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George Soros Sees No Ally in Putin Against ISIS

I have read that George Soros not only does not trust President Vladimir Putin’s leadership of Russia, and he believes Russia is no ally with the West in the war against the terrorist group ISIS. Soros believes the only reason Putin is launching devastating attacks on the Islamic State in Syria is to foment the destruction of the European Union (EU). He is doing this by causing ever-increasing streams of Syrian war refugees into Europe. He sees the EU making statements about how Putin is a legitimate ally as a most terrible error in their thinking. This information came to me from an article published on Project Syndicate.

There is some good evidence to support Forbes billionaire George Soros’ viewpoint. The neighboring country of Jordan has 20,000 war refugees waiting to be accepted into Jordan, camped out in the desert. More and more Syrians are forced to flee to Lebanon and Jordan as Russia pounds the civilians, regardless of whether the targets are actually part of ISIS. Aleppo is a Syrian city in shambles. Over 70,000 civilians have fled this city of 2 million citizens. Between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government forces on the ground and the Russian air attacks, the number is likely to rise dramatically.

These new refugees cannot rely on very many countries for sanctuary. I read that Turkey is not allowing any more refugees into their country. Although Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has personally brokered a deal with the Turks to keep the refugees they already have camping in their borders. She is requiring Turkey to block any more refugees from fleeing to Greece in exchange for Germany funding and executing Syrian refugee air transport to the tune of up to 300,000 per year.

I see Putin as an opportunist, good with short-term tactics, but never really a strategy man. It may well turn out that Putin’s motives were much simpler and his involvement in Syria’s civil war was a colossal mistake. I think the problem is with Russia’s need for good terms with Turkey, which is now put in jeporady because Putin is forcing more Syrians to flee to Turkey.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. He and his family barely survived World War II Nazi occupation of Hungary. He escaped to England in 1947 to seek refuge and later graduated from the renowned London School of Economics. Then he moved to the United States and became an American. He has become one of the wealthiest investors in international funds and become an outspoken activist in American foreign policy. He has written and published many books. Read more about Putin Is No Ally and George Soros Bio.

Olympic Valley Incorporation Stopped Over Taxes

California’s Local Agency Formation Commission ruled that the Olympic Valley cannot be incorporated at the present time because area residents and businesses would pay too much in taxes, according to an article in the Reno Gazette-Journal. Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley, is very excited about this development, as it paves the way for interested parties to plan exciting events showcasing this Pacific Crest region.
Children of all ages will want to come to Kid-O-Rama in February where they can view many big trucks very closely. These trucks include fire trucks, snow plows and grooming machines. Those attending this event can also play games including a scavenger hunt. Participants can also listen to musicians playing children’s songs and attend street parties.
In April, Andrew Wirth invites everyone to come to the WinterWonderGrass Bluegrass Festival. Bluegrass musicians from around the nation will perform bluegrass music on three stages. Additionally, participants can partake in a three hour beer tasting event.
Wanderlust comes to the valley in July. Andy Wirth is very committed to mindful living and the yoga studio at Squaw Valley is one of the best in the nation. During this July event, visitors can learn about yoga while also attending speakeasy talks on other mindful living topics. Food during this event will feature delicious farm-to-table selections.
The Art Wine and Music Festival comes to Squaw Valley in July. This festival is one of Andy Wirth’s favorites because it benefits Achieve Tahoe. This organization that is active year round at the resort proves that it is people’s abilities and not there disabilities that count. Andy often remarks that just a few hours spent in outdoor activities can change a person forever. During this festival, participants can listen to musical performances on two stages, taste the best wines, and purchase amazing art to fill their homes and offices.
Everyone needs to mark their calendars to attend the Brews, Jazz and Funk Fest in August. Attending this exciting festival gives people the chance to taste over 40 craft beers from throughout the region. Throughout the village, attendees can hear jazz music being played. This weekend event benefits the Humane Society of Tuckee-Tahoe.
While Andy Wirth understands the frustration of increased traffic, he reminds area residents that those attending festivals help to promote the area’s economy. Then, even better things can occur in the area.

Human Rights Foundation Superstars

People do not think about the Human Rights Foundation until they feel that their rights have been taken from them. The Human Rights Foundation is there to defend peoples’ rights and defend a liberal democracy. They are on a mission to make sure that the rights of people all around the world are upheld and they are treated with respect and dignity. Their mission is actually two fold. They are there to defend human rights and to bring light to the problems people have maintaining or attaining their personal freedom.

Human Rights Foundation Leader
The leader of the Human Rights Foundation is Thor Halvorssen. He is a fighter in the war against those that would take away the freedom of the individual. Thor Halvorssen is also a recognized film producer. Halvorssen is not the new advocate on the scene. He has had a long interest in defending the rights of the individual. It started back in London during 1989. Thor Halvorssen was a teen at that time. However, he was vehemently opposed to South African apartheid policy. It appears that taking away personal freedom hit close to home for Halvorssen. The young teen experienced his father having his personal rights taken away in Venezuela. His father became a political prisoner in that country.

The human rights issue hit close to home and this influenced his desire to protect the rights of the individuals around the world. He founded the Human Rights Foundation back in 2004. Ironically, it was his mother that influenced him to start the organization. She was shot during a political protest during that time. Halvorssen is not a stranger to the media. He has shared his view on human rights in interviews, television, and printed media around the world. Halvorssen has also produced several films on human rights. In addition, Halvorssen received an excellent education in political science and history at the University of Pennsylvania to prepare him for his leadership role with the Human Rights Foundation. Today, the Human Rights Foundation plays a very significant role in liberating political prisoners and securing human rights around the world.

Charles Koch Facing Off with Trump in Vanity Fair Article

This presidential race is turning out to be a strange one. Charles Koch has stated in several interviews this is quite the unusual running. One of the main reasons for this bizarre political race is because of Donald Trump.

When Trump first stated that he was running for presidency, no one took him seriously. Months down the road and leading in several polls, the Koch brothers have to decide their stance on the outspoken, taboo candidate.

Koch describes himself as a classic liberal. He does not believe in the traditional party labels. His entire political quest has been to change the political culture. Believing that a candidate should be chosen based off of ideals and not which party they are aligned with.

Trump attempted to gain the endorsement of the Koch brothers early in the running, however, he wasn’t invited to any of their donor events. While they have still not officially chosen a candidate to endorse, Trumps radical views have lead the Koch brothers to take a stance against him. The Koch network has discussed how they would handle Trump. Because of Trumps aggressive nature they are carefully considering their options with the candidate. At the end of the day, Trump not having the support of the Koch network will be very troublesome for him down the road.

The majority of the Koch network is in favor of Rubio and Cruz. Having Trump win the nomination is not the worst case scenario for the group. In a scenario where the presidential election came down to Trump-Clinton, a Koch spokesperson stated, “I could see the network not participating in the presidential election at all,”

About Charles Koch
Charles Koch set out to expand his family-owned conglomerate. This goal thrown him into the political realm. He has used his monetary influence to help restructure the aging political culture. Since the 70’s, he has become one of the most political influential billionaires in the United States. Koch pushes for a smaller government and economic liberty. In this most recent presidential race at the Freedom Partners Policy Leaders conference, Koch asked the crowd, “Will you stand with us to help save our country?” Being one of the most powerful people in the world, he certainly can back up those words.