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Knowing More About The Orthopedic Expert Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is known for performing complex spinal problems that are associated with degenerative as well as developmental disorders that are related to the spine. This is because surgical care tends to span the complete spectrum of spinal disorders that may be in children or adults. These would include spinal deformity besides degenerative disease as well as trauma, tumors, along with infections.


Dr. Greg Finch makes use of the most advanced techniques in surgery. But he emphasizes on noninvasive treatments for these spinal conditions as well as preventive medicine. He provides treatment for several conditions that may affect the spinal cord. These include the degenerative conditions of the spine. This can also be referred as the osteoarthritis of the spine. There can be a multitude of complex spinal problems that may be associated with any previous failed surgery. There may be scoliosis in children or even in adults.


Dr. Greg Finch is an expert in spinal reconstructive procedures. He is skilled in cervical as well as lumbar herniated discs along with spinal stenosis. Next is spondylolisthesis, besides growth disorders as well as neuromuscular diseases that are associated with the spinal cord. Treatments are required for spinal column tumors as well as spinal fractures. There may be congenital conditions, like spina bifida, that may require treatment. Next are the spinal vascular abnormalities.


Orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Greg Finch have to work closely with neurologists, as well as rehabilitation medicine physicians, along with radiologists in order to ensure an accurate diagnosis. He believes in taking a personalized approach to treatment as each patient is important for him.


He believes in nonsurgical therapies as well as pain medication too. In the case of patients having severe back, neck, or even leg pain that may be due to a herniated disc, or a spinal stenosis, treatment would include epidural injections that will be delivered by interventional radiologists.


Mr. Adam Goldenberg’s Recent Interview On CNBC

Mr. Adam Goldenberg came live on CNBC just recently. He discussed a change to his firm, JustFab. His firm got the name, TechStyle fashion group just the previous year. This was a move Mr. Goldenberg, and Mr. Ressler made about how he thinks that fashion model is altering nowadays.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg wishes to open physical retail stores and some more stores in the time to come. The shopping in the shops in the malls will not change at all. The online branding is one aspect that played a significant role in enhancing the fame of JustFab.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg and Mr. Ressler took a great decision to christen the firm as TechStyle fashion group. Mr. Adam Goldenberg is a man who has utilized technology and marketing to his benefit. He began his first company when he was only fifteen years old.

This company became highly popular, and the digital media Intermix Media wanted to purchase it and then engage Mr. Goldenberg in their team at at He worked for Intermix Media and also became the COO of the firm. He also happened to meet Mr. Ressler who would be his future business associate.

Mr. Ressler and Mr. Goldenberg started to do experiments with different brands when they were at Intermix Media. Mr. Ressler and Mr. Adam become fashion salesmen in the year 2010. JustFab became thoroughly established and had the value at more than one billion dollars.

JustFab has got nearly $85 million of funds, and this got the confirmation of Mr. Goldenberg. The most recent funding has brought about the total to at least 250 million dollars. He had a belief that it was an attractive valuation. There was lots of interest in the investment.

We are a great retailer, and that means that we can design our product. It is a capital business on VatorTV. We can do many aspects of getting in beautiful aspects with the suppliers. We spent in a distribution center to serve our customers in a right way.

According to Mr. Goldenberg on, the investors think that there is a chance to develop the business that is up to 3 billion dollars to 5 billion dollars. JustFab has speculated at least $400 million in the revenue during the first round of funding in the year 2013.

Mr Goldenberg did not divulge the information about the firm’s finances. The firm can get to at least three million members. Justfab had produced revenue worth $500 million in the year 2015 in its four brands – Fabletics, Fabkids, and Shoedazzle.

Renown Health to Open Summit Mall Family Practice Clinic

South Reno residents can soon look forward to the opening of a family practice medical clinic at The Summit Mall, North Nevada Business Weekly reported. The clinic will be part of the Renown Health network.

In addition to primary care services, the Summit Mall clinic will offer laboratory services. According to Renown Medical Group’s Dr. McCormack, the clinic is designed to have the comfortable feeling of a living room. Its conference room provides a space for staff and patients to talk over health matters.

The clinic is projected to employ a staff of 11, with expansion possible in the future. An additional primary care physician and nurse practitioner are expected to be hired on.

