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Avoid Feeding Your German Shepherd The Wrong Food

The loyal German Shepherd is known for their bravery and their aptitude to recollect special training for various unique services. Beginning around 1908, these special dogs arrived in the U.S., becoming quite popular right after World War I as soldiers whom returned home, told of events which revolved around specific German Shepherds who displayed particular acts of bravery. Soon this breed was becoming the family pet.

Many pet owners naturally are eager for their German Shepherd to living a healthy and long life. This can be accomplished by ensuring your dog receives enough exercise daily and plenty of discipline to make for a good and safe family pet. In addition to providing it affection, you must feed it high quality food like those offered from the Beneful brand.

You do not want to feed a German Shepherd food meant for a smaller sized dog, so choose food wisely. Most large dogs enjoy beefy food, vegetables and maybe wheat, rice and fish, but like humans, they can be picky eaters. If your dog is partial to wet food try Beneful Prepared Meals which is available in beef stew, rice and lamb, roasted chicken and simmered turkey. This is also available in a variety pack so a few flavors can be tried. For a combination of chewy chunks and crunchy little kibbles, they may enjoy Beneful Dry Dog Food, Original style, made using real beef. Offered in many flavor varieties, you dog may likely dig into their initial bowl of this and perhaps not beg for more food in the evening.

Depending on if your dog likes fish, do try Healthy Radiance Skin and Coat Dry Dog Food. This selection is great because it also ensures they maintain a healthy coat. Chock full of omega-rich nutrients, rice, salmon and vegetables, your dog will likely avoid turning up their nose at it, instead digging right in! Don’t forget snacks such as Beneful Baked Delights which is sure to become a regular treat in your cabinet. One reason dogs seem to enjoy this treat is the incredible flavors like Chicken and Cheese (very cheesy) and Apple and Bacon.

Obviously you want to be sure that your German Shepherd eats well, but it must be affordable in which Beneful absolutely is. Ensure that you are feeding your dog the right high quality food that is appropriate for their particular breed and read the label.


Eric Pulier ServiceMesh Phenomenon Automates Businesses

I’ve noticed that companies using CLOUD management solutions have increased and a decline doesn’t seem imminent in the near future. ServiceMesh, Inc., a subsidiary of the information technology and software giant, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) is seemingly benefiting from this shift. Well, it’s a deserving success, since ServiceMesh has transformed how businesses store and manage data.

Today, ServiceMesh designs the industry best-in-class Cloud management solutions for businesses. From initial inception, it’s focused on creating, refining and deploying innovative Cloud technology. It launched a robust Agility Platform that extends dynamic Cloud services. Commercial interests have unrestricted access to reliable automated resources that encourages the best data security and management practices. ServiceMesh products focus on the automation of all CLOUD environments, platforms and applications. It’s said to increase the software life cycle, efficiency, and productivity.

Globally, ServiceMesh has extended a powerful platform to enhance the capabilities of enterprise-class IT services running Cloud applications. It’s a favorable appliance for hybrid, public and private enterprises. The Ability Platform has seen a series of notable upgrades and enhancements since ServiceMesh launched it. The powerful platform complements IT models such as SaaS, IaaS and more. Ultimately, it provides a faster, more powerful resource to manage these applications at a cheaper rate.

Eric Pulier, the brilliant technologist behind the creation ServiceMesh and other forward-looking IT services didn’t anticipate this success. Although he’s designed and launched other successful technologies, ServiceMesh is a staple of modern IT innovations. As a philanthropist, columnist, entrepreneur, public speaker and author, Mr. Pulier has established himself among the nation’s elite professionals. He’s richly involved in philanthropic endeavors despite his commitment to numerous business investments.

Mr. Pulier has invested funding and interests in ventures such as Alana, U.S. Interactive, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution and more. He’s richly involved in some of the latest technology startups too. He’s quite optimistic about the opportunities and future expectations of these engagements. As someone who’s dedicated to improving communities, Mr. Pulier continues to support charities aimed at building societal values. He’s an association with organizations like Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital, eCompanies and more.

