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George Soros Hints on Global Market Deadlock Similar to the 2008 Crisis

The write-down in China’s exchange value is influencing the rest of the world negatively. George Soros said this in an economic forum in Sri Lanka and hinted that investors should be careful with the deadlock in global markets. For the developing world, a return to positive interest rates is a dilemma.
Shifting away from investment and manufacturing to consumption and services, China is struggling to create a new growth model due to Yuan’s convertibility. Comparing the crisis to the one in 2008, George Soros warned that global currency, commodity markets and stock were under pressure in the first week of 2016. There was a reduction of $2.5 trillion in the value of global equities as losses increased in Asia.
In addition, referring back to 2008, George pointed out that financial markets are in trouble and that China has a problem of swimming with the tide. In September, 2011 in Washington, the hedge fund billionaire also cautioned that the Greece-born European debt dilemma surpassed the crisis in 2008. George Soros, who began his career in New York City in 1950s, is a hedge fund billionaire who gained his fame in 1992 when his net worth hit $ 1 billion.
This year, there is escalation in volatility readings. The fear gauge or the VIX, which is the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, has increased by 13% while Merrill Lynch index of anticipated price change in treasury bond went up by 5.7%. The Japanese’s Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index also shot up by 43%.
The wavering manufacturing sector is explained by the reduced interest rates by the People’s Bank of China, which results to weaknesses in the world’s second-largest economy. However, China’s Communist Party has promised to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by the year 2020. This information was reported on Bloomberg as seen the following link
George Soros is not only an investment guru but also a philanthropist. His philanthropic nature saw him establish Open Society in 1979, which entails foundations, partners and projects in more than 100 countries. He started giving scholarships to black students in South Africa.
The Chairman and Founder of Open Society also provided Xerox machines to copy banned texts and supported cultural exchanges to undermine Communism in the East Bloc. Paralegals and lawyers who were unlawfully detained benefited from George Soros’ big heart. Another deed was bringing the Roma people of Europe into the limelight. This information was mentioned on Open Society Foundation website as posited in the following link
The famous hedge fund billionaire is also an author whose publications are chart-topping. Some of the books he wrote are The Tragedy of European Union, The Crash of 2008 and What it means, The age of Fallibility, Open Society, The Bubble of American Supremacy and The Alchemy of Finance among many others. This information was published on as outlined in the link below

How White Shark Media Handles Its Customer Complaints And What Every Company Should Learn From Them

Any business regardless of whether it offers goods or services to its clients comes across customer complaints. Complaints are part of the growth journey and therefore, business owners should not be worried about them. If anything, they are supposed to be happy because that means their effect is felt even though it is not in the best way. To get a customer complaint and fret is one thing just as it is to get a complaint and get working to ensure that it never happens again.

White Shark Media knows how to keep its clients close. It knows that by ensuring that the client gets satisfaction is imperative for its uninterrupted growth as well as future successes. The company has managed to reach a point where it feels that it has made enough mistakes and seeks to address them so that clients can rest assured that it will at every moment try to offer them with solutions that work as they are designed to.

When customers complain that they have lost touch with their Ad-word campaigns, the company realizes that the customer is not taken through the ins and outs of the campaigns and therefore, it works to ensure that communication is improved from that point.

On the other hand, when customers complain that they feel like they are getting inadequate communication, the company slots monthly calls to improve the experience. White Shark also provides phone systems with direct extensions for the same purpose.

When customers complain that their brand new campaigns are not performing as well as their old ones, White Shark provides experienced supervisors who oversee the campaign management and provide feedback.

In the event that a customer asks for SEO services, the company evaluates their needs and out of that, advises on the most appropriate company to deal with.

In the rare event that a customer complains about signing up and getting a contact person who is not in tune with their needs, the company forwards the reported case to its Senior SEM consultants who take over from that point.

When a customer feels that a campaign is created from an account that he/she does not like, the company gives them full control of the account. From 2010 however, the company made sure that all campaigns it runs for its customers are on their accounts.

Out of being very responsible and open when handling its customers, White Shark has received a lot of positive reviews in the last couple of months. Out of that, many business owners and prospective business people will attest to the fact that excellent customer care is key to the success of any business. It has managed to build trust and therefore, taken the business to another level.

