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Billy McFarland: A 23-year Old with a Millionaire Lifestyle

Ever thought that at 23 you would be cruising the world in private jets and millionaire yachts while dining at fancy 5-star hotels? Well, I certainly did not, but the young ambitious Billy McFarland is definitely living this life. And he goes around recruiting new believers to join his young & rich religion.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland is the CEO of the lifestyle club, Magnises. It’s a business that partners with hotels, clubs, and flight companies to provide discount prices for their packages. It only takes $250 to become a full Magnises member and receive the famed Magnises lifestyle card.

The Magnises card is a unique metal card that grants you access to a way of living most of us dream about—add me to the list! A day with a Magnises membership card means you will be having a 5-star lunch at the New York La Esquina restaurant. Later that afternoon you will be on a helicopter ride around the city of Hampton taking in all the breathtaking views.

And in the evening, some partying at Club Finale or Spin Studio Cyc won’t hurt, especially if you can bump on Nicki Minaj anytime. Speaking of celebrities, the Magnises card can now give you a free pass to any Rick Ross or Ja Rule concert in town. I don’t know about you but this is the exact life I want to live.

It’s Business as Usual

There is more to the Magnises lifestyle than the covetable exotic trips or VIP access to a Rozay concert. Billy McFarland also intended this club to be a hub for connecting millennials to new business opportunities. Think about it, you are on a cruise ship with Larry Page beside you and there is this tech idea you have always wanted to share with someone—definitely better than my 8 to 5.

Bottom Line

Billy McFarland has managed to recruit over 6000 members to Magnises who enjoy a discounted lifestyle only experienced by the rich. They even have an in-house mobile app that lets you pick instant deals wherever you are and pay later with your credit card. If I lived in New York, with a business that needs a push and the desire to travel in my 20s, that $250 investment to Magnises is a definite life changer.

College Football Betting Tips from

Nothing feels better than winning a bet, especially if a substantial amount of money was involved in the bet. The betting industry has grown a lot and nowadays, it is possible to make decent amounts of wager money. In case you would like to get in on the action but have no idea where to start, consider starting with college football. These games are great because there are many games during the week, increasing the amount of bets you can make. The best part is that over the weekend there are more than 30 games and if you follow tips from experts such as and the others, you will make a good amount of money.

To be successful in betting, you need to understand the types of bets that are available

The spread bet

Most people that participate in college football betting really like this bet type. According to the bet, the chances of winning and losing are made equal. The people managing the betting service will issue the line some time before the start of the game. When the line is being issued, the stronger team or the team that everyone believes has a bigger chance of winning, is given a –sign while the underdog gets the +sign.

The moneyline bet

There are some sites that refer to this as the blind bet. This is because there are no indicators as to the team that is likely to carry the game. You are supposed to do a study of the two teams and figure out which team to root for to win the match. The things to look for when studying the teams include the length of time the teams have been playing, the outcome of any games the teams might have played against each other and related cues.

1st quarter half line

Every game is divided into periods of play separated by periods of rest. The breaks have names such as innings, quarters and halftimes. The bets are made by the companies to cover the said periods of time. This means that if the company has placed a half time bet on a certain game, it will be half f the entire spread for the game.

NCAAF has a list of odds that you can follow and bet on in college football. For the best benefits, you will need the assistant of professionals such as to analyze the games, help you balance your odds an make a win with the bet you place.

Jason Hope Of Scottsdale Provides Insights On The Future Of The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope has a strong belief that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the next technology frontier. Most journalists and writers believe that the idea is quickly running out of fashion and is at the peak of its hype cycle. However, Jason believes that IoT will live up to the hype. This strong belief in the technology can be seen in the many papers that he has written on the same. As a technologist and futurist, Jason Hope has tried to solve different factors that may hinder success of the idea.

What is the Internet of Things? IoT is a term coined to refer to a proposed development of the Internet. In this arrangement, mechanical machines, digital machines, computing devices, animals, and people would be connected and be able to transfer data. This transmission will be facilitated without the traditional human to computer or human-to-human interaction. The system will have high security to guarantee safety of the transmitted data and avoid rogue individuals from tampering with the system.

