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Charlize Theron’s Intense Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is one of the most recognizable, in-demand actresses working today. This is yet another unconventional role for Theron. While many actresses with her good looks would choose cookie-cutter romcoms, she never does. Theron typically portrays outsiders, like a selfish writer, an evil queen and even a serial killer.


In Atomic Blonde, Theron has tackled another meaty role. In Agent Lorraine Broughton lives on the edge and forces us to think. She is the ultimate outsider, a Cold War era spy who stays alive through deception and taking others’ lives. And as she travels to promote the flick, Theron is giving reporters a lot of insight into the high level of preparation she puts into her work.


This is clearly a very physical role. According to the actress, director David Leitch wanted her to keep it as real as possible. Theron trained for months, perfecting fighting stances and learning how to really throw men who are larger than she is. Although she didn’t quite make it out in one piece – suffering cracked teeth – the actress seems incredibly proud of her hard work.


Theron has also singled out her character’s same-sex love scene as an important step forward for cinema. She is keen to bring respectful attention to female sexuality, which has often been sensationalized for male consumption, or swept under the rug entirely. As lead producer in addition to star, Theron had a lot of creative control over this movie. She and Sofia Boutella brought a very authentic female perspective to their love scene.


Of course, it’s not all that serious. Based on a graphic novel, this film pays homage to its pulpy roots with exuberant fight scenes and far-fetched plot points. And Agent Broughton looks great, tearing through 1980s Europe in a Debbie Harry shag ‘do. The best films work on a number of levels, and this one does just that. In this film, Theron has brought us yet another compelling outsider whose journey captures the audience’s attention.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Investment Tips to Prospective Investors

Investment is the backbone of every economy. Investment controls money circulation in a state, country and the world. Although it sounds fun and exciting, the docket comes with a lot of challenges to many people. Be it a beginner or a mogul in investment, an individual requires insight from well to do investors who have extensive experience in the field. One such person who can be termed as an investment mogul is Igor Cornelsen. The retired banker made a name for himself in Brazil through offering investment tips to the young and the older generation.



Investment Tips



To Igor there is never a time too early to save money and other resources. Every day is a saving day. He currently works at Bainbridge Group. He is a consultant in the market of stock and foreign exchange. Igor has an extensive experience in banking, consultation, and investment because initially, he worked in high profile institutions and he was in charge of executive positions. He is therefore in a good place to offer investment advice given his expertise. According to Igor, an investor should never lose money.



Diversified Portfolio



Investment is a risky venture, and an individual must be careful with what the docket holds before spending money on it. Igor advises investors to weigh the available options before investing. If the ventures are risky and indicate tale tales of money loss, an individual should withdraw immediately. Another tip Igor Cornelsen gives to prospective investors is having a diversified portfolio. With a diversified portfolio, an individual is sure of spreading the risks to various investment channels. With market commodities being risky ventures, it is vital for investors to put money in more than one docket. This gives an individual the chance to reap benefits in different slots of investment. As a result, even if one market is lost, another market still exists.



Igor’s Profile



Igor Cornelsen is a great investment banker. He comes from Brazil and commits to offering successful investment tips to senior and junior investors. Currently, he works at Bainbridge Group. His services extend to high profile investors. He can be trusted to predict the future of market commodities regarding investment.



Lime Crime Introduces An Amazing Line Of Colorful Hair Dyes

Lime Crime has established itself as an innovative company in the cosmetic industry. It is already well known for the vibrant shades it has for lip colors and eye shadows. Now this revolutionary cosmetic company has gone one step further in producing a line of colorful hair dyes. The new rainbow array of hair colors are aptly named Unicorn Hair after the name given to the company’s loyal fans. These hair dyes come with fantasy-themed names such as gargoyle, anime and dirty mermaid. The shades available in this new line of hair products range from the vibrantly lively peach to the subtly seductive steel blue.


The extraordinary shades in this line of hair dyes were the inspiration of the company’s founder Doe Deere. Like the other products available from Lime Crime, these are also classified as vegan friendly and cruelty-free. This is because the unique formula used to create the dyes has a vegetable base, which also makes them gentler products for use on the hair and scalp. The ingredients used to create each dye also leaves the hair with a pleasant, fresh outdoor fragrance. Since the dyes do not contain bleach, hair comes out feeling soft and silky.