The Los Angeles resident is an admirable father of four. His contribution to the renowned XPRIZE Foundation hasn’t gone unnoticed. Mr. Pulier shares his ideas with the organization’s Innovation Board in hopes of impacting the youngsters positively. He’s an association with the learning curve “The Painted Turtle” summer camp. It’s an educational initiative aimed at engaging young survivors (children) of chronic illness. It’s amazing how Mr. Pulier manages to balance his personal and professional life. The business mogul bonds well with his children and it’s a reciprocated relationship with business partners too. Mr. Pulier remains a competitively influential brand that has made its way around the IT industry.

Do You Wanna Help My Friend Jon? I Think You Do

Earth Force is a charitable organization based in Denver that is working tirelessly towards the realisation of an environment that is greener, healthier and cleaner than what we have now. One of my dearest friends, Jon Urbana, has joined their noble efforts by starting a campaign with his lacrosse campers at Next Level, all done via crowd funding using the Go Fund Me site. He has set a goal of getting at least $1750.

About Jon Urbana

I’ve known him for about 20 years before we went to Villanova and played lacrosse together, and Jon is not a stranger to online funding campaigns, having run another funding campaign for supporting ARAS recently. He believes in making the world a better place, with a personal website entirely dedicated to this subject matter.

Jon also uses Twitter to emphasize the amazing power the youth as well as the world’s masses hold in making these online funding campaigns successful. Through his Facebook posting, shares, likes, and more, Urbana aims at mobilizing the youth, the majority of whom follow him on Instagram as they are very active on social media.

This is the key reason why Urbana opted for funding through a crowdfunded type of online campaign – to attract the youth. He wants them to join his movement together with Earth Force Inc as participants and activists to improve the local neighbourhoods and environments. Contact Jon on Linkedin to see how you can help!

Jon Urbana is an avid Instagrammer and recently learned the art of flying an airplane. As with all things he does, he excelled to the point of an FAA award that was documented in the Aviation Business Gazette. The man makes some pretty nice music too.

On the business side of things, Jon is Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s co-founder, apart from being obviously a charity supporter. Next Level Lacrosse Camp is among Colorado’s finest summer training programs mostly for young lacrosse players.

His involvement with his campers, even making videos with them, has made Jon realise the commitment and care that the young people have towards making the environment better and cleaner. He collaborated with Earth Force Inc in order to bring more youths into the noble project, youths who in this case are ready and willing to dedicate their energy and time towards making mother earth cleaner and more beautiful.

Go Fund Me

The Go Fund Me website offers a great platform to people who wish to start their online campaigns aimed at raising funds for charitable causes. Most businesses and people are getting online nowadays due to the huge potential the online markets offer as well as social circles. This presents a good platform to create and highlight awareness on the societal and environmental issues affecting the world today.

Chicago’s Real Estate Market

It is evident that Chicago’s real estate market is back on track thanks to the rising prices and sales. As such, real estate agents are having an easy time getting their sales target reached. Nonetheless, the most determining factor is the decline in sales of distressed properties, and one may argue that we are finally off the hook with house bubble meltdown.

Nevertheless, the catch, if you look keenly is that the recovery has not been uniform across town. Research shows that the south and west sides are still experiencing the aftermath of housing bust whereas real estate business near downtown and on the north side seems to have picked up well. You can easily point out the Kenwood and Hyde Park, which have transformed into oases of good business that never ended with anything better but short sales and foreclosures.

Either way, it is important to consider the dynamics of time in that, how bad was it when the meltdown hit the market in these regions, and again, how much have things turned up as of now? So it is easy to pick three zip codes and examine them in proportion to the highlighted queries.

The areas chosen were 60617 and 60614, which stand for Lincoln Park and 60605, which is mostly South Loop though it also falls within the other two zip codes. Taking into consideration that data is highly variable within a month’s time, it was only wise to look at it on a 6-month average.