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Individual that are against the system are only looking at it based on present technology. This way, they are unable to see its bright future. Jason points out that the early instant messenger or browser programs were basic and hardly developed. If one is to compare the modern versions of the programs with the earliest ones, he or she will not be able to recognize them. This will also apply to IoT. As new technologies emerge, IoT will grow into a much better model.

Learn more about Jason Hope’s grants to students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Additionally, Jason believes that the IoT will provide more value to the consumers. Although its current technology has limited value, it has great potential. For instance, its integration in the kitchen will lead to saving as much as 15 percent in energy. Food stores will also be able to use the technology to monitor their products and prevent waste in the frozen food aisle.

IoT will revolutionize road security, as it will eliminate human drivers that are easily distracted. This technology is at an advanced stage. Currently, many companies are trying out their driverless cars. Improved technologies in different fields such as artificial intelligence, GPS, and cameras have had positive outcomes in the sector. Recently, Uber started a pilot program involving driverless taxis. Jason is confident that technology such as IoT will never stop being a ‘Thing’. Like World Wide Web that has become part of our daily lives, IoT will be slowly integrated into our lives. Jason Hope is optimistic that the technology is here to stay. Check

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There are many marketing agencies in America, but few can rival or even try to offer the awesome services that White Shark Media offers to medium and small sized businesses. This is the reason that sets apart White Shark Media from its competitors. Their services are tailored to meet and satisfy the customers’ requirements and needs. They have managed to create a name for themselves as a cost-effective marketing agency whose drive and passion is to provide world class services to their customers.

White Shark Media employs exquisite and excellent proprietary marketing tools by utilizing online marketing tactics. Some of the techniques that White Shark Media uses include proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration and keyword-level call tracking.

Foundation is essential when a person wants to start something, and that is why the foundations of White Shark Media are magnificent. Its founders are two brilliant Danish entrepreneurs who are experts and experienced in online and offline marketing. White Shark Media was founded in 2011 with a goal of offering unmatched product and services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Due to the experience and expertise of the founders, the customers of White Shark Media can enjoy and benefit from world class services of two well-travelled and experienced online and offline marketers.

The brilliance of White Shark Media has enabled it retain its incipient and first customer base when it was starting its operations. With an employee base of 150 people, White Shark Media has been able to spread its wings to three countries. This has been possible because of White Shak Media mastering Bing Ads, Google Analytics, Display Advertising and AdWords Search.

Google noticed the excellent work and services at White Shak Media, in 2012 they were invited to Google headquarters where they were assigned a team to help them leverage their clients and growth needs. Good work can’t go unnoticed, and that’s why in 2014 they were awarded the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. Not only did Google notice White Shark Media but also Microsoft saw their proven track of success and excellence.

Clearly, White Shark Media is destined for success through its innovative, flat fee marketing solutions that are cost efficient and also full of professionalism and transparency. White Shark Media is truly the company that any business needs for its online marketing solutions.

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Best Organic Lip Balms in the Market

Our lips are among the most affected things during cold weather. This kind of weather makes them dry, in-moisturized and even sore. One of the best ways to ensure that your lips are well cared for is by applying an organic lip balm. Organic lip balms contain not only natural antioxidants but also healing ingredients. You can be sure your lips won’t be exposed to any harmful chemicals. Read further to find our best picks.

Evolution of Smooth.

Apart from other organic products such as body lotions and shaving creams, EOS specializes also in lip balms, which are petrolatum and free from gluten and paraben. Certified by USDA, the EOS lip balms are 100 percent natural with recyclable packaging. EOS products are sold from their website, eBay website as well as in the main pharmacies like ULTA and Walmart stores across North America.

The EOS spheres ( contain shea butter, Vitamin E, and jojoba oil. They are what you need to moisturize your lips. The most amazing thing is that you won’t have to apply a lot of it yet it will stay on your lips for a long time. Furthermore, the packaging is just adorable. Some of the EOS lip balms to check out include the Sweet Mint, Blue Berry Acai, Lemon Drop with SPF 15, and Summer Fruit. Visit their website for more products. Read more about the company on

Aubrey Organics

Aubrey Organic ultra-conditioning lip balm contains moisturizing ingredients and Rosa Mosqueta oil, which help in softening and protecting your lips. Some of the organic lip balms you should try to include Tangerine, refreshing Spearmint, Peppermint, and Tea Tree. The Treat ‘Em Right Lip Balm contains Olive, coconut, and jojoba oils and is available in five different flavors.

