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7 Tips for Busting Belly Fat


You’ve done all the exercises. You’ve counted every calorie. Still can’t get rid of the excess belly fat. Experts agree that a diet heavy in sugar, and carbohydrates are the leading cause weight gain in our belly area. Listed below are seven tips to help you fight belly fat.


Daily Sugar Intake

Just because you are not eating donuts all day doesn’t mean your diet isn’t sugar heavy. Sugar is a major component in our food supply. Avoid soda at all cost. Sugary drinks can add ten pounds a year to your waistline! Read your food labels sometimes sugar won’t always be labeled as sugar. Here are other substitute names for sugar: high fructose corn syrup ,sucrose and maple syrup. Try using vanilla bean or vanilla extract to satiate your sweet tooth without all the calories.


Fad Diets

The only thing you shall lose with a fad diet is money and time. Deprivation diets don’t last. Remember the last time you want on a fad diet. How long was it before you quit and gained back all the weight you lost? You must commit to a healthy lifestyle change. A healthy lifestyle encompasses not just foot but exercise and healthy habits. Fad diets put your body and health at risk. Be attentive to your portion sizes. Instead of large dinner plates serve your meals on salad plates. If maintaining a low-fat diet is difficult for you, Pure Health Living recommends trying a program like Nutrisystem for Men. Nutrisystem foods come packaged in small portions so you don’t have to worry about counting calories.


Strengthen Your Willpower

Most people are emotional eaters and don’t realize it. It is easy to say weight loss is not difficult, however, that is not easy. Motivation is where most people falter. Overeating happens when people are feeling upset, sad, or depressed. Setting goals will help you stay focused. Make a plan of all things you will do daily to reach your goal weight. Goals must be specific don’t just write down ‘lose weight’. Write similar to ‘Workout 30 minutes in the morning.’ Review your progress weekly and make changes as needed. Don’t weight yourself daily is body weight will fluctuate depending on your food and water intake. Finally, reward yourself for accomplishing your goals this will reinforce your desire to succeed.


High Fiber Diet

Fiber is an appetite suppressant. It fills you up and makes you less hungry. To make sure you are getting fiber in your diet include whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate. Fiber keeps your digestive tract healthy and boost your immune system.


Food Diary

Health studies have proven keeping a food diary is a vital step is winning the battle of the bulge. It keeps you accountable. Your progress, or lack thereof, is on the page for you to see. Show your food journal to a friend or family member. This will help you gain support for your healthy eating habits. You must track everything you eat from food to drinks. Be sure to include any snacking between meals.



The Right Workout Plan

Make sure you choose exercise that are fun for you. Exercising with a workout buddy can also keep you motivated. Choose a workout that is compatible with your skill level. If you like meeting new people try group workouts. Flexibility and strength are you concerns Pilates just may be the challenge you are looking for. Increase your endurance by incorporating cardio workouts like swimming and aerobics.


Mental Health

Weight loss also has mental health benefits. Studies show that exercising can greatly improve your mood. Aerobic exercise can reduce anger and improve and your energy. Depression and low self-esteem have been linked to the struggles to lose weight. Rapid weight loss can cause hormonal imbalances. Dealing with the depression of weight gain can be emotionally draining because of the change in lifestyle and eating habits. The key is to associate pleasurable memories with your new food choices.

The Best Eco-Conscious Destinations Around the World

Most of the time travelers go through a list of many destinations they want to visit and deciding on it can be tricky. Emerging trends in the travel industry indicate that many travelers are gravitating towards eco-friendly destinations. Consider some of the best and most loved eco-friendly destinations around the world for your next vacation. These destinations are however striving to preserve the environment and animals therein. Look at the following destinations for your next trip or vacation.




This country enjoys an influx of tourist due to its breathtaking savannahs suitable for safari. Kenya is also host to some of the most majestic wild animals. Ecotourism Kenya is a government’s initiative to keep an eye on the nation’s natural resources. It has sandy beaches with lodges that are rated according to their environmental policies. It’s noteworthy to point out that it is the only country in the world whose capital city has a game reserve, Nairobi National Park. The best time to visit is between the end of June and October to see most wildlife.


Costa Rica


Many Eco-tourists know this tropical destination. It has lush nature reserves, rainforests, and national parks. Costa Rica is laden with many eco-lodges that are humble and swanky. It is a developed ecotourism infrastructure, natural beauty, and stunning biodiversity.


The Republic of Palau


It’s a small country comprising of 500 islands and is located between the Philippines and Guam. It has approximately 500 miles of reefs that are no-fishing zones. If you are a fun of diving, you can do this between December and March. Its government makes an effort of ensuring that its natural environment remains intact.


About Wild Ark


This is a conservation organization whose mission is to protect most of the world’s biodiversity as a way to conserve wildlife. This also helps in creating experience opportunities and research for people to reconnect with nature and be inspired to preserve and protect it. The founders of Wild Ark are by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. They are conservationists aimed at educating people about the wild and how to ensure the whole planet is protected for future generations. Learn more:


Equites First Holdings has a Wikipedia

Equities First Holdings is a old and true financial establishment that was found in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has a talented group of financial experts who are ready to assist you with any finical problems or questions you might have. The company first stated there business in the year 2002, and in the year 2004 the company opened up offices in the UK and all round the world. More recently the company has started doing businesses in the busiest city in the world, also known as New York. The company is spreading their wings and is preparing to go out and dominate the market. The company offers many different unique services that can help any one from the young college student to the elderly couple who are looking to save for the future. It is a great place to go to if you are looking for finical guidance for the short or long term.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

Rodrigo Terpins: The Speed Lover

There is a considerable measure of excite that accompanies hitting the speed boundary. While some conduct is acquired, others occur because of various identities. Rodrigo Terpins is a current rally driver who is never anxious of the excite that accompanies rapid hustling. Conceived in Brazil, Mr. Terpins has increased present expectations for the game because of his focused nature. Throughout the years, Rodrigo Terpins has not missed the mark regarding many wins. For example, he as of late rose fifth in the second association of the simply finished up 24th version of the Sertoes Rally.

As an individual profoundly infatuated with the game, Rodrigo has never, not notwithstanding for a solitary day vacillated at speeding in exceedingly difficult landscape. Terpins has constantly cherished speed and experience; two variables influenced entire by his dashing to vocation. Conceived from a group of racers, Terpins Rodrigo has tracked in the strides of his sibling, Michel Terpins. Much the same as Michel, Rodrigo now has many rally titles added to his repertoire.

Picking up help from his dad Jack Terpins, Rodrigo Terpins has possessed the capacity to go well beyond as he does what he cherishes best. Nonetheless, accomplishment on the dashing tracks has not generally been an assurance. It has taken sheer will, fortitude, and energy to be the place Rodrigo is today. By committing his life to the game of rally hustling, Rodrigo Terpins has possessed the capacity to rouse other youngsters, much the same as his dad did when he was a young fellow. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

As indicated by Google, aside from being a dashing aficionado, Rodrigo has dependably been enthusiastic about nature. To this end, his rally vehicle has been designed to deliver next to zero carbon dioxide gas. At the point when