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John Voight Accuses Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus of ‘Teaching Treason’

Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight spoke to TMZ about the Women’s March that took place earlier this week.


Voight is an avid Trump supporter, and he made that abundantly clear in his comments on the march, saying “It’s been very serious and very destructive, this marching against the government and the president.”


The cameraman exercised his First Amendment rights to point out that this type of marching is protected under free speech, and Voight begrudgingly agreed. However, he also said “Young people are looking at them, and what are they teaching? They’re teaching treason,” referring specifically to public figures Shia LaBeouf and Miley Cyrus in his statement.


He also accuses them and public figures like them of teaching young people to not accept the will of the president and the government. He may be referring to LaBeouf’s video project “He Will Not Divide Us,” a livestream that started on inauguration day referring to now-President Donald Trump and his efforts to discriminate against certain communities such as women and Muslims. Cyrus was an outspoken participant in the Women’s March in Los Angeles, which was attended by more than 750,000 people and was held to stand up for womens’ rights.


Voight gave the opening speech at Trump’s inauguration in what couldn’t possibly be any more of an opposite event. LaBeouf and Cyrus have not yet responded to Voight’s comments.

Mahershala Ali Receives Oscar Nod

American Muslim actor Mahershala Ali has received an important Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film “Moonlight.”


This news brings a huge sigh of relief for much of the community after the absolute fiasco that was last year’s Oscars. For those who don’t remember, the domination of white actors nominated at last year’s Oscars spawned the Twitter hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and drew a huge amount of backlash from the public. This year, they’ve responded by nominating the largest number of black actors in the history of the awards show.


Critics have responded to this by saying that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is merely trying to save face with this move and should be more concerned with the performances of the actors and not with the color of their skin. It is certainly true that there were some key snubs last year causing the trigger, but it is also possible that the Academy is trying to oversaturate the show with black nominations this year solely as an attempt to make up for last year.


Regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes, the nomination is a great one for both the black and Muslim communities, as he is the only Muslim American nominated this year.


In addition to his Oscar nomination, he was also nominated for an Emmy last year for his role in “House of Cards.” He also acted in “Hidden Figures,” a best picture nominee at this year’s Oscars.


The Oscars will be held on February 26.


Mary Tyler Moore Passes Away at Age 80

Classic TV icon Mary Tyler Moore has passed away on January 25 after being hospitalized in Connecticut.


It is unclear at this point what the exact cause of death is, but her rep stated she died in the company of her friends and husband of 33 years. Mary Tyler Moore had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 33 and became an outspoken advocate for those suffering with the illness. She has engaged in initiatives to research cures and even served as the chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She also appeared in several TV spots for the foundation over the years, effectively becoming the face of juvenile diabetes research.


Her disease seemed to get the better of her in recent years however. She had been suffering from near blindness up to the point of her death.


Moore got her start in the 1960s, rising to international stardom with her role in “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” Her own sitcom “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” followed shortly after in the 1970s. The show received a lot of attention for being one of the first shows to feature an unmarried working girl as the title character. The show tackled a lot of women’s rights issues like equal pay for equal work and choosing to take birth control, issues that were even more controversial at that time.


Mary Tyler Moore is survived by her husband Robert Levine. Her son Richard passed away in 1980. She will be sorely missed.


Angela Merkel Publicly Admonishes Trump Administration’s “Alternative Facts”

In the precursor to a showdown that could be taking place daily on the world stage, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized U.S. president Donald Trump’s new administration’s loose grip on facts. In a recent speech to German lawmakers, she stated that people in the citizenry must be persuaded to a particular political cause by “facts and not fakes”. She went on to decry the current political mood in the world as a “crisis of reasoning” and stated unequivocally that she would not support the falsehoods being perpetuated by the members of the U.S. government.


Merkel, who stands at the helm of the strongest economy in Europe, is considered to be a very important counterweight in the western world to the rising power of Donald Trump. Germany, a country of 80 million that is currently struggling to lead Europe through the dual EU crises of national debts and immigration, has demonstrated that it will not bow so easily to the demands of President Trump. With its impressive manufacturing, banking and service base, the country stands as one of four or five in the world that can directly take on policies coming from the United States.