Jason Natural Cosmetics

The Lips Bee Healthier Lip balm contains shea Butter, Vitamin E, and aloe vera, which moisturize your lips making them smooth. The balm is best for an outdoor sporting event and travel since it protects against the sun and wind. Like other Jason natural cosmetic products, Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm has a soothing and healing effect on your lips thus protecting them from drying and chapping.


Keith Mann’s Career In The Executive Search Industry

Keith Mann is a highly respected professional in the executive search industry. He is the co-founder and managing director of Dynamic Search Partners. This corporation is devoted to sourcing top talent for the hedge fund industry. The company develops relationships with several premier equity companies. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners is among the leading staffers in the hedge fund industry.

Keith co-founded the firm in 2001. Focusing on alternative staffing needs and executive search services, the company has helped to fill over 2,000 client mandates. Keith’s company has also expanded its operations from its original service of staffing investment positions. Presently, Dynamic Search Partners is respected as a major source of investment executives.

Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over 15 years. Before creating his company, he worked for Dynamic Associates. Keith headed the Alternative Investments Division. He started as a manager. Keith rose through the ranks to become the vice president of Dynamic Associates. He is an expert in hedge fund staffing, compensation, and hiring strategy.

Initially, Keith served as the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search where he provided broad services for the leading global financial companies. In 2002, while working for Dynamics Executive Search, he started the alternative investment practice. In 2006, Keith grew the practice into a private equity industry.

In 2009, he opted to make Dynamic Search Partners a premier executive search company, which is devoted to alternative investment companies. Presently, Keith oversees the operations of the business and helps his clients in marketing professionals, internal strategy, and hiring investment. He provides these services for the new platforms and existing teams.

Keith has been actively involved in different philanthropic activities. He has contributed to various charities and supported education efforts. Keith has an existing partnership with the Uncommon Schools. It started in 2013. Keith Mann runs a scholarship program in the school. Apart from the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, Keith Mann and the senior management at Dynamic Search Partners regularly organize workshops in the school. Through these workshops, the team advises students on various issues relating to education. In 2015, Keith Mann raised over $22, 000 for the school.

The Passion And Drive Of College Football Increased With A Bet

The college football season is something that fans look forward to the whole year. They get excited to see their favorite team take the field and fight for the love of the game and for the glory of winning. There are so many traditions involved with college football as well, and many of those are just as endearing as the game itself. For some the start of college football season means something else as well. That is to say that they get excited for the opportunity to place a bet on the games.

Betting on college football odds is a lot of fun because it essentially tests your wits and knowledge of the game against others out in the public. You have the opportunity to come home a big winner if you actually know what you are doing. Additionally, there are plenty of different ways to bet on the games to keep you excited about the outcomes no matter what they may end up being.

Betting against the spread is the most common way to place a football bet. This is a wager in which a player determines which team they believe has the edge to win a game by a certain amount of points. The spread itself is set by handicappers in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. The gamblers then place their bets on either the favorite or the underdog depending upon how they believe the game will go.

Information is key to winning more of these bets than losing. While the average person could probably pick at about a 50% rate simply at random, that is not nearly enough to win money in the long term. A player must overcome the cut that the house takes in order to win. Therefore, it is important to gather information about the games you are betting. This includes information about the players, coaches, weather conditions, even the referees. With that information in hand, it becomes a lot easier to win more than 50% of the time.

There are a number of websites that one might turn to for this information. If they gather up enough of it, they will have an edge over the rest of the betting public and hopefully can pick up some money from those folks as a result. Considering all of this, it is quite obvious that college football betting is a fun activity which can become profitable if a player is willing to put in the time.

