly known most for mail-order marriage scandals, Russia is a land of the most beautiful women and handsome men you can ever find in the world. They have strong bonds to tradition,great sense of humor, and the most rewarding to date.
Dating a Russian Man
If you have ever imagined spending the rest of your life with a Russian man, be prepared to indulge in fun, happiness, and love in diverse ways. First, Russian men give their women all their attention on a date, and they will never turn up without an expensive surprise present. The best of all is that, they will always give a gift not only on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries but also on regular meetings as you interact. Russian men come out as gentlemen in their attentiveness, courtly manners, and other romantic gestures to women, which makes the latter remain glued to them in the relationship without looking back. These men will open the door for the woman, pull the chair, be on the side of the traffic while crossing the road, and help the woman take off her coat. Such gestures demonstrate enormous respect for the women they are dating and their efforts to impress them.
Wardrobe Manners When Dating a Russian Man
You should be very fashionable if you must win the heart of a Russian man. Ensure your make up is on point, do not overdo. High heels are nice for a date; however, avoid them if you cannot walk properly in them. Make a point of making your hair and put on famine clothes when going for date with him. Russian men expect their women to turn up in the best of best. Also, when you are done with the dinner, do not be quick offer to pay the bill; it is disrespectful. Most importantly, let him decide on the places for the date, at least for the first few months when you do not know each other too well. Later on, you can give your suggestions when you know him better.
How to Meet With a Russian Man
Meeting a Russian man is easy. The most convenient way is through the famous site known as the Anastasia Date. A Russian couple, David Besuden and Elena, who had met in an introductory service and tied the knot in the same year, founded he online dating site. Anastasia Nikolaevna, a Russian woman who was highly respected by Russian women, inspired the name. Initially, the website used catalogues to join up couples. Today, the company has expanded to more states in Ukraine and Russian. The company has grown into an international website connecting men and women from across the world.

Yeonmi Park Rights Activism

Human right involves giving every person equal rights of expression despite the different ethics. International law has been in the forefront in advocating for the rights and supporting local institutions on matters human rights. Besides, everyone should live a happy and discerning life. The most and well-known human right activist in North Korea is Yeonmi Park. She is the voice of her people and has been seen both as a hero and traitor. She is a 21-year-old who typically understands and has a command of Korean, Chinese, and English. Currently, she is a student at Dongguk University in Seoul where she majors in Criminal Justice. Park has devoted her life to bringing to light the suffering by the people of North Korea. Her work has been aired in various platforms including the different newspapers and media such as Voice of America and BBC2.

Yeonmi is a volunteer on in Now Action Unity and Human Rights and the Ambassador of Tech North Korean Refugees. Just recently, she unveiled a book that clearly elaborates her story. She comes from a well educated and political family background. She later escaped to China because her father had been sent to jail, and they found life extremely harsh. Since her speech in One Young World in 2014, she has raised celebrity status. In her tender age, she has made a tremendous impact on YouTube for her work, for she has over two million transcribers.

In 2009 February, she received aid from human rights activist and Christian Missionaries that was instrumental to her current work. After the escape from North Korea, they traveled through the Gobi desert and settled in Mongolia. In the journey, the saw a lot of tribulations that included a border guard threatening to return them to their motherland. On the instance, they threatened to kill themselves if he did not let them go. The proclamation got the guard moved, and he allowed them to get out of the country.

While in South Korea, they took jobs for sustaining themselves. She worked as a waitress while her mother was an assistant in a shop. In the whole journey, they have lost their sister who disappeared earlier in North Korea. However, they later reunited. Park has been an inspiration to a lot of young women who have always wanted an opportunity to express themselves. On the same note, people of all ages, in North Korea, have seen her for a source of hope for a better future.

Park also served as a co-host at a North Korean Talk Show where she discussed various topics that were related to the life of refugees after they escape. Park believes in perfection and possibilities that one day her country will be at peace and free from the undesired oppression. She narrates that it is important for the people of North Korea to understand the reason for their rights. Also, he lets them know that in some parts of the world, freedom is guaranteed. In fact, she quotes North Korea for being a better country where rights of the citizens are upheld.

Dating Using Android Apps

Have you ever wanted to find love in the digital world? Android smartphones are extensively exciting to use because of the new apps that are continuously being shared on their platform. Android dating apps like Skout on techcrunch have surfaced over the past few years because of the ability to date all kinds of people on the web. It has never been so easy to meet people from across the world, and the best part is the opportunity to use a multitude of apps that can bring you to all the right people.

