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Helane Morrison Promoting Diversity In The Workplace

It is important for there to be diversity in the workplace. Having a policy of inclusion helps there to be more diversity. When a workplace focuses on becoming more diverse, the company does better. They are able to focus on finding the people that truly help the company to advance the most. Helane Morrison has used this approach the company she works to manage, Hall Capital. She makes it a point to hire people of varied backgrounds, and the company she helps to manage has become extremely successful. In fact, it is one of the top companies in San Francisco. 

It is becoming more common for companies to attempt to increase their diversity. Companies that do often find that they have more competent employees. This is because they are drawing employees from a broader demographic of people. The more people that a company considers, the more likely it is that they will get the best and the brightest. Helane Morrison makes it a point to hire both male and female employees just as frequently. Helane actually has heard from colleagues that at some companies, there are actually meetings exclusively for the female employees, because of their feelings of disconnection from the rest of the company.

Morrison looks back upon the times that she was in college studying finance. She recalls that about half of the class was men and the other half of the class was women. However, she has noticed that once she began working in financial corporations, much of the leadership was dominated exclusively by men. However, she was able to make it into the upper ranks of business. Eventually, she became one of Hall Capital’s managers.

Hall Capital has three women in the top levels of it’s management. This in and of itself promotes further workplace diversity. Women would feel very encouraged to apply to the company, knowing that there are women in the upper ranks. They would not feel intimidated by the idea of there being a “glass ceiling” in Hall Capital. Also, Hall Capital makes an effort to include people who are diverse in various ways, such as cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The company has also become extremely successful. In fact, Hall Capital currently manages 24 billion dollars worth of investments! The company’s diversity has likely greatly contributed to their success. Helane Morrison has been part of the effort to make the company larger and more successful. Read the full story about the female leadership at Hall Capital here:

Hall Capital is a very successful company. It is also a very diverse one, with women as the top levels of management. Helane Morrison is one of the upper managers of this company, and she does a very good job at advancing the company’s interests.

TOWN Residential – Benefits Of A Real Estate Company

There was a time when New York was a place for conducting businesses only for big companies. It required travel and satellite offices to get a piece of share in this beautiful, highly in demand city. Time has changed. New York is now home to hundreds of big and small companies alike. Real estate in this place is changing the way people think. Real estate developers are providing time-saving and cost-effective solution with homes, office spaces and commercial buildings and NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate. One such developer is TOWN Residential.

Individuals, small businesses and large companies have become enabled to easily get access to a number of features with these new developers. Hundreds of design elements are added for the millions of requests for both residential and commercial properties. Their designs and innovations have got great value and future. Having a common ground such as this developer for people in and around New York not only is an efficient way to be a part of the growing economy in New York but sustain for the future as well. The added dimension and high quality of service provided by TOWN Residential offers people with the sensation of presence in the real estate world.

For those who contemplate commuting, TOWN Residential has come up with a number of projects close to their workplaces. Many old neighborhoods are being converted into modern homes or given a modern touch. Even those with work-from-home options can now make use of the technology in their own homes. Being associated with a real estate company like this not only fosters your business’s image, it provides many benefits for all employees. This can improve business and strengthen internal relationships that old setups can’t accomplish. When you are living in a modern setting, you are able to close the geographic gap and erase miles and oceans between you and your clients.

The innovative ways that TOWN Residential deploys is shaping the city making it easier and more enjoyable for people living here. Taking it a step further, there are many sophisticated features and options for one to choose from when it comes to new homes and offices. Several residential projects are in development at TOWN Residential New York. With a wide stream of reports and opinions about what trend is hot and what is not in New York, this company is good to have and a great resource to learn real estate in enough dept.

In His New Book, Charles Koch Shares about the Guiding Principles to Success

From his latest book, it is clear that Koch wants to share his great wealth of ideas. He strongly believes that there are many guiding principles that have enabled him and Koch Industries Inc to succeed. The aim of sharing these principles is the reason behind, “Good Profit,” a book written by Koch. He has promoted the book in the media in a way he has never done before.

