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The Aspire, By Boraie Development, Anchors New Brunswick’s Renewal

Just steps away from the New Jersey Transit Train Station and overlooking Rutgers University, you will discover The Aspire, a 17-story residential luxury high-rise building offering 238 spacious apartments, that introduces elements of the Manhattan lifestyle to New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Aspire, privately developed by the Boraie Development, LLC, is one of many projects that anchor a 40-year commitment by investors to redraw the residential, academic, and commercial landscape of downtown New Brunswick.

According to a January 2015 article published in the NJ Spotlight, confidence in the emerging potential of downtown New Brunswick began in 1975, when Johnson & Johnson, one of many global pharmaceutical companies located in New Brunswick, made a major commitment to stay in the city. Although the urban renewal has been excruciatingly slow, downtown New Brunswick continues to rebound under the influence of the New Brunswick Development Corp. (Devco), private development firms on, the mayor’s office, and Rutgers University. Wasseem Boraie, Vice President of Development for Boraie Development, LLC, credits New Brunswick’s leadership stability and the recent athletic and academic success of Rutgers University for the downtown turn around. According to Boraie Development, millennials desire for ease of transportation, economic incentives and a friendly live-work-play environment make New Brunswick and his centerpiece development, The Aspire, the right fit for residents and potential newcomers.

The features and options of The Aspire on, which include a lounge and catering kitchen, yoga center, on-site parking, and concierge service, make this the premier address for luxury in New Brunswick. According to Boraie Development, potential renters who value the above-mentioned amenities available in this high-rise luxury residence have overwhelmed the leasing office. There are several well-appointed floor plans, from studio to two bedroom apartments, offered at The Aspire. In addition, all units feature oversized windows with spectacular views of downtown New Brunswick, and include an array of gourmet kitchens with custom cabinets and state of the art appliances.

The city offers a sophisticated lifestyle with a wide variety of upscale restaurants, an art district with several art galleries and theatres. In addition, numerous projects continue to add to the city’s renewal, including a city center project consisting of office and research space, several hundred housing units, and retail opportunities called The Hub. Boraie Development also plans to break ground in the near future on a commercial site intended to attract additional tech and biological science firms that can profit from the proximity to Rutgers University. 

Jamaican Coast Guard Rescue Venezuelan Fisherman

Six Venezuelean fishermen were aboard a fishing vessel in the early part of April. A few days ago, the vessel had sunk 250 nautical miles or 402 kms just southeast of Jamaica. The Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) Coast Guard brought the fishermen ashore this past Wednesday. The fishermen were first discovered by the United States Coast Guard who had originally rescued them before they had notified the JDF. The JDF had brought the six men to the coast guard headquarters in Port Royal, Kingston. The seamen went through processing and screening before sent to the Venezuelan Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. The fishermen were grateful to the coastguard for bringing them back safely to Luque’s home land.
The fishermen were unharmed and eventually returned to Venezuela. The Venezuelan Embassy in Jamaica has an embassy located in Caracas.

The United States Coast Guard that originally spotted the fishermen are part of the maritime, military, multi-mission service that’s part of the armed forces. It was related to United States Revenue Cutter Service established by Alexander Hamilton in 1790. The first coast guard was located in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Jamaica Defense Force according to corporation wiki is rooted in the British West India Regiment. The JDF began in 1795 during the colonial period. Both the JDF and the USCG are dedicated to rescuing anyone regardless of status who’s found in sea and in need of rescue. The Venezuelan government’s grateful to the coast guard.

Dr. Jennifer Walden and Vaginal Rejuvenation

There are many different surgical procedures that one can go through. One procedure that is interesting to hear about is vaginal rejuvenation. This is one of the forms of cosmetic vaginal procedures. However, as with any other topic, there are myths surrounding vaginal rejuvenation. These myths have been addressed by surgeons like Dr. Jennifer Walden who is gaining more requests for such surgical procedures. The three myths of cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation surgery are very peculiar. One myth is that vaginal rejuvenation has been brought about because of men’s unrealistic expectations. The second myth is that cosmetic vaginal surgery is gaining popularity because of vanity. The third myth suggests that women are getting surgery for men’s obsession with tightness.

Dr. Jennifer Walden reveals that the reasoning behind these surgical procedures are more often in response to the needs, wants and desires of the women who undergo their procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is especially experienced in dealing with her patients when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. She is also considered one of the top surgeons in her field. She has used her skills and expertise in order to start her own office in Dallas after spending a lot of time in New York. Her reasoning is so that she can spend more time with her family.

Dr. Jennifer Watson’s hard earned success can be enjoyed with her family. She has worked very hard for it when she pursued her career major at the University of Texas in Austin. She applied to medical school and was put on the waiting list. She did not allow herself to be discouraged. She has worked hard until she became the Salutatorian of her class. She has found herself fascinated at the room for creativity that cosmetic surgery leaves. She has went to Manhattan to study at a hospital and has stayed for fellowship. She ahs learned under Sherrel Aston. She has used all of the lessons she has learned under her mentor to start her own successful practice.

Solo Capital Leadership

For a company to earn good growth, there must be a strong leader to see the company through the various activities undertaken within the company. Solo Capital has been able to grow rapidly from the time that it was founded. The company is only six years old in the sector and is now considered as being a top notch company in Britain’s financial investment sector. Sanjay Shah founded it in 2009. The company specializes in proprietary trading and sport investment services. There are times when the company can consider extending its operations consultation on financial matters. It was able to end the financial year 2015 with a cash flow of 38 million Euros and an asset total of 68 million Euros. In the same year, the company was found to be having a net worth of 15 million Euros. Solo Capital is sometimes referred to as solo Capital UK. Solo Capital UK was incorporated into the partnership in 2011 after it had finished with 26 million Euros.
Sanjay is not only known for being a brilliant entrepreneur, but he is also the founder of a charitable organization which called Autism Rocks. This organization operates by staging concerts around the world with an aim of raising awareness and funds for autism. Shah works with some artist in this endeavor. Shah is the sole donor, and he has spent a big amount in bringing autism rocks already. In the year 2014, Sanjay Shah spent $100, 000 to create the domain for Autism Rocks and to see running.
Before the founding Autism Rocks, Shah had been a passive participant in charity organizations. He would support other operating groups as he did in India to help in children medical and education programs. According to a news release from Newswire, Shah was greatly affected by his son’s diagnosis. He son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was only four. This is considered as being the biggest motivation behind the founding of autism rocks by Shah. It is his adoration for art that made him invite Musicians like Snoop Doggy and the others into working to make Autism Rocks successful.