Dating Using Android Apps.

Here’s a quick look at what makes these apps so much more worth it to use than most may believe.

– Features Websites Don’t Provide

When you find yourself using a few different apps like Skout, you will come to find that they all have a wide range of features that most dating websites do not have. For one thing, apps give people the ability to date on the go. You can bring your smartphone anywhere and continuously date people without any struggles. You can also easily go straight into video dating online. Being able to video chat has never been easier with the help of these Android apps. The apps already can give you quick access to video chatting features, instant phone calls, and photo sharing.

– Apps For Every Relationship Possible

Have you ever found yourself looking to find a serious relationship? Have you ever wanted to find simply friends to hang out? Have you ever wanted a seriously good hook up with a good looking person nearby? All of these potential goals all have apps that are fit for every possible relationship or friendship that you would wasn’t to have. The key is to look for the right app that can really benefit you in the best way possible to find the kind of love you want to have.


Skout is a unique Android dating app that can provide for you with some very unique features. This social networking app is what has allowed for some people to come together. The app has allowed for some people to date and find countless people in other counties. In fact, only 30% of users are in the United States, and 70% of the rest of the he users are all abroad. This is why this app has become one that has allowed for some people to even make friends in places that they want to visit in the future. Skout has allowed for people to make good friends all across the world.

There are countless people who have been able to date, make friends, or even just find somebody to have a good hook up has never been easier. There are countless apps to be used on the Android app marketplace, and it is all about using the right online platforms to get closer to more people. Android apps are becoming easier and more simple to use everyday, and Skout is ultimately the best app for everybody wanting to date.

Women Writing for Wikipedia

There is probably a lot that you need to know about writing for a good Wikipedia service. However, there is probably one fact that will shock you. Most of the writers on the site are male. Certainly, in this day and age, you would think that diversity on the site would not be a major hassle. Obviously, we are talking about a key issue that dramatically affects the writing tone on the site. The fact is that some of the male writer’s are a menace to women. Perhaps, it is subconscious on their part or a learned behavior. Still, they exist to some extent.

Women Writers Encouraged
Certainly, women writers are encouraged to join the Wikipedia writing community in general. However, a few experienced women writers on the site suggest that women protect their identity. For example, set up an account on Wikipedia. Of course, you could start writing without registering accounts. However, signing up for an account is encouraged. Also get a free email account that is connected to the new Wikipedia account. Don’t add information to any of the accounts that identify your gender. For example, don’t call yourself SexyGirl, Grandma55, or DannysMom. Remain gender neutral. Do not use your real name or add personal interest.

Know The Rules
Of course, every new writer is super excited about editing their first article or writing a complete article. They would like to start immediately. Still, it is a good idea to know the rules before editing or writing. Get started by reading contributing to Wikipedia. Take any tutorials that are currently available on the site. Make sure that you are extremely familiar with the structure of the articles and maintaining the neutral point of view in all the edits and article writing. Next, start your first edits. It is also a good idea to select articles that do not elicit strong emotions. This should make it easier to maintain the neutral point of view.

Get Your Wiki
Writing that is well thought out and formatted is encouraged on Wikipedia. The learning curve might seem steep to some that are thinking about contributing articles to the site. Certainly, they realize that writing articles for Wikipedia is a way to get recognized as an expert on that topic. Good publicity is always appreciated. Let, Get Your Wiki writers compose all your articles. Their writers are experienced and familiar with a wide variety of topics. They guarantee that the articles written are accepted or your money is refunded. Contact them for more information.

Brilliant Brazilian Books to Behold

Was your summer reading list pushed aside? No worries, now that school is back in session take a dive into a cultural experience with your family. These authors come all the way from Brazil and they have a lot of stories on their minds.

Ana Maria Machado is a well known children’s author in Brazil. She has been awarded with the Hans Christian Anderson award for her works and contributions to children’s literature. Some of her books include Alice e Ulisses, Tropical Sol da Liberdade and Canteiros de Saturno.

José Bento Monteiro Lobato is another famous children’s author. Besides writing children’s books Lobato has written short stories for an adult audience and was an art critic. He children’s books are A Menina do Narizinho Arrebitado or the Girl with the Turned up Nose, Reinações de Narizinho or Adventures of the Little Nose and Viagem ao Céu or Voyage to the Sky.