In a recent weekly edition by the Wichita Business Journal, Koch provides insights on the book and talks about the experience of promoting and sharing the ideas. According to him, promoting the book was an opportunity cost because in some way, it destructed him from the daily running of the United States’ second biggest privately held firm. The book’s idea that explains his business philosophy of market-based management as its core principles is so important to him. This is why he considered the risk worthwhile.
As much as critics will always question the motive of anything that Charles Koch does, he has continued doing what he loves. He notes that helping others is the factor that makes him happy leading to a level of satisfaction that he wishes for anyone. Koch notes that he cares about what he thinks of himself. According to him, the thing that makes people happy is finding out what their passion is, developing it and utilizing it to do well. Koch asserts that this is one of the ways that people can lead a meaningful life. This statement explains the reason behind Koch’s push to share ideas with a wider audience.
Koch is a renowned American businessman, industrialist, philanthropist and author. He is the chief executive officer, the chairman and co-owner of the Koch industries that operates from Wichita, Kansas. Charles Koch and his brother David inherited the business from their father and expanded it into the conglomerate that it is today. Initially, Koch Industries used to deal with chemicals and oil refining. However, they diversified their investments and today the company deals with minerals, commodity trading and polymers among other areas. Before writing his book, “The Gift of Profit”, Koch had written another book in 2007 titled “The Science of Success”, which also dwelt on his management philosophy. Koch is one of the highly educated businessmen with a bachelors degree and two masters of science degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Koch continues to inspire many people through his ideas and contributions in the society.

Irish Times Reports App Called Handy is Like Uber for Your Home

On November 13, 2015 a story in The Irish Times talked about a man from Dublin named Oisin Hanrahan, who created the company Handy (formerly Handybook). Handy is a cleaning and DIY service for your home. Much like Uber or AirBnB, Handy allows work to be performed by non-licensed, screened workers for less money than hiring a professional for the same job.

Handy was founded in 2012 and recently celebrated its one millionth booking. It is currently available in the UK, Canada and the United States.

The article states that Hanrahan teamed up with three friends in his first year at Harvard to create the company. Handy screens all of its Freelance workers through background checks, references and in-person interviews to ensure the safety and security of their product. Hanrahan says that while around 750,000 people have applied, only 3% have been accepted as Freelance workers.

The article says that Hanrahan left Ireland in 2012 for Boston, MA to pursue an MBA from Harvard University. Since then he’s started his own company that now employs 140 people in 28 cities and has raised $150 million in venture capital.

While Hanrahan never obtained his MBA his company is now worth an estimated $500 million. The piece mentions that Handy is not Hanrahan’s first business, while attending Trinity College in Dublin he started The Clearwater Group which he says was a property development business specializing in Eastern Europe. With the Clearwater Group, Hanrahan would buy, renovate and either sell or rent apartments.

Hanrahan states that working with the Clearwater Group he realized how hard it was to find basic handyman services in Hungary and other countries. This ultimately led to the idea for a service offering close-by handymen and cleaning people.

In the article Hanrahan says that the current goal for Handy is to further develop its smartphone app, enhance the service in cities it now serves and to work on spreading its availability to more cities in North America and the UK.

Find the original article here: Handy – the app that is cleaning up around the world

Europe Is the New Frontier for Venture Capitalists

Over the years, venture capitalists have focused on the U.S and Asia markets. However, these investors are now turning to Europe. Promising tech outfits are being sought out in Western Europe by Google, Microsoft, Intel and Mobile payment firms, cloud software makers, game and data mappers are just of the outfits being eyed.

But what sparked this interest in the European market, which is not particularly popular for game-changing innovation? A major reason is that it is cheaper for startups in London, Berlin or Paris, compared to the U.S. Major companies eyeing the market will benefit from well-educated talent as well as fresh and new ideas, all at a lower price than in the U.S.

Also, venture capital is quite scarce in Europe, all thanks to the dot-com bust. Startups are therefore waiting earnestly for American money to help in scaling up and going global. According to John Somorjai, he has never seen more innovation being a product of Europe, as is the case currently. John runs Salesforce Ventures. In October, he made an announcement of a $100 million commitment in Europe.

Over the years, European startups were committed to serving local markets, with slow scaling and taking years to achieve sales worth 100 million euros. Venture capitalists believe that it should take five years to hit such a target. A case in point is Xing. Xing is considered to be the German version of LinkedIn. Despite never getting traction, Xing still exists. However, most professional Germans prefer using LinkedIn.

Highland Capital is globally renown venture capital firm. Based in Dallas, Texas, the firm manages hedge funds as well as structured investment funds. The firm was founded in 1993 and has grown to place offices in London, New York and Singapore. The firm has over $18 billion in assets under its management.

James Dondero, a successful hedge fund manager, is a co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management. Jim’s experience spans over 30 years in the credit as well as equity markets. His main focus of management has been high yield and distressed investing. Mr. Dondero sits on the board of directors in various companies and is actively involved in philanthropy.

Jim graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia, the McIntire School of Commerce. He has also gone ahead to receive the right for the use of the Certified Financial Analyst designation.

