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Charlize Theron’s Intense Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is one of the most recognizable, in-demand actresses working today. This is yet another unconventional role for Theron. While many actresses with her good looks would choose cookie-cutter romcoms, she never does. Theron typically portrays outsiders, like a selfish writer, an evil queen and even a serial killer.


In Atomic Blonde, Theron has tackled another meaty role. In Agent Lorraine Broughton lives on the edge and forces us to think. She is the ultimate outsider, a Cold War era spy who stays alive through deception and taking others’ lives. And as she travels to promote the flick, Theron is giving reporters a lot of insight into the high level of preparation she puts into her work.


This is clearly a very physical role. According to the actress, director David Leitch wanted her to keep it as real as possible. Theron trained for months, perfecting fighting stances and learning how to really throw men who are larger than she is. Although she didn’t quite make it out in one piece – suffering cracked teeth – the actress seems incredibly proud of her hard work.


Theron has also singled out her character’s same-sex love scene as an important step forward for cinema. She is keen to bring respectful attention to female sexuality, which has often been sensationalized for male consumption, or swept under the rug entirely. As lead producer in addition to star, Theron had a lot of creative control over this movie. She and Sofia Boutella brought a very authentic female perspective to their love scene.


Of course, it’s not all that serious. Based on a graphic novel, this film pays homage to its pulpy roots with exuberant fight scenes and far-fetched plot points. And Agent Broughton looks great, tearing through 1980s Europe in a Debbie Harry shag ‘do. The best films work on a number of levels, and this one does just that. In this film, Theron has brought us yet another compelling outsider whose journey captures the audience’s attention.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Investment Tips to Prospective Investors

Investment is the backbone of every economy. Investment controls money circulation in a state, country and the world. Although it sounds fun and exciting, the docket comes with a lot of challenges to many people. Be it a beginner or a mogul in investment, an individual requires insight from well to do investors who have extensive experience in the field. One such person who can be termed as an investment mogul is Igor Cornelsen. The retired banker made a name for himself in Brazil through offering investment tips to the young and the older generation.



Investment Tips



To Igor there is never a time too early to save money and other resources. Every day is a saving day. He currently works at Bainbridge Group. He is a consultant in the market of stock and foreign exchange. Igor has an extensive experience in banking, consultation, and investment because initially, he worked in high profile institutions and he was in charge of executive positions. He is therefore in a good place to offer investment advice given his expertise. According to Igor, an investor should never lose money.



Diversified Portfolio



Investment is a risky venture, and an individual must be careful with what the docket holds before spending money on it. Igor advises investors to weigh the available options before investing. If the ventures are risky and indicate tale tales of money loss, an individual should withdraw immediately. Another tip Igor Cornelsen gives to prospective investors is having a diversified portfolio. With a diversified portfolio, an individual is sure of spreading the risks to various investment channels. With market commodities being risky ventures, it is vital for investors to put money in more than one docket. This gives an individual the chance to reap benefits in different slots of investment. As a result, even if one market is lost, another market still exists.



Igor’s Profile



Igor Cornelsen is a great investment banker. He comes from Brazil and commits to offering successful investment tips to senior and junior investors. Currently, he works at Bainbridge Group. His services extend to high profile investors. He can be trusted to predict the future of market commodities regarding investment.



Lime Crime Introduces An Amazing Line Of Colorful Hair Dyes

Lime Crime has established itself as an innovative company in the cosmetic industry. It is already well known for the vibrant shades it has for lip colors and eye shadows. Now this revolutionary cosmetic company has gone one step further in producing a line of colorful hair dyes. The new rainbow array of hair colors are aptly named Unicorn Hair after the name given to the company’s loyal fans. These hair dyes come with fantasy-themed names such as gargoyle, anime and dirty mermaid. The shades available in this new line of hair products range from the vibrantly lively peach to the subtly seductive steel blue.


The extraordinary shades in this line of hair dyes were the inspiration of the company’s founder Doe Deere. Like the other products available from Lime Crime, these are also classified as vegan friendly and cruelty-free. This is because the unique formula used to create the dyes has a vegetable base, which also makes them gentler products for use on the hair and scalp. The ingredients used to create each dye also leaves the hair with a pleasant, fresh outdoor fragrance. Since the dyes do not contain bleach, hair comes out feeling soft and silky.


The colorful line of Lime Crime hair dyes is available in two formulas that allow people to have more freedom of expression. The company’s line of full coverage products provide more saturation, which gives the color more depth. The tints are designed to provide light coverage that is somewhat sheer in nature. The company also made the products completely interchangeable so colors could be mixed to create new shades. This aspect opens up limitless possibilities to what people could achieve with their colors as well as their imaginations. They can also experiment with using multiple colors on different strands of hair.


The Unicorn Hair dyes are categorized as being semi-permanent, which means they gradually fade in color with each successive shampooing. People could increase the depth of color and prolong its life by leaving the product on for the full amount of time. All of the Unicorn Hair dyes are ready to use right out of the package.

Sylvester Stallone Bows Out Of The Expendables 4

Times exist when the entertainment world gets some very shocking celebrity news. Sylvester Stallone has shocked the world by turning down $20 million to be a part of The Expendables 4. Stallone simply was not seeing eye-to-eye with the production company over the next entry in the series. Stallone walked away from the project.


Money does not motivate Stallone. His net worth is massive and he is coming off of a recent major hit with Creed. The Expendable I & II were also solid hits for Stallone. The third entry in The Expendables series faltered a bit but was not a flop.


Stallone really wants to go out on top in his final years before outright retirement. He is very picky about projects and only wants to be involved with films capable of garnering critical and audience praise.


Stallone decided to shut down a new Rambo film because the star admitted he was a bit too old for the part. Considering how successful Creed was at the box office, the final Rambo film would have surely done well. Stallone wants things to be perfect, though. He didn’t feel right about a new Rambo film.


Creed returned Stallone to the days when he was considered a talented actor. Films such as Fist and Nighthawks featured Stallone in dramatic roles removed from the action-oriented portrayals he would make famous in the 1980’s.


Curiously, Stallone is looking to make a sequel to the film Escape Plan. The first movie was neither a critical hit nor a box office smash. The sequel is on track to being made and has signed on some big names such as Dave Bautista for the supporting cast.


Stallone’s career in the film industry has had its ups and downs. The Expendables was a major hit for the actor, a hit that seemingly wiped away a number of box office disappointments. Other than the fourth entry in the Rambo series, Stallone simply wasn’t drawing people to theaters. Television appearances did not fare well either. And then along came The Expendables.


Sometimes, an actor needs the right movie to succeed. Stallone seems to know this well.