Summit Mall’s new clinic will cover three storefronts, including the one vacated by clothier Jos. A. Bank when it relocated to Meadowood Mall. Carson City company Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC is working as the general contractor on the project, with Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design spearheading the architecture redesign. Forbes Engineering is handling the structural engineering. MSA Engineering Consultants will handle all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical engineering.

Renown Health is the largest non-profit health care network in the northern half of the state to be locally owned. The network is one of the largest employers in the region. Formerly called the Washoe Health Network, the company traces its origins back to 1862.

Since opening its first 40-bed hospital in 1876, Renown Health has gone on to serve as a pioneering medical center in Northern Nevada. It opened the region’s first pediatric hospital in the 1940s and performed the region’s first open-heart surgery in the 1970s. With more than 5,500 employees in the network, Renown Health continues to be an important primary health care resource in the lives of many Nevadans. Click here to know more.

The expected opening date of the Summit Mall clinic is February 2018. Renown Health now operates a total of 12 clinics in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fernley, and Fallon, with a 13th clinic located near Caughlin Ranch.

What Does Nine9 Look For In Their Roster?

Being a part of Nine9 is a great step in the right direction to becoming an actor, singer, or any kind of entertainer. They provide great opportunities to people a part of their roster because of their connections and long list of wonderful people who work in tangent with their team. Their staff is here ready to help polish your skills so you can go out there and make a career out of your craft. They strive to look for the right people, and usually it’s just them trying to find the right motivated individuals who aren’t getting the chance elsewhere.

In a world where you need an agent to get casting calls, you should consider Nine9 because they can help you. They don’t care about look or being a certain way. The only thing they want out of you is a genuine goal of wanting to pursue something in this career industry.What do they look for in their talent? Well, after you sign up and submit your application, they will try to get in contact with you to find out who you are as a person and to set you up with an appointment.

If you walk in to that appointment with the genuine goal of being your best, they will consider you and bring you in to their team. They love it when people who don’t have a whole lot of experience chime in because then they can mold you into doing so much more in this business. Nine9 is here to help open doors for you as an entertainer. Nine9 is known for their marketing tools and overall connections in this business. If you are trying to accomplish more in this industry, working with Nine9 can help get you ready for the future so you can land acting jobs.

A Profile of the Eucatex Group of Companies

Eucatex Group is a company that develops furniture products using eucalyptus wood in Brazil. The company has been in business for over six decades of professional experience. Its experience also works to determine the level of management accessibility experienced in the company through access to the business platform. Eucatex Group is also considered as one of the most innovative companies developing their products from eucalyptus. For all the goods made in the company, they always use the highest level of technology advancement to deliver quality in production. Because the company uses eucalyptus wood to develop their products, it is branded as one of the companies that take good care of the environment. Whenever the company cuts one tree, they always plant two trees in the country. This is a formula developed by the government to conserve the environment.


When the company was founded in 1951, there were few laws regarding the use of trees to develop the most sophisticated business entities. In this case, no one knows how to develop fast income in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For the company to please their clients all over the world, quality and success in production are paramount. While the clients never care about the environment, Eucatex Group goes further to protect the future heritage of the country through environmental protection practices that are unmatched in the industry. Eucatex Group is also considered as the largest producer of the insulation and liners made from eucalyptus trees. In the current management system, Eucatex Group is concerned with the development of leadership positions that work to determine the future of the industry through accessibilities that develop fast income and solutions in a manner that is not accessed in the industry.


Eucatex Group is run in two business segments.because they have worked hard to develop their products using the highest level of innovation and technology, the production team has subdivided the production line in two.


  • The Construction Industry: Eucatex Group produces laminate floors, modular partitions, and paints.
  • The Furniture Industry: Eucatex Group produces MDP and Tamburato using wood fiber plates. They manufacture their products using eucalyptus wood and advanced technology.