The original article can be found here.


The Beneful dog foods have been on the market for quite some time since they were first produced in 2001. The Nestle Purina Petcare company has produced a variety of dog food products for both adult and puppy dogs. The Beneful products are well enriched with nutrients that ensure the dog pet remains healthy and strong. Also, some of the products are designed to make the dog’s skin more healthy and shiny. Beneful dog foods are the most recommended across pet dog lovers as they are safe and meet the set standards.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH BEEF, TOMATOES, CARROTS, AND WILD RICE The product is enriched with several nutrients that are important in maintaining a healthy dog. The meal contains properly chopped blend with wholesome ingredients that are visible. They are rich in flavor to add the dog’s appetite and designed with delinquent texture. The product is available in 3 oz cans. It contains real beef. It also enriched with carrots and wild rice. The meals are a productive, happy and healthy blended with a dogs taste.
The meal is designed to be an enjoyable meal for the dog. It contains a finely chopped blend of chicken, tomatoes, carrots and rice. It has delicious flavors to keep the dog in active appetite. The product is packed in 3 oz packages. It’s moist and ideal for adult and puppy dogs. It also designed with a different texture that is easily broken apart. The meal is processed with sufficient water, chicken, gluten wheat .liver and meat by-products. It has vitamin b12 supplement that is crucial in boosting the dog’s immunity.
BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE CHOPPED BLENDS) WITH SALMON, TOMATOES, CARROTS AND WILD RICE. The meal is available in 3 oz cans. It contains well chopped and visible ingredients of salmon, tomatoes, and carrots. The product is designed to keep the dog healthy and also vitamin supplements to boost its immunity. The product is processed with sufficient water to keep it moist. In addition to the vitamin supplement, it has over 10% of proteins.
PETCO BENEFUL WET DOG FOOD (THE TUSCAN STYLE MEDLEY) WITH BEEF, CARROTS, RICE, AND SPINACH The product is also available in 3 oz cans. It’s designed to keep the dog happy and healthy. Besides, the product is processed with plenty of water to keep it moist. It has 9% of crude protein, 2% of crude fat.




The BMG has closed in its new partnership with Blanco ITAU bank. The announcement was made by one of the company’s director’s Mr. Marcio Alaor in an interview. He is the vice president of the leading bank in Brazil. The Bank is the pioneer of the pay loans sector with specialization with consignment credit. The bank maintains a strong relationship with its customers in its efficient strategies and the highly competitive market. The partnership will have a significance effect on the market and will lead to the creation of a new bank the ITAU BMG payroll. The primary role of the bank is to safeguard the BMG operation in payroll loans. It’s expected to advance over R 300 million to customers and will remain operational for over three years


The new merger bank is set to start operations in 90 days. It will also finance private sector employees and tap the enormous potential market. The merger of BMG and ITAU bank came as a surprise to many. The initial negotiations with other banks like Bradesco and BTG banks. In the last talk minutes, the call from ITAU CEO changed focus and BMG considered the new partnership. The new BMG funding will give access for BMG to a financing of $ 3.5 billion in the next five years.


In an interview conducted by the Minas, the BMG vice president ended speculation of the many players in the market. The new partnership differs from the initial arrangement with other banks in that the BMG’s databases will remain unchanged and BMG will contribute shortly. The current operation of BMG bank remains unchanged. The new bank will exclusively deal with the payroll loans and enlarge the scope of the private sector.


The BMG will own 30% of shares in the new bank. ITAU bank is expected to contribute at R700 million to add the total contribution to R 1billion. The BMG bank is planning to transfer all its payroll transactions to the new bank. The banks agreed to restructure its system to incorporate the new bank. With the shortage of money for the new bank, the banks will have to outsource over 100% funds.


Marcio is the current t vice president of the bank and very key to its operations. He lives in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has propelled BMG bank to its great height. The article is recapped from Mina’s journal.



