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Brian Bonar Opens Up Bellamy Near San Diego

Format and content updated August 30,2016


Brian Bonar moved out to San Diego from Scotland, and he brought with him a plan to bring European cuisine to the area. He came out to the small town of Escondido that has a nice downtown area with older restaurants, and he opened Bellamy in the style of all the other small places that were on the main drag.

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That is why financial expert and investor Bonar is now an icon in the San Diego area, and he is reaching out to people in a way that makes them want to come try his place, and he is working on another ranch location for events.

The bar at Bellamy is nice place for people to sit down and have a drink, and it is also a good place for people to hang out. Brian Bonar has made up a place in Escondido that will help people have their regular bar, but it is also a place that offers real bistro food from Europe.

It really helps the community because they want to rally around places like this, and it gives him a platform to start so that he can work on his new ranch location.

Brian Bonar is also working on a piece of land outside the city that people can come to for events. He is very proud of the way that this place is going to help people host their events, and he wants to make sure that all the people that are going to come out get to have a look at the open space and the nice kitchen that he is putting together.

The businessman is working with his best chef to create a place where people can come for dinner in the country, but it is also a place where people can have their best event. Bonar is changing the San Diego food scene one spot at a time.


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The Midas Legacy Helps Investors Focus

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The Midas Legacy is an awesome website for anyone that may be interested in building a nice nest egg. This organization is filled with experts that have the knowledge to help people that want to retire with some dignity. Many people have not saved for retirement so a large majority of people that retire will only find themselves returning to another job because they were not prepared.

What the group at the Midas Legacy does is help workers release the fear of saving and investing by preparing people with the knowledge that they need to make the right decisions. That is the reason that so many people fail to invest and save for retirement. They don’t have the time or the desire to do the research. Midas Legacy is a group that handles the research, and a lot of the information is actually free. There is a premium newsletter that is available for people to choose to subscribe to the Midas Premium. This is a newsletter that gives subscribers secret inside investor information that they may not be able to find through free resources. This letter comes every month, and it may be something that is useful to The investor that plans to spend a lot of money in stocks or mutual funds. This is basically a guide that gives investors better tips on the stocks that may have the best returns on investment for long term growth.

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The Midas Legacy’s Role in Your Wealth Management

The Midas Legacy has become the type of group that gives a lot of people investment advice that they may not have realized was available on the Internet. The Midas Legacy group has experts that take the time to give advice on natural remedies. There are also experts that have a lot of information on real estate investing. This is what a large portion of the archives are focused on for this site. People that check out the archives will be able to find motivational information on investing and they will also be able to discover what it take to build a portfolio successfully.

The Midas Legacy is a group of financial experts that are destined to change the lives of all that encounter their investment findings. It has become one of the best research groups for investors that are looking for commonsense information for the working class. Many people gain a greater level of confidence after reading research from the Midas Legacy group.

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Recent Movies Highlight Problems Small Investors Face

These past few years has seen a wave of movies that focus specifically on the corruption of the stock market and the disadvantages that small investors have compared to large financial institutions and accredited investors.

Movies like the “The Big Short”, have highlighted the effect that large investment institutions have on the economy, and how one mistake may mean lost profits for one firm but may also an economic disaster for everyone else.

The “Wolf of Wall Street”, showed how corrupt stock brokers profited off of trading fees, whether or not their clients made money. Today, the real Jordan Belfort is said to have a net worth of -100 million because of all the money his firm defrauded investors.

Although both these movies are fictionalized versions of real events, they do touch upon real problems that small investors face in today’s investment market.

Real Problems That Small Investors Face

In the light of another recent financial movie, “Money Monster”, Brad Reifler touched upon a few of these problems: like fees, access to investment, and stock market risks.

Small investors are often charged high fees, regardless of the performance of their portfolios. These fees can be found in both discount brokerages (which do not provide any financial advice) and firms that personally manage investments.

Due to a decades-old regulation of who constitutes the definition of an accredited investor, most small investors do not even have access to a lot of different types of investments.

Then there is the issue of stock market risk. Since small investors can typically only invest through the stock market, then their returns are correlated with the performance of the market, which significantly increases the risk that they have to take.

Brad Reifler has three decades of experience in the investment market. He has founded several investment firms, like Pali Capital and Reifler Trading Company, and is currently serving as the CEO of his latest company: Forefront Capital.

Reifler has spent years focusing on the plight of unaccredited investors, and in response to a system that he views as unfair, he has developed a trust specifically geared for small investors: it charges no management fees and is not correlated with the stock market.