According to the graph captured by MLS, 60617 responded much sooner to the meltdown but also picked higher than the other two zip codes. In addition, all zip codes showed a significant increase since the beginning of 2013 though 60614 takes the crown here, as it never recorded a rise above 20 percent distressed sales. As of 60605, it started out earlier than 60614 but they ended up on the same level. Nevertheless, this does not come as a surprise, but it answers the big question, whether Chicago is out of the meltdown uniformly or not. It did not.

As for Majeed Ekbal, he has more than 15 years in marketing and new business development, which has helped him develop global marketing campaigns. He has also led specialized direct and digital marketing, partnership development as well as budget management.

He is the man behind digital and social media marketing in all business segments by integrating such policies in marketing research, installation, strategy development and implementation. Majeed demonstrates excellent skills in comprehensive marketing strategies and charity awareness that generate revenue while assembling and mentoring diverse teams.

My Dog’s Love Beneful!

I have two dogs and they absolutely love dinner time at our house. For dinner time, they get a mix of Beneful on dry food with Beneful wet food. I have two small pups, a Rat terrier and a Boston terrier. Since they are smaller breed dogs, they enjoy the IncrediBites dog food that Beneful offers. This dry dog food on has mini crunchy bites that are the perfect size for their drooling mouths. I mix their IncrediBites dry food with a small portion of wet food. I use Beneful’s we dog food. These meals have the same great ingredients as the dry food and add a different texture to my dogs’ dinner. I mix up the flavors of wet food that I use with the dry. Some nights, my pups get to enjoy the beef, while other nights they get chicken, or pork, or even lamb. I take advantage of the variety that Beneful offers. There are the Prepared Meals, the Chopped Meals, the Beneful Medleys, and the Hearty Roasters. By using the trusted brand of Beneful, my dogs have no complaints with dinner time.

I trust the Beneful brand since it provides my dogs with real ingredients, like real meal and yummy vegetables. Their dog food provides my four-legged family members with twenty-three essential vitamins and minerals to help keep them healthy by providing the antioxidants and the omega-rich ingredients that they need. Their food consists of real meat along with carrots, rice, green beans, peas, and barley – actual ingredients that you can see. It is nice to know what you are feeding your loved ones; that means your pets too.

When it is not dinner time, my dogs enjoy the Beneful treats as well. My pups enjoy every type of treat that Beneful offers. My Boston terrier loves the Baked Delights Quacks dog snacks. They are small crackers in the shape of a duck. This treat is flavored with hickory smoke and cheese. My Rat terrier, on the other hand, cannot get enough of the Baked Delights Snackers. These little treats on are shaped like vegetables and fruits. Each of them, like the apples and the peas, has a crunchy cookie-like crunch with a soft and chewy filling. My pups cannot get enough! One of the most recent treats that my dogs have enjoyed is the Beneful Healthy Smile bones. These bones freshen up my dogs’ breath and helps fights plaque and tartar from building up. The bones are designed with special ridges to get to the hard to reach spots. They love this bone and I love knowing they are taking care of their teeth and breathe!

QNET Is About Starting a Business

What is QNET? It is new and it is dynamic! It is how the ordinary guy can follow his dream. QNET is about a little guy becoming a businessman. The founders of QNET are on a mission to improve the quality of life for many people, and their leadership talks about growing people.

QNET is a fast growing business that is on the cutting edge of the direct sales industry. Originally, they were owned by the QI Group that sells various products such as weight management, nutrition, homecare, personal care and much more. Vijay Eswaran began the company in Hong Kong in 1998. Now, it has greatly expanded. Its offices are in many countries all over the world. The first company was GoldQuest, and in 2002 it diversified to include travel and vacations. QI acquired a British telecommunications company, QI Comm. In 2006, the company moved into marketing energy and health products, and in 20007, QNET bought “Down to Earth” (DTE). DTE is a chain store that sells vegetarian organic foods in Hawaii.
The founders of QNET are on a quest to bring a better life to others both in terms of a mind/body state and a personal entrepreneurial skill. They talk about Gandhi as a great inspiration to them. This great leader, Gandhi, was an inspired leader and humanitarian. The values of a humanitarian include caring, charity and public inspiration. Their mission is to empower others to take charge of their lives so that they can reach their life goals. It is their business to be the inspiration to others.