The colorful line of Lime Crime hair dyes is available in two formulas that allow people to have more freedom of expression. The company’s line of full coverage products provide more saturation, which gives the color more depth. The tints are designed to provide light coverage that is somewhat sheer in nature. The company also made the products completely interchangeable so colors could be mixed to create new shades. This aspect opens up limitless possibilities to what people could achieve with their colors as well as their imaginations. They can also experiment with using multiple colors on different strands of hair.


The Unicorn Hair dyes are categorized as being semi-permanent, which means they gradually fade in color with each successive shampooing. People could increase the depth of color and prolong its life by leaving the product on for the full amount of time. All of the Unicorn Hair dyes are ready to use right out of the package.

Sylvester Stallone Bows Out Of The Expendables 4

Times exist when the entertainment world gets some very shocking celebrity news. Sylvester Stallone has shocked the world by turning down $20 million to be a part of The Expendables 4. Stallone simply was not seeing eye-to-eye with the production company over the next entry in the series. Stallone walked away from the project.


Money does not motivate Stallone. His net worth is massive and he is coming off of a recent major hit with Creed. The Expendable I & II were also solid hits for Stallone. The third entry in The Expendables series faltered a bit but was not a flop.


Stallone really wants to go out on top in his final years before outright retirement. He is very picky about projects and only wants to be involved with films capable of garnering critical and audience praise.


Stallone decided to shut down a new Rambo film because the star admitted he was a bit too old for the part. Considering how successful Creed was at the box office, the final Rambo film would have surely done well. Stallone wants things to be perfect, though. He didn’t feel right about a new Rambo film.


Creed returned Stallone to the days when he was considered a talented actor. Films such as Fist and Nighthawks featured Stallone in dramatic roles removed from the action-oriented portrayals he would make famous in the 1980’s.


Curiously, Stallone is looking to make a sequel to the film Escape Plan. The first movie was neither a critical hit nor a box office smash. The sequel is on track to being made and has signed on some big names such as Dave Bautista for the supporting cast.


Stallone’s career in the film industry has had its ups and downs. The Expendables was a major hit for the actor, a hit that seemingly wiped away a number of box office disappointments. Other than the fourth entry in the Rambo series, Stallone simply wasn’t drawing people to theaters. Television appearances did not fare well either. And then along came The Expendables.


Sometimes, an actor needs the right movie to succeed. Stallone seems to know this well.


Exploring the frequently performed Orthopedic Procedures with Greg Finch

Orthopedic procedures began with the aim of correcting bone deformities in children. Today, the process is carried out to repair and ease the pain in several parts of the human bone structure. Over time, taking volume into consideration, the most common of these procedures include:


  1. Total Joint Replacement. As a result of chronic Arthritis, this process is carried out to relieve pain and increase joint movement. The procedure involves the replacement of damaged parts with plastic or metal alternatives. As a result, pain gets minimized and the range of motion increased.


  1. Spine Surgery. There are various reasons why spine surgery is carried out. The most common reason being as a remedy to back pain that inhibits normal body operations. Different procedures get done to the backbone with the main one being spinal fusion. The spinal bones are joined, and consequently, the motion of the spinal bones becomes limited. However, the reduction of nerve stretching limit leads to the decrease in pain reception.


  1. Total Shoulder Replacement. The shoulder is one of the joints that’s paramount to the regular body functionality. While non-surgical methods have failed to relieve pain, this procedure is carried out. It involves the replacement of the shoulder cartilage with a plastic implant. Consequently, the range of motion is improved and pain relieved.

These procedures require that the surgeon has experience. One such surgeon is Dr. Greg Finch. He is a member of the Spine Society of Australia with years of practice in UK and America. Greg Finch trained in all aspects of the musculoskeletal system with interests in minimally invasive spinal surgery, cervical spine surgery, replacement of discs, and adult deformity.


Greg Finch continues his practice in several health facilities. He majors his profession from Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services. Experienced surgeons like Greg Finch helps to alleviate pain that affects the structural credibility of the human body structure.