When a Brazilian hears the name Jaime Garcia Dias they will more than likely know who this man is and what he has achieved. This young author was a writing prodigy at the age of fifteen. Eventually he became a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy, where he inspired many young aspiring teen writers. He has written novels, for journals, and has earned many awards for his writing achievements. Some of these achievements include the White Crane award, awards for his novels, and the ABC award. A few of his novel titles are Fell from Heaven, Chronicles that Made Me a Man, and Dois Caminhos.

Adonias Filho is another author worth learning about and reading. This man was a famous journalist, novelist and literary critic. He found his writing inspiration in his home town of Itajuípe, Brazil. He wrote different types of novels, some were even romance novels. Filho wrote Memórias de Lázaro, Léguas da promissão, and Luanda Beira Bahia and many more.

As you create your next list of novels to read keep these great authors in mind and dive into another culture’s literary achievements.

Trending Mediums in Brazilian Advertising

Brazil is a country that is bent on revolution. Their desire to change the platform in which people communicate on is one of the greatest in the world. Very rarely in world history has a culture been so willing to change their environment and behavior in an effort to improve their lifestyle and conditions. There have been groups of people who have been oppressed throughout history, yet, their desire to experiment and experience a variety of new cultures is absolutely unheard of when compared with other cultures and groups of people. Evidence of this lies in their affinity for social media, as they are the second world leaders in social media consumption next to the United States of America, not bad for a newly developing country. Not any country in the world, whether Australia, Canada, and most countries in Europe can compete with their thirst and desire for high fashion and luxury brands, for Brazil is one of the world’s top five consumers of luxury items. This means that if I am advertising on social media and I am a luxury brand, I am more likely to connect with those from Brazil more than any other country in the world.

Understanding the trends and the desires of a country can give you a deeper understanding of the psychological drivers that are most effective when persuading people of various cultures and countries, said that therefore addicting the best possible attitudes and channels to advertise with.

By Brazil having such a profound affinity for education and desire for interacting with the world around them makes social media outlets like Amazon, Twitter or Facebook prime breeding grounds for advertising that best persuades the Brazilian people. An effective advertiser promoting a brand or service to the Brazilian people wants to demonstrate how important a luxury they are on a global scale and how they are a brand that a variety of cultures cannot live without. Demonstrating this value to them as well as demonstrating how you can enable them to effectively communicate with the rest of the world would naturally be very important to them as a Brazilian consumers.

Cláudio Loureiro, is the advertising agency founder who has changed the field of advertising as we know it. His firm identification of the major drivers that cause the Brazilian people consume products and how they consume them makes him one of the premier leaders in Brazilian advertising. His firm Heads Propaganda is best known for having a culturally diverse and profound understanding of world culture that most advertising agencies tend to lack.

How Ancient Egyptians Helped Me Find Beauty

School is back in session, and I cannot believe my summer is over. I have never been one to feel very pretty or confident with my looks. I am average, and everything about me says it all. All my friends know how to put on make-up and do their hair and then there is little old me; the plain Jane who stands out from the crowd. I wish there was a way for me to feel pretty again.

History is not my favorite class; but suddenly I look down and notice a picture of the Egyptian, Nefertiti. She was known as the most beautiful woman in all of Egypt, I wish I could be known for something like that. Even Nefertiti knows how to put on make-up. As I glance through my textbook further I read that Egyptians made their own make-up from substances that could make them ill. Suddenly I feel bad for Nefertiti and don’t envy her beauty anymore.

I recall a verse from the Bible that my sister showed me once in 2 Kings 9:30 which says, “Then Jehu went to Jezreel. When Jezebel heard about it, she painted her eyes, arranged her hair and looked out of a window.” Even Jezebel had enough sense to put eye shadow on. Perhaps my problem is I can’t find the right brand for me. As class ends I overhear some senior girls talking about cosmetics and then I hear one ask, “Have you tried using Lime Crime cosmetics?”

I quickly get out my phone to find out more about Lime Crime. As it turns out Lime Crime on tumblr appears to be the answer to all my prayers. These products are made humanely, not like the cosmetics those poor ancient Egyptians created for themselves. As I look more into Lime Crime, I like what I see. I notice they have everything from lips, eyes to nails. I decide to purchase some and within a few weeks my order arrives. Never have my nails looked prettier or my lips felt glossier. Lime Crime is the perfect cosmetics brand for me, I am never turning back.