Equities First Holdings executes its first transaction in the United Kingdom

On Oct 28, 2016, Equities First Holding returns shares of ANGLE kpc used as collateral in a deal. Equities First Holdings (EFH) is global leading lender in alternative financing solutions. The company announced to have fully completed the transaction by returning $ 1.35 million stock share with ANGLE kpc which is spearheaded by Andrew Newland as the chief executive officer of the company. The said stock was used as a guarantee of a financial transaction between the two companies.

The financing facility started back in October 2014, and it was a two year long. This was one of the EFHs first transaction that was executed in the United Kingdom since the company’s acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited. EFHs acquired and rebranded Meridian Partners in the summer of 2014. It was rebranded to Equity First (London) Limited.

Equities First (London) Limited is registered under number 605564 which means it is recognized, authorized and permitted to run its business in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

Al Christy. Jr says that the return of collateral is business as usual for Equities First Holdings . Al Christy is the president of EFHs; he further explains that EFHs and its other subsidiaries have successful completed more than 700 financial transactions. The company has an impeccable record of history upon returning clients collaterals after maturity and total repayments.

Equities First Holding LLC was established in 2002 by Al Christy. Jr, who also serves as the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. The company leads in the provision of alternatives financing solutions. They also assist in supplying clients with capital against publically traded shares on public exchange across the globe. The company has delivered over $ 1.4 billion US Dollars and has seen more than 700 successful transactions.

Equities First Holding is hyper-focused and empowers high net-worth investors and institutions with customized loans and alternative financing solutions that enable them to acquire non-purpose loans and capital for their businesses. The company offers secure lending, and it operates globally with their offices in nine countries around the world.

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Why You Should Start Using a Cleansing Conditioner

Cleansing conditioners are a great way to strengthen your hair. Especially if you have damaged or coarse hair. Cleansing conditioners leave your hair looking and feeling silky and strong, all without ridding it of the natural oils that it needs. Cleansing conditioners do not contain harsh chemicals and sulfates, so it cleanses gently on the most fragile hair.

Cleansing conditioners do not lather well, but that is a good thing. Any shampoo or conditioner that is foamy and easy to lather means that it is filled with harsh sulfates. For healthy hair, the idea is to go as natural as possible. Analyze your hair, and find the product that you feel your hair will benefit the most from.

A great brand of hair care is WEN, which was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. The WEN cleansing conditioner is a revolutionary product that leaves your hair with moisture, strength and ultimate manageability. It does not come with harsh sulfates that damage your hair and scalp. The products in the WEN hair care line were made to substitute your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner in a 5-in-1 formula.

Along with the cleansing conditioner, WEN offers anti-frizz styling creme, nourishing moose, and re-moist intensive hair treatment. The anti-frizz styling creme was designed to add body and shine to overly frizzy or dry hair in a lightweight styling solution. The nourishing moose was designed to replace the traditional styling products that leave sticky and flaky residue in your hair. All while adding bounce and volume. The re-moist intensive hair treatment is packed with essential oils that go deep in your roots and strands to add body and shine to weak and dull hair.

For more information, head over to WEN’s website.

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Adam Milstein: A Positive Influence In The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and Israeli real estate investor who was born in Haifa, Israel. He is the son of Eva and Hillel Milstein. Adam started a foundation in the year of 2000 called Milstein Family Foundation with his wife. The organization focuses on young professionals who are intact with their Jewish roots. The foundation offers a comfortable environment for students to learn about the State of Israel and provide them with important historical facts about the Jewish people.Adam Milstein is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli American Council.

In 2015, Milstein participated in a Campus Maccabees Summit that brought together multiple different organizations to help fight against negative views towards the Jewish State on America’s college campuses. In 2016, he was named one of the most positive influences in the Jewish community.

Adam provides a large array of services to strengthen the Jewish people, the U.S. and the State of Israel. He specializes in building relationships with all three by offering fundraising opportunities, support programs, Jewish continuity, and other forms of services. He focuses on three unique principles which include:

Active Philanthropy

Adam and his staff actively invest their time to make sure that all of their projects and programs are running smoothly and successfully versus just contributing to a general fund.This principle focuses on their young supporters. Making sure to keep them engaged from a young age to adulthood. Giving them a program to follow for each portion of their lives.This segment combines all of their resources to create a larger impact on a massive scale. Connecting several non profit groups in effort to support mutual projects.