Matt Damon Is Slated to Play Darkseid

Ben Affleck was not joking when the actor said he wanted to bring a few of his friends into the D.C. Extended Universe. One of Affleck’s long-time friends and fellow movie star icon, Matt Damon, will be making a cameo in the upcoming Justice League film.


Damon is not playing a minor or throwaway character. His cameo sees him in the role of Darkseid, one of the most powerful of all D.C. Comics villains. Darkseid is a legendary villain from the Superman books. His powers are enough to eradicate the entire Justice League — except for Superman and Wonder Woman — with a swat of his hand.


The arrival of Darkseid in the D.C. Extended Universe is good news. Unlike “standard” villains, Darkseid’s plots involve destroying and conquering the earth. The interstellar villain is perfect for an ensemble film such as Justice League. Darkseid is sure to become a recurring character in the D.C. movies, which is a good thing.


In a way, Matt Damon’s presence in the film adds more credibility to the production. The D.C. movies have suffered from poor scripts and weak development. The films in the D.C. canon run the risk of being labeled “B grade” in comparison to Marvel’s output.


While Matt Damon cannot single handily save any film franchise, his presence doesn’t hurt. The inclusion of an A-list actor who has scores of other options on the table in any film raises positive eyebrows. After coming off the huge success of The Martian and Jason Bourne, Damon could appear in any film he wishes.


True, The Great Wall did well below expectations in the United States and $330 million worldwide was equally disappointing. The script of The Great Wall is mostly blamed for the bad reviews. Damon walked away from that film fairly unscathed.


Appearing in a cameo in a D.C. Comics film — a major one the size and scope of Justice League — could garner enough publicity for Damon that any negatives surrounding The Great Wall end up forgotten. The actor may find himself in the enviable position of performing in his own films and in D.C. tentpole projects for the next several years.



Mama June Shannon’s Big Weight Loss Reveal

Georgia’s loud and proud, Mama June Shannon, will have her big reveal on WE’s From Not To Hot show on March 31, 2017. The reality star once topped the scales at over 450 pounds and was considered morbidly obese. Since undergoing weight loss and skin removal surgery, as well as sticking to a strict diet and workout regime, the star is now a size four. The show has been giving viewers slight glimpses of the new slimmer figure, but the big reveal will show June in a red dress, which she bought to wear to Sugar Bear (Mike Thompson’s) wedding.


Thompson was known to have many affairs on Shannon when she was obese. He recently married Jennifer Lamb. Though Shannon admits that she doesn’t want him back, seeing him with someone else is painful. Especially, when you consider that her daughter, Alania, has a new stepmother. The show has allowed the duo’s arguments to be part of the broadcast. It appears that Lamb and Shannon will not be friends anytime soon. In an effort to show her ex what he can’t have, she has starved and nearly killed herself with surgical procedures to become picture perfect.


Her new show is a far cry from the old reality television show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. They have removed some of the theatrics and over-the-top behavior to class her up a bit. Also, missing from this show is the oldest daughter Anna, middle daughter Jessica, and granddaughter Kaitlyn. Based solely on her weight loss journey, fans can relate to her on a new level. Anyone considering a weight loss journey can follow her to see how difficult the process is, even if there was surgical intervention.


Fans get to see another side of Shannon that wasn’t really observed in previous reality efforts. She is very overprotective of her children, including on-screen co-stars Alania and Lauryn. She’s moved to a new house, is no longer talking about her fork-lift toe, and is showing Hollywood that she has a bit of class behind all that crass. Going from a size 30/32 to a four is a huge feat for anyone. With higher ratings than any of her other shows, it appears that millions will tune in for the big reveal.


Desiree Perez Makes Tidal The Company To Look Out For

Tidal has always been the underdog in this multi-million dollar music streaming industry. But its founder Jay-Z is not to be deterred. He has been trying his best to revive this company. Hence he is working on various different angles in order to do so. The best angle has been the entry of Desiree Perez. She is doing her bit as she is helping to finalize few contracts that are to the tune of multi-million dollars in worth. In fact, this is the strength of Desiree Perez. She is with the Roc Nation contracts though she stays in the wings. Now she is with the Tidal business too and continuing to excel theirs too with her strengths. Hop over on for more good news.