An initial public offering is the first time a private company calls the public (private investors) to take up shares. It is a way for a corporation to raise money for its growth and became a publicly traded company. Mr Marcio is a banking expert who serves as the Vice President of Banco BMG.He is also an expert on IPOs and was recently interviewed on the same. He gives us a recap on the IPOs in history that changed things and the importance of IPOs to companies.
Marcio says the 1st motor company to raise an IPO was General Motors of the US. It is today valued at $ 53.12 billion dollars and recently celebrated 100 years since raising an IPO. Another company that raised an IPO was Ford Motors. It is an American based company that has pioneered heavy hitters in the market like the Ford Mustang and the Ford T. Its IPO led to an astonishing 600 million calls for the shares. This year, the biggest IPO was from the Japanese Post Holdings. It raised $ 12 billion in the exercise thanks to overwhelming interest from the Japanese public. Its stock value increased by 16%.It comes after Alibaba raised $ 21 billion in its IPO September last year.
Japan Post Holdings manages three separate companies. These are Japan post bank; Japan post insurance and Japan post postal services. It has 24000 post offices in Japan. It is one of the most recognized brands in Japan and it’s raising the amounts is not a surprise. Ferrari recently floated an IPO that has seen its shares increase by10%.It is today valued at $ 10 billion.
MarcioAlaor is a native of Santo Antonio do Monte, who rose from a shoe shiner to become the vice president of Banco BMG. He is a business administration graduate and has grown to become one of the most senior bankers in Brazil. He is also active in Philanthropy, having been recently awarded by his local town for his efforts there. He even had a food court named after him. He embodies the reputation BMG has with its clients of rising from nothing to build empires.
BMG has always hired those committed to their causes. It supports sports team across Brazil and recently announced its support for Tennis genius Marcelo Melo.

Source: Exame Magazine

The Secrets of Successful Art Collectors

Adam Sender may be the founder of the successful Exis Capital but he is known for his eye for art pieces that would yield great returns in the future, similar to his penchant for finding the right equity from his entrepreneur days. When he left SAC Capital Advisors for his separate hedge fund endeavour, he had no idea that his love for art would translate to such financial success after a couple of decades. Yet, with some foresight and a lot of planning, not to mention true passion for art, here he is today.

This is how most art collectors start their journey. It begins with a simple hobby of collecting a few pieces that catch your eye and soon grows into something so much more than that. Here are a few secrets of art collectors –

Finding Your Personal Style – Art collectors may not be artists but they know a lot about art. They know what appeals to them and what doesn’t. They have preferences when it comes to mediums, color combinations, styles and details. Their choices aren’t restricted to a specific artist either. When Adam Sender started collecting art, he made it a point to visit all the interesting art galleries, exhibitions and independent studios he could attend. This helped him discover his personal style.

Focused Collection – Some pieces are put together in a collection because when they are seen together, they seem to tell a story. It almost looks like the work was done in collaboration because all the individual pieces mesh together so well. Adam Sender’s collection, for instance, reveals a lot about him as a person because it generates a particular feeling of unity in the visitors and art connoisseurs. Thus, it is important to have a theme for every collection. One art collector can have different collections for different themes and moods.

Foresight – Adam Sender left SAG and soon afterwards, in 1990s, his collection started taking shape. He had no idea what it was be worth in the coming years but he still had the good foresight to go for pieces that instilled confidence in him. It is never about how famous the artist is right that moment. Collectors need to have a gut instinct about certain pieces and should be able to stand next to them with pride. Limited editions are a good place to begin. It is always advisable to have the pieces signed by the artist.

As artists discover more art, they might even choose to go in a different direction. In that case, the old pieces which don’t seem appealing anymore should be sold off to interested parties and collectors should move on. There is a lot of trial and error to the art of art collection in the beginning.

Makeup For Fun

There are a lot of companies out there that offer makeup for those that want to have something that will be different and fun. They may want sparkles or a bright color to add to their regular makeup. This can be hard to find if they are not looking in the right places. It’s good to know, Lime Crime has your back.

Why Bright Fun Colors

There are many reasons you may want to have bright fun colors in your makeup kit. This may include wanting something that is different from all the rest. It may also be that you want something that is going to be fun and funky. If you wear more toned down colors to work and such, then someone may want something fun and different when they are not at work or are out having fun on the town.

How Lime Crime Was Created

There are many stories of success in the makeup industry, but Doe Deere is one of the most complicated ones. She was simply thinking about how she would like to have a more fun line of makeup and then started creating it. Doe Deere was the first to really add fun and funky colors to her makeup that made people want to dress fun and have these bright colors.

Doe Deere knew there were people like her that loved the bright colors and were tired of making makeup that would fit the needs they had. They did this kind of thing because there was nothing on the market with glitter or fun bright things to work with. So Doe Deere found her passion and her way of life.

What Can be Done With This Makeup?

There are a ton of things you can do with this makeup to make it good for your needs. The biggest is to take the colors and find matching colors to make an ombre on the eye or add glitter to make your eyes really pop. You can also add different colors to the lips as well as to the cheeks to help make things come out even more.

There are a lot of options when looking at bright colors now, but it didn’t used to be that way. Take your time and really look at the makeup you want and the colors you want for your night on the town or everyday look so you won’t be unhappy in the end.