As the world figures out how to move forward in this new age of uncertainty, Merkel and her European brethren must present a united front — something they have often failed to do. If they cannot, it will be up to the powerful and forthright German Chancellor to lead her country and continent into the Trump age of global politics.


Meryl Streep Knocks Out President-Elect Trump In One Big Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

Many have called this one, the hottest moment of the night, and it all belongs to the grande dame of acting, Meryl Streep. Let’s paint the vivid scene; it’s Sunday evening in Hollywood, and acting’s elite have gathered. The 2017 Golden Globes awards show is being hosted by Jimmy Fallon. The popular late night TV host got in a couple of swift jabs to President-elect Donald Trump but didn’t spend too much time trying to harpoon one of Hollywood’s least favorite people on the planet these days.


When actress Viola Davis introduced the winner of this Golden Globe’s annual Cecil B. DeMille award, all eyes turned to Meryl Streep. The longtime veteran of the silver screen graciously accepted her prestigious Golden Globes statue and then began a fiery speech. Her words had most of the room applauding wildly, and she was unafraid to go where most of her peers had failed to venture.


Streep never once mentioned President-elect Trump by name, but she skewered him with her words, knocking him down for the count. Streep mentioned his “performance,” when he allegedly mimicked a disabled news reporter at a Trump rally.


“It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out my head because it wasn’t in a movie, it was in real life,” Streep said. She went on, asking for the media to stand up to Trump, because “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence.”


Her notable speech can be watched here on YouTube.


The moment became a huge one for ratings, according to The numbers tell the story, as the telecast averaged 20 million viewers. That’s pretty impressive and up 1.5 million, or 8-percent, from last year.


Meantime, President-elect Trump had his own words for Meryl Streep, “over-rated.”

UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey Delivers Goods to Standing Rock Protesters

Champion UFC fighter Ronda Rousey has been in the news lately after losing her fight last month to fellow fighter Amanda Nunes in just under a minute at UFC 207. However Rousey is back in the news for something more charitable this week, according to the story on


Rousey, along with Pauline Macias, who is also an Olympic judo athlete, took a road trip together to visit Standing Rock in South Dakota and bring supplies to the protesters who are camped there protesting the Dakota Access pipeline. It is said that Rousey and her friends brought the protesters tents, wood-burning stoves, bread, fresh fruits, and veggies. A protester who met Rousey said that she was smiling a lot and seemed to do her best to stay under the radar and not get any recognition for her contribution.


It was rumored during the Presidential election last year that Rousey was a supporter of now-President Donald Trump. While campaigning, Trump had told the media that she was a supporter of his. However after that statement became public Rousey replied that she would not vote for him or support him being in office as President. Earlier this week President Trump signed an executive order that would allow the United States Army Corps of Engineers to continue work on the Dakota Access pipeline. This had been previously halted by former President Obama.


Soccer Star Abby Wombach Scores Love With Christian Mom Blogger

Not many folks saw this one coming, but Abby Wombach and Glennon Doyle Melton are the new IT couple.


The Christian mom blogger has gone public with her romantic feelings for the famous soccer star. The divorced mom of three confirmed the relationship on Sunday with two photos on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, says the The couple decided to show the world their love, following the recent presidential victory by Donald Trump and for the many people who were feeling hopeless.


Abby Wombach recently divorced her wife Sarah Huffman, whom she married in 2013. The retired soccer pro had gone on Good Morning America in September to discuss her new memoir Forward and to admit she has struggled with alcohol and prescription drugs. She had mentioned that Sarah Huffman was her biggest champion as she faced a DUI arrest and addiction problems, but that relationship did not survive. During the GMA interview, Abby did not mention Glennon Doyle Melton.