Have time to go here on


Shawn Carter or Jay-Z as he is popularly known may not know the tricks of this business, but he does know how to get the right business people in the right place at the right time. In fact, he is a pro in that. He has always had the right person in the right place whenever he wanted to transition from some area to another one. It was Desire Perez who helped Jay-Z to transition from rap and move on to music streaming. It is not an easy thing to do. But it is Desiree Perez who has helped Jay-Z in achieving it in an easy and simple way. View for more.


Catch more good facts on


Desiree Perez is the sole owner of her own business. She understands well how deals are to be finalized. She ensures that it is profitable for artists as well as for the Tidal business. This way she is getting more and more people signing up for Tidal, quick look here. She is the right person behind the scenes who is able to get some good deals rolling. It is this mindset that can grow the Tidal business.


Invent A New Color Scheme For Your Hair With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a bold color scheme for your hair that provide a temporary or permanent solution. Lime Crime creator and CEO, has impressed her following with a line of hair dyes that offers thirteen unique colors. Get a full 700 ml in each jar that will give you an amazing 14 washes. You won’t be able to find the intricate colors that are offered by LC cosmetics. You can choose from many colors that will allow you to be completely unapologetic about your new color. They encourage girls and guys everywhere to bring out the unicorn inside of them.


Lime Crime cosmetics is used by some of the top celebrities in the industry including Kim K. and Miley Cyrus. They have said, that LC cosmetics hold extremely well under the camera lights. Their waterproof cosmetics guarantee not to smudge during your normal routine of eating and drinking. You get a super-foil base that provides a smooth application with a perfected mold finish. Get the perfect colors for your eyelids and lips every time. Their colors make it very easy to compliment any mood and transition from a day or night look.


You can find unique ways to blend their makeup on their YouTube channel. They offer real testimonials for thousands of women around the world. Discover a new way to blend two colors to find the perfect blend for your look. You can also find ways to compliment your hair dye or cosmetics with clothing items and accessories from their sister company, Dolls Kills. Say goodbye, to the dull boring colors that you’re use to and transform your look with the benefits of LC unicorn hair dye products. They offer the LEAP Bunny approved products that their customers are use too.


Join the 2.4 million Instagram followers that are choosing the trendy colors that are offered by Lime Crime. Visit their unique website for more promotional and purchasing options for first-time customers today. You will never want to go back to other leading competitor cosmetic brands that you use to wear once you experience the benefits of LC.



Afternoon Delight: J.Lo And A-Rod Doing More Love Lunches

It looks to be a very authentic thing; we’re talking about the growing romance between two superstars, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Talk about a lovely Latin match made in heaven. The famous slugger has already confirmed the dating rumors to be true, so there you go.


The couple has been seeing each other for about two months now, and according to sources, this “ain’t” just a spring fling. The pair share similar interests, and the chemistry, sex appeal and canoodling are all on.


The former Yankees 3rd base star has been gushing about his lady all over the media, most recently as a guest panelist on “The View,” saying that Jennifer is an incredible mom to her twins, an amazing sister and daughter. He even knows her favorite ice cream flavor, chocolate chip.


The couple has been spotted arm in arm at various high-end dining spots across New York City, doing lunch, looking loved up and dressing to the nines. Although the power couple are busy people, when they have spare moments, they’re always together.


A-Rod no longer plays ball, but he is a special instructor for the Bronx Bombers. J.Lo is also busy with the Shades of Blue television series and a Las Vegas residency show, so she’s criss-crossing the map constantly.


She is 47, and he is 41; J.Lo is Puerto Rican, and A-Rod is Dominican. Both superstars have dated some big names in the business and are divorced with children.


A-Rod has dated Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, to name a few. J.Lo had married crooner Mark Anthony and had a well-publicized romance and engagement to Ben Affleck years ago. She most recently dated hip-hop’s Drake, although some say it was more of a publicity thing.


Of course, the paparazzi are kickin’ it in high gear, always on the look-out for a J.Lo and A-Rod spotting. The couple doesn’t seem to mind the tabloid interference or the media’s obsession with them. They’re too busy gazing into each other’s eyes and dressing up in cute matching elegant ensembles.


This romance is luxurious.