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Ben Stiller Shares Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Last week, 50-year-old actor Ben Stiller shared on “The Howard Stern Show” that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago according to a story posted on US Magazine Online.


On Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, Stiller told the host that the diagnosis was completely unexpected but luckily his doctor was able to detect the cancer early. He was diagnosed using a prostate-specific antigen test (PSA test) which is a blood test used to screen for prostate cancer. Stiller talks about how lucky he was that his doctor decided to give him that PSA test at 48-years-old. The American Cancer Society recommends that the PSA test be done at regular intervals for men starting when they are 50-years-old. He also had no symptoms, or any other reason to suspect that he may have prostate cancer. If he had waited until the baseline age of 50, then it is possible that he would have had a tumor and a much more serious situation than the one he was facing at 48-years-old.


After further testing, Stiller had a surgery called a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy to remove any cancerous tissue. Two years later and he is now cancer free. While speaking to Stern, Stiller urges others to seriously consider getting the PSA test saying that the test had saved his life. He urges that the best way to beat cancer is to detect it early.

What’s Kelly Clarkson Been Up to?

Kelly Clarkson: A name everybody knows, but that they have not brushed up on in a while. For over a decade, Kelly has been a household name and one of America’s sweethearts. From her killer voice to her incredible views on life and body image, Miss Independent has changed over the years, but not for the worst. Recently, Clarkson wrote a children’s book, an action that was more than deserving of an interview and information you never knew you needed to know about this icon.


Why Did She Write a Kid’s Book?


Truthfully, Clarkson did not want to write a children’s book. These are stories that she has told her children, specifically her daughter, River Rose. When adults listened closely to the stories, they told Kelly she should write a book because they were so good.


What Was Her Favorite Book as a Child?


Matilda because she said it changed her life.


What Adult Stories Does She Like?


She is a huge Game of Thrones fan, believe it or not. When asked who her favorite character is, she proudly stated the Dragon Queen, Daenerys.


What Does She Watch on Television?


After a bit of a chuckle, Clarkson stated that she has four children and no time to watch TV.


How Does She Balance Fame with Motherhood?


Quite honestly, Kelly does not care about being famous and she proudly admits that.


Would She Ever Perform on Broadway?


With pride and excitement in her eyes, she swooned at the thought of the opportunity to do so.

Joe Jonas Reveals Personal Information on Reddit Interview

Singer Joe Jonas recently participated in a question and answer style interview on the popular social site Reddit called an AMA which stands for Ask Me Anything. Users are encouraged to post questions to the celebrity guest and the guest gets to choose what they answer. An article posted on the Daily Mail has pulled out some of the juicier bits from Jonas’s AMA.


In answering fan questions, 27-year-old Jonas admitted to having two celebrity man crushes- one on current Bond actor Daniel Craig and the other on Matthew McConaughey. He said that throughout his life he has had several birthday cakes that have featured Daniel Craig on them. One of them featured the iconic photo of Craig coming out of the water in the film “Casino Royale”. Of his crush on McConaughey, Jonas called him “the man”. More recently he has added Ken Bone to his list of man crushes, pending who he votes for of course.


In a juicier bit of his AMA, Jonas answered questions about his sexual past. He shared that he lost his virginity to a “girl named Ashley”. As quick Google search, or any Joe Jonas fan, can tell you that in 2010 he was dating “Twilight” star Ashley Greene. He went on to say that at the time it was his first real relationship at 20-years-old. He was living with band mate Jack at the time and ransacked his room to find a condom. When he got home and found his room demolished, he thought he had been robbed.

Danny DeVito May Leave “Its Always Sunny” in a Few Seasons

According to an article posted on, there is a rumor that actor Danny DeVito may be leaving the cult-hit show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” after the next two seasons are over. While this has yet to be officially confirmed, the rumor is based off of a comment that DeVito made during an interview with the “Metro”. During the interview he said, “I have a couple of seasons left on the TV series It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. It would come as no surprise if he were to start slowing down, considering the craziness his character is known for and that DeVito is pushing past 70-years-old now.


The sitcom, which airs on FX and FXX, just wrapped up filming their 11th season however they still have three more seasons already commissioned. The show began in 2005 and featured actors Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, and Rob McElhenney as friends who run the South Philadelphia bar Paddy’s Pub. After season one, producers wanted a bigger name brought onto the show and DeVito was added to the line up as Frank Reynolds, father to characters Dennis and Dee Reynolds (Howerton and Olson).


DeVito’s character is known for his crazy story lines throughout the seasons and DeVito has been known to never say no to the writers when asked to take on any amount of madness they want to throw his way. In addition to being a part of the “Sunny” cast, DeVito also has several movies coming out over the next year and is in the process of filming one as well.