QNET contributes to the wellbeing of the mind/body through a concept RHYTHM. RHYTHM is “raise yourself to help mankind.” They consider that their leadership in the direct selling industry can be a positive influence in developing marketing communities throughout the world. They state that their core values are to care to others, to server the world community, and, most significant, they value integrity. They consider honest central to their hearts. (see QNET’s website).

QNET is a business that considers people working in the company as their greatest treasure. This great treasure should be nurtured and developed. They are proud that they embrace cultural diversity. This is demonstrated in the fact that their teams are drawn from as many as 30 different countries, and they serve customers in over 100 countries. They consider themselves rich in ethnic diversity.

They business model is a multi-level marketing model. The independent representatives or employees receive income based on the amount of sales. The employees also receive money for referring others to become independent sales representatives. The employees receive a percentage of the money made from the sales that the representatives make.

The Impressive Sergio Cortes

The magnificent Michael Jackson will constantly have fans across the world. His amazing voice and skills as a dancer will most likely be appreciated for decades to come. His history of hit songs and famous dance routines continue to be alive today due to an impersonator known as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is known as the worlds most genuine Michael Jackson imitator. Cortes is a real fan of Michail Jackson’s from the time he was a teenager. He would watch Michael and start emulating all his moves. In the beginning it absolutely was only for the real love he was feeling for Jackson that inspired him to master all his steps. On the other hand then Sergio came to the realization of desire to become an impersonator.

It is surreal to hear Sergio sing since he sounds just like Michael Jackson. He has truly mastered every detail when it comes to impersonating the King Of Pop. He also makes certain to possess all of the costumes from all of the Michael Jackson era’s as part of his wardrobe. Every time he takes a picture he even poses like Michael would. Sergio has a great deal of gratitude for his fans and desires to present them with the most breathtaking Michael Jackson experience any imitator can provide.

He sounds, looks, and moves like the much loved Michael Jackson what this means is that Sergio has the full package. For this reason he is becoming so sought after recently. It is easy to find performances of Sergio all over online. If you’re a lover of Michael Jackson you will end up amazed if you see and listen to Sergio Cortes. His abilities and loyalty to his supporters is incredibly like Michael’s relationship with his fans.

Honing his entire overall performance is Sergio’s way of giving respect to the superstar which he misses a whole lot. He is touring everywhere giving absolutely everyone a chance to see and also have a Michael Jackson concert experience. Sergio has supporters from around the world who adore him.

He plans to remain very humble like Michael’s caring character. Keeping in contact with all of his followers on facebook as well as behind stage. Understanding that his work and devotion is valued means the world to Sergio. He has demonstrated that he’s the very best Michael Jackson imitator ever. Sergio is happy with the career he has developed and wants to show the world how much he loves Michael Jackson.

Susan McGalla Deserves All Of The Credit For Her Success

Some people have worked harder than others to have the kind of career that they would like to have, and Susan McGalla is one of those people. There are many things that she has done with her life, and she has worked hard to accomplish each one of them. She worked for two different clothing companies, and she was able to serve in big positions for both of them because of how hard she worked to make things happen for herself. She has always been ambitious, and she has also always believed in herself and the things that she could do.
If there is one business person who should be looked up to for the way that they dedicated themselves to the work that needed to be done, then it is Susan McGalla. She worked hard each and every day as she tried to do things well in her life. She wanted to prove to everyone that she was just as good a business person as any man, and she has done that greatly. She has been a big inspiration to many girls, as they look to her and realize that they can do just as great things with their lives if they are to try just as hard to accomplish them.
When Susan McGalla was just a child her parents taught her that she could do anything that she wanted to do with her life, and their belief in her has helped her out a lot. It helped her to be confident when dealing with others, and she has always made it a point to treat both men and woman equally because of that. Her parents have always been her biggest fans, and their support has helped her out a lot.
There is much that every young girl can learn from Susan McGalla if they are to see all of the things that she has done. When someone is to realize how ambitious Susan McGalla has always been, and when they are to try to copy her in that, then they will be sure to do better in their career than they have ever done before. Susan McGalla is a truly great businesswoman, and she is someone who everyone should be looking up to for all of the big things that she’s accomplished. She is the only person who the credit for her success belongs to, and that is something that everyone should be considering.