The Christian author has also revealed her own demons with alcohol and an eating disorder. She has found recognition in these books: her 2014 New York Times bestseller “Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life” and 2016 memoir “Love Warrior.”


The Christian blogger is newly divorced from Craig Melton, her husband of 14 years. Glennon Doyle Melton has for a long time, stood for love in various forms and also believed that same-sex marriage is not a sin.



Mary Tyler Moore Dies at 80

At the age of 80, Mary Tyler Moore passed away on January 25, 2017. The influential actress had been admitted to a hospital in Connecticut with pneumonia, which resulted in cardiopulmonary arrest. She is survived by her husband, Robert Levine.


Born in Brooklyn, her family made the move to California when she was only eight years old. By the time she was in her teens she had begun to find some work in commercials, but it was The Dick Van Dyke Show that initially shot her to fame.


It was her role as Mary Richards on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, though, that would have a lasting impact on the wider culture. First aired in 1970, the show featured Moore as a single working woman, a rather novel idea for a television show at the time. The show dealt with issues that women face in the workplace, including equal pay, tension between the genders, and work—life balance. Moore won four Emmy Awards for her performance on the show.


Even though her heyday of the 1970s and early 1980s has long passed, her influence has not. Many of those who grew up watching her—household names like Oprah among them—cite her as an inspiration in their personal and professional lives. Throughout her life, Moore promoted research on diabetes, which she suffered from herself, and championed animal rights.

Hugh Jackman, Logan, and Alternative Continuities

Hugh Jackman has been making a lot of news thanks to all the buzz coming out of the hype for the upcoming film Logan. Logan will feature the final appearance of Jackman in the iconic role that made him famous. In order to ensure the film was done right, Jackman took a pay cut to get the studio to approve an R-rating. Recently, Jackman garnered attention about the film when he made comments about the universe the movie takes place in.


Jackman made a comment about Logan taking place in a “slightly different universe”, a provocative statement to say the least. Wolverine/Logan appeared in a definitive continuity in the X-Men films and the Wolverine solo features. If Logan is not part of that established continuity, then the film really is not the conclusion. Technically, the character in Logan would not be the same one was the hero who appeared in the other films. Marvel Comics has long since developed alternative timelines and different universes in order to reboot characters. Soon, Fox will reboot the entire X-Men franchise and start anew.


If Logan takes place in an alternate timeline, then this would presumably mean the door is not entirely closed on Jackman’s appearances as the hero. At least that is how some fans are taking the comments.


More than likely, Jackman misspoke. The actor probably is suggesting the new film departs in tone from the more whimsical films that preceded it. Logan will be the final appearance of an established character play by a specific actor over a series of connected films. As the old Marvel saying goes, ’nuff said.


The Kardashian Social Media Dominance Continues With 2-Day Old Baby Dream

The Kardashian/Jenner families have been known to be brilliant at social media, building a huge brand and maintaining interest and curiosity around the world. Each member of these families has taken their turn in the spotlight, and Kim Noel Kardashian is the definite leader of the clan. However, there’s a new gal in town, and she’s super cute with a cool name.


Dream Renee Kardashian is the newest member of the large family group. In fact, the tiny one is only two days old and already a big star on social media. The baby was born to Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, and her birth was even filmed for a future E! reality television episode. Dream has her own Twitter account with more than 6,000 followers at the moment. Mama Blac has delivered one tweet with a photo. It reads: “Morning bonding time with Mommy” and includes an image of baby Dream nuzzling and receiving nourishment at Blac’s bosom. The photo has been “hearted” by 2.9 thousand viewers.


Dream, blessed with a shock of dark hair, also appears on Mama Blac’s Instagram and Snapchat pages. Fans around the world are loving the newest Kardashian addition.


Proud papa Rob Kardashian is also prominent on social media, thanking sister Kim and Kanye for the Baby Yeezy sneakers for Dream.


Blac and Rob are engaged, and she is also mom to four-year-old King Cairo Stevenson with her ex Tyga. Tyga happens to be dating Rob’s youngest step-sister Kylie Jenner.