Dare to be different. Dare to try Unicorn Hair

Do you desire for a color worth wowing the crowd? Allow yourself to be creative. Allow yourself to stand out. Allow Lime Crime to make this happen. Lime Crime has released a stunning semi-permanent hair color line called Unicorn Hair. This line consists of 13 colors and is entitled “Unicorn Hair.” This three year process has delivered a vegan and cruelty-free hair color selection. These colors range from Bunny to Neon Peach, and provide a strong, all natural appearance. These colors work best if lightened to a medium to light blonde. Unicorn comes in two formulas. The Full Coverage formula is a high pigmented load meant to deliver a more color absorbed appearance. This is ideal for individuals with lighter hair or the desire to lighten hair. The tint offer a pastel like appearance. There is no heat or toner required to make this stunning appearance come to life. Unicorn Hair is applied right out of the jar. This is ideal for those looking for a creative look while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. A word of caution, the Unicorn hair does not damage hair. The life of the dye job depends solely on how the hair is treated after the dye and how it is cared for. This means how the depth of the share is, your current hair condition, and what products are used in your hair determine the life cycle of the semi-permanent hair color. On darker hair Lime Crime Unicorn hair colors show up as a gorgeous tint. The best part is the color does not stain counters! This product does not come with a brush applicator, however, the brush applicators are not hard to come by. It is time to step out of the comfort zone and dare to be different. Unicorn Hair is here to provide that service.

Employees Need Help with Social Security Planning

David Giertz, the leader of sales and distribution at Nationwide, says the company’s second yearly overview of people nearing retirement and those who are already retired uncovered various misguided judgments about Social Security. “Retirement is quite not the same as what they expected,” Giertz told PLANADVISER. “They trust they ought to take Social Security early as a time will come when it will run out.” Other misperceptions about the advantage highlight on cost – Forty-one percent didn’t thoroughly consider any costs from it, and life span, majority of people believe the human lifespan is smaller and majority believe of dying sooner than it happens” Giertz says.

These thoughts are adding to the retirement preparation emergency the nation confronts, Giertz accepts, and plan advisers and sponsors have a chance to assist in educating members about the most ideal approaches to guarantee the benefits. One detaches—the measure of retirement payment future retirees trust Social Security will cover (52%) and the truth (40%) — is very expansive, Giertz says on Bloomberg. One explanation behind the difference is the quantity of individuals who started taking the advantage early enough – 83% of study respondents in their retirement years needed to claim early due to job loss and health issues” Giertz says on, which is a key source of regret. “The study demonstrated 33% wished they had held up.”

One astounding discovering, David Giertz says, was the manner in which limited study respondents working with the counselor about Social Security: only 17% versus a year ago’s 12%. The number rose with a small range yet is still low, he says. Combined with that figure is the 71% of individuals who showed they would search out another guide if their present consultant did not discuss about the Social Security. While the quantity of advisers talking about Social Security showed a slight ascent, Giertz says he expected a greater increment.

Mr. Giertz is the President of NFS Distributors Inc. and Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales Organization. He is in charge of the entire distribution and strategy in private-sector retirements packages, annuities, life insurance, mutual funds through banks, specialty markets, independent broker/dealers, warehouses and regional firms.

Lear more about David Giertz at

Greg Secker a Dynamic Man Who is Changing the World Around Him for the Better

Greg Secker, Philanthropist, entrepreneur, International Speaker, and Master Trader. Born in Norfolk, England studied Agricultural and Food Sciences at the University of Nottingham.


He worked as a trading technologist during the middle 90’s with Thomas Cook Financial Services. In 1998, he was the recipient of the British Telecom Award in e-commerce for his online forex trading platform, Virtual Trading Desk.


He was a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation at 25. After leaving the company in 2003 he set up a trading floor in his living room and became a full-time forex trader. At this point, Greg started to mentor people about trading strategies. This was the start of Knowledge to Action Group.


Greg Secker is a world renown speaker who has spoken at events alongside well-known people including the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and author T Harv Eker. Recently he was in Asia to speak at the National Achievers Congress and teaching at the Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery Programme. He has been called upon by the media to give his expert opinion on the direction of the market.


As a philanthropist, he is dedicated to improving children around the world’s quality of life. With a focus on education, youth leadership, and life skills. The Greg Secker Foundation was founded in 2010 with this goal in mind. No matter the child’s background, the mission of the foundation is to give them confidence and life skills with which to reach their full potential and realize their goals.


He also each Christmas with the Foundation and the Learn to Trade team members provides food hampers to people who struggle to have food on the table and make sure there are presents for the children under the tree.


With the creation of the Knowledge to Action Foundation they have raised much-needed funds for charities and projects such as Build a House: Build a Home. In 2013 after Typhoon Haiyan devastated areas across South East Asia and the hardest hit, the Philippines where they rebuilt the village of Lemery.


The Starkey Hearing Foundation, each year helps thousands of people to hear again by fitting hearing aids to deserving people.

Get to Know Boston’s Andrew Rocklage

From law student to attorney and from entrepreneur and blogger, Andrew is one to follow. Boston-based Sky Zone Trampoline Park owner and operator, Andrew Rocklage obtained his law degree from the prestigious Suffolk University Law School in Boston in 2013 and his Bachelor of Science degree from the equally impressive University of Massachusetts, Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. For his undergraduate degree he graduated with honors (cum laude) with a concentration in both Sports Management and Economics in 2009, and while in law school was a member of Phi Delta Phi and contributed to the Transnational Law Review.


Before Sky Zone, Andrew held several positions in the sports industry and blended his passion for sports and the law in the early stages of his career. While at UMass Amherst, he held an internship as a Public Relations Intern at Major League Lacrosse and then held an internship in the legal department at the Boston Red Sox. Showing his strong work ethic, Andrew held internships and temporary jobs in the legal field for Cubist Pharmaceuticals, and then for law firms Doherty, Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy P.C. and Avery, Dooley & Noone, LLP. Upon completion of his law degree, Andrew joined EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals as a Legal Consultant and then joined the Corporate Counsel team. Leveraging his law experience and sports’ industry background, Andrew took a leap of faith to run his own business.


For almost 2 years, Andrew has run this highly lucrative business and has seen his success multiply. This experience has taught him the importance of excellent customer service and how to build a brand. He attributes his success to the talent he has added to his team. By leveraging the strengths of others, Andrew’s Sky Zone has a stellar reputation. Sky Zone isn’t the end game for Andrew Rocklage however.


What many don’t know about Andrew is his passion for video games, and somehow he manages to find time to blog about new video games and share his excitement with others. His blogs are detailed, but crisp and honest, helping prospective gamers with the information they need to be educated shoppers.


While he has stayed close to greater Boston area, Andrew hopes his business management, legal experience and law degree, and sports background takes him places and he looks forward to seeing more of the world throughout his career. His career choices may seem different, but demonstrates his drive and pursuit for making an impact on others while challenging himself professionally. Andrew Rocklage is one to watch – let’s see where his next business venture will take him.


Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe Say no To Donations with Strings Attached For Ubuntu Education Fund

Donor funds go a long way in helping non-profit charity organizations to sustain their operations. That notwithstanding, some donors are fond of following up to see to it that their donations are used only for the purposes approved by them. Other donors are interested in individual glory and insist on having their donations channeled to specific projects, and then demand that the projects be named after them. This micromanagement eventually grows to become a bottleneck to the management of organizations, compromising the main values on which they were founded. Jacob Lief, founder and president of the Ubuntu Education Fund, understands this just too well, having gone through the predicament of having to cope with micromanaging donors.


Sufficient Funds, Limited Achievements


Jacob founded the Ubuntu Education Fund with the aim of supporting education programs for kids born in less privileged families in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The fund was doing well sometimes back, or so it appeared. Jacob was getting invitations to address delegates in global conferences, such as the World Economic Forum. Funds from donors were in abundance. Ironically, Jacob was not impressed by all those. In his assessment, the donations were sufficient but were not helping vulnerable people to alleviate poverty as per the organization aims. With this realization, he started turning down donations from donors who came with lists of restrictions on how their funds ought to be spent.


The Ubuntu Model


Today, Jacob only accepts donations from donors, who don’t interfere with the running of Ubuntu Education Fund. He, however, admits that such donors are hard to come by. He acknowledges that the organization now operates with a much lower budget, but notes that much more is accomplished now than during the times of huge donations. He now has the freedom to implement projects that benefit the community rather than individuals.


Andrew Rolfe


Andrew Rolfe has been serving as chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund’s board of directors for the last ten years. Just like Jacob, Rolfe was not amused by donors who gave donations with strings attached. He was on the frontline during the formation of the Ubuntu Model.


Andrew Rolfe is a highly connected executive. This extensive network helps him to source for donors. Judging from the success realized by Ubuntu under the leadership of Rolfe and Jacob, the organization will remain active for many years.