The Hot New Reality Show Queens of Drama

Queens of Drama is a reality TV series where former stars and popular actresses get together and try to produce a new show where women can have solid roles in. The show consists of 10 episodes and is especially attractive to an audience who loves drama! There is plenty of drama in this reality series, which the former day time stars play themselves and try to create their own show. Each character in the show plays a personality of themselves, so in return, the show’s story-line is easy to follow.

The TV series Queens of Drama features six former day time soap opera stars, such as Vanessa Marcil, former star of the show Beverly Hills 90210, Crystal Hunt, who worked on the day time soaps One Life to Live and Guiding Light, Chrystee Pharris, who starred on the show Passions, and Lindsay Hartley, who also appeared on Passions and the soap Days of Our Lives and All My Children. Donna Mills also plays a key role in the series. She is best known for her role in the show Knots Landing. The show is presented by ThinkFactory Media and has several executive producers, including Adam Freeman, Tim Laurie, Adam Reed, Aaron Fishman and Leslie Grief.

Crystal Hunt’s character in the series is nothing short of drama and excitement. In the first episode, Crystal Hunt along with Vanessa Marcil and Lindsay Hartley, ask for Donna Mills advice. It doesn’t take long for tensions to arise, as the three soon disagree with Donna Mills’s ideas for a new show. In episode two, Crystal Hunt becomes angry with Donna Mills because Donna went behind her back and consulted a TV network about producing a show. The drama certainly doesn’t stop there. Crystal Hunt upsets the others when she makes lewd comments pertaining to how Lindsay met her boyfriend online.

Crystal Hunt began her acting career at the young age of two and soon became a star, playing the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the soap Guiding Light. She is also well known for her role in One Life to Live, playing the character Stacy Morasco. In 2005, IMDb shows that Crystal was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her role on the show Guiding Light. She has recently appeared in the movie Magic Mike XXL as Lauren, and in 2014, Crystal was the executive producer in the movie Talbot Country.

Kyle Bass Advises American Investors To Be Concerned

China has been pulling a fast one on us, and not paying attention to this will likely lose America millions and billions–even trillions–of dollars by year’s end. The big irony of it is, that largely communist country is losing money the same way America’s supposedly “capitalist” economy did back in 2008: a bunch of banks are allowing loans that won’t ever return the money. The chickens are being released out the back of flying bomber, and there’s no way they’re ever going to come home and roost. How bad is the problem? China’s banking system has a worth of about 35 trillion, but the entire country’s yearly GDP is only 10 trillion. That’s a difference factor of some 350%.

So why is this bearish for American markets? Well, a lot of American industry is tied to China right now. Donald Trump’s ubiquitous lips blubbering “China” may not be making those East Coast utterances without cause. America is so tied to the Chinese economy, when the other shoe drops, the USA stands to lose between a tenth and a fifth of its economic power; and that’s an economic grizzly twice the size of a polar bear if you think about it. The domino effect is going to result in an additional recession, and America is already in substantial debt. China’s economy could result in a very negative domino effect.

But maybe Kyle Bass is just the boy who cried “bear” as UsefulStooges is reporting. Though, in his case, the story would have to be inverted, as he’s successfully cried “bear” several times. Bass is a hedge fund manager out of Argentina who has ties to the country’s socialist president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. He currently operates out of Texas, and the reason he’s being mentioned here is that he A.), successfully predicted the crisis which burst America’s economic bubble in 2008 due to sub-prime lending, and B.), he’s been able to manipulate the stock market via pharmaceutical companies in order to short sell his own stock.

Bass is the leader of an organization called The Coalition For Affordable Drugs, which has been successful in their effort to decrease the cost of some big-time pharmaceuticals’ medicines. When the price dropped, Bass short-sold his stocks and made a pretty penny. It was done completely legally, though the technique is under-handed, and the US government has waxed bipartisan trying to shut Bass down but to no avail.

So is his advisement to be taken, or should it be ignored? That’s something which can’t easily be decided; but should the economy drop between ten and twenty percent by year’s end, then the right choice one should have made will be nothing but evident.   More about Kyle and his predictions can be read on his blog.