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Russell Brand Reveals He Auditioned For a Boy Band

Today, movie audiences know Russell Brand for such comedies as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Rock of Ages. Music fans know him for once being married to pop star Katy Perry. Once upon a time though, Brand could have been a music star himself.


Brand recently appeared on James Corden’s Late Late Show to discuss upcoming projects, but Corden was interested in a bit of his past as well. “Is it true,” Corden asked him during the talk show, “that you auditioned for the boy band Five?”


Five, or 5ive as it is typically written, was created in the mid nineties by the same team that put together the girl power group Spice Girls. It consisted of five young men who remained together to sell 30 million albums and embark on several concert tours around the UK for several years. They were popular across Europe and Asia, but by 2001 had broken up, with a few different reunions attempted over the years that followed.


Brand admitted that yes, he had auditioned to be a member of the group when it was being formed. Brand joked that when he was younger he “made many mistakes,” giving the audience a chuckle. He and one of his friends, during a period when he was recreationally using drugs, decided it would be a lark to audition.


Brand recounted the story of the audition, in which he brought alcohol with him and set it down on the desk, before he sang “More Than Words” by Extreme. He said, “it was a disaster,” and added that by the end of his audition, everyone was “looking down in disappointment.”


Corden and Brand agreed that Brand would have been the maverick in a boy band – the troublemaker and first one to break away. Oh, what could have been.


Brand can next be heard in Despicable Me 3. He voices Dr. Nefario for the animated movie.



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Celebrities: Remembering Adam West

Adam West, the tall, handsome actor who created a fan sensation during the 1960s when he portrayed Batman on television in a zany spoof series, passed away on June 9th after a brief battle with leukemia. The 88-year old star has continued working into his senior years.


Born in Walla Walla, Washington, Adam West graduated from Whitman College before carving out a career as a disc jockey, announcer and actor. His distinctive, deep voice and striking good looks helped bring him to the attention of advertising companies and casting agents. Soon he obtained roles in broadcast TV commercials. He also appeared in guest roles on several popular television shows, including a number of Westerns. His television performances eventually led to his selection to play the character of Batman in a humorous sitcom spoofing the exploits of the Caped Crusader. The role quickly propelled him into the national media spotlight.


Batman (1966-1968) developed a cult following during its brief prime time run, a phenomenon which continued during extensive re-runs. A number of stars appeared as memorable guest villains on the hit TV series, including popular comic Cesar Romero and actor Burgess Meredith. The popularity of the TV series may have contributed in some measure to the success of later Batman films.


The television parody generated a lot of media coverage in the United States; both Adam West and his co-star, Burt Ward, had to battle studio typecasting for years in the aftermath of the successful series. Adam West eventually appeared in several roles which paid homage to his early portrayal of Batman, even spoofing himself during guest voice roles on popular animated series. In addition to acting frequently in roles on a number of television programs and working as a narrator, the actor sometimes made celebrity appearances. When he finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in April, 2012, he humorously alluded to the cult status of the original Batman television show by addressing the audience as “citizens of Gotham”.


The Legacy that Dr. Imran Haque Aims to Leave in the Medical Community

Dr. Imran is one of the most respected internists in the entire Ashboro area. He has been seeing his patients for the past 15 years and provided a variety of healthcare services. He performs physical examinations, treats and helps patients manage diabetes and other cosmetic procedures such as Venus body contouring, laser hair removal, weight management and many other services. He received his medical training from the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem program. Because he offers a variety of treatment solutions, patients typically come to him when they need specialized treatment in their area of need.


His practice is known as Horizon Internal Medicine. He has received many glowing recommendations from patients who have entrusted him with their lives and their services over the years. Some of the things that the patients like about the doctor include the fact that he is always willing to listen to their complaints and that he offers them the best solution to their problems. He has cultivated a culture of deeply understanding the problems of each patient and giving an individualized care in each situation.


Besides the fact that he is a good medical Doctor, people that come to him say that at a personal level, he is the best doctor they have ever met. They are taken aback by the fact that even when they are having emotional issues that stem from dealing with medical problems, the Doctor will be emotionally available to support them through the worst of the cases. There is a patient who hails the doctor and says that were it not for his endless support; she would have had a tough time dealing with the loss of her child.


Medical bills are another headache that patients deal with. At his practice, paperwork is conducted within the shortest time possible, and a variety of insurance options are acceptable. When you visit his practice, you can expect that in addition to excellent customer service, there will be good quality customer support and that all the aspects of the treatment process will be catered for.

Phil Collins Has to Cancel Shows Because Of Head Injury

Phil Collins, the singer of hits such as Against All Odds and In The Air Tonight has had to cancel his shows because of a head injury he has received. This of course has disappointed fans, and they are hoping he gets well. Phil Collins suffers from drop foot, a condition that he has gained after a back operation. He has a hard time walking because of his condition and is therefore more prone to these occurrences.


Phil Collins is known for his distinct voice and his drumming abilities. One of his trademarks is singing the ending of his song In the Air Tonight while drumming. His complex techniques bring about an impressive show. In his recent tour, he has allowed his son to take on the drumming of the song. His son does have the same drumming talents as his father. Therefore, he has not disappointed with his abilities.


Phil has also sung for movies such as Tarzan and Brother Bear. Phil has kept himself busy bringing out inspired songs which really touch the soul. He has spent 10 years away from the stage only to come back to give his fans something they want.


Phil has inspired many fans. He is one of those artists who know how to make every one of his songs sound better in concert than on the album. He brings a lot of energy to the stage even to this day. He is also someone who has no problem talking to his fans and keeping them updated. Phil Collins is someone who is very appreciative of his fans and is always willing to give them something in return for their support.