Adam Sender: an Art Collector With Passion

With time and enough money, anyone can purchase one or two good artworks. Be that as it may, consistently making quick and smart choices over decades can be quite difficult to do. One has to have great insight into this aspect and over a period you have a vast collection of art items that is truly valuable. At every step, this is an amazing and engaging step for every art collector. Positively Adam Sender has done quite recently that. He is not just an art collector; he is an art investor and exactly knows the value of each piece of art.

Grand Auction at Sotheby’s

At just 45, he has an immense collection of splendid artworks from the absolute best contemporary artists from around the world. Now people will have a chance to see the scope of his vision and his perspective, as more than 400 works from 139 artists are being displayed starting from May. This auction is taking place at Sotheby’s and will stretch out throughout the following year. As a matter of fact, several years ago Adam Sender moved to Florida and everyone knows him as an art investor rather than art collector.

Logical and Great Insight

In 2006, he sold approximately 30 contemporary art pieces that valued around $19 million. He received a six-fold return on his investment. Further to that, he altered his Miami beach house into an art gallery venue, to profit from the art crowds who are visiting the Art Basel Miami Beach. These are some of the business tactics used by Adam Sender, thereby led to his success. At present, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Exis Capital Management, Inc. This firm was established in 1998. Prior to this, he worked as Portfolio Manager in SAC Capital Advisors LP and this firm was started by Steven A. Cohen.

Manager Turned to Art

He has always been regarded as the first generation of art investors who also worked as the hedge-fund managers. He graduated from the University of Michigan. Obviously, when he began, Sender had no clue that he would accumulate a collection that is worth of lending to museum shows. From here on, he plans to give major artworks to institutions. Moreover when he started purchasing valuable artworks, h never thought that this would turn into a profession. He aims to purchase more interesting pieces from new artists.

Why Brazilian Real Estate Industry is on the Global Limelight

Brazil is one of the third world countries that has developed over the years to improve its economic situation. The country has different types of economic activities that have spearheaded the development of the South American country. The country has a deep rooted culture and tradition which has facilitated the cohesion and integration of the Brazilian citizens. As a result, structural development has taken a toll in the economic growth sector. Many companies have emerged and are offering affordable construction services to the general public. As a result there has been the development of both commercial and residential real estate companies.

These companies have provided a good environment for local citizens to easily acquire and own homes. The commercial sector has also benefited a great deal since the services offered cover the entrepreneurs who have benefited from reduced rental rates. These companies are spread throughout the entire Brazil with the capital city having the most number of companies. Due to the inflation rates globally, the real estate companies have suffered a setback which has seen the house rents to rocket rise. The most affected areas are Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro where the rate of doing business has reduced. As a result the companies have developed alternative ways of attracting customers to invest in their products by reducing the rents. These companies have enabled many people to become financially stable and develop interest in establishing more robust business entities.

One of the leading real estate companies in Brazil is the Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. The company was established in 2004 and has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. This is a privately held company which has specialized in different aspects pertaining to the real estate sector. The company has invested in professional employees who have grown since its inception to over 200. This has provided the basis through which professional services are delivered to the general public.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has diversified its service to other field in the economic front. For instance, it deals in brokerage in rental properties, allotment of different properties, construction of residential and commercial houses, architectural services and property valuation. These services have made the company to compete favorably in the capital market to become the best notable in service delivery. Through property valuation, many people have been able to know how much their properties are worth and what kind of insurance policy is the best for the property. The company has developed expertise in building residential houses with different models ranging from 2 bed roomed to 3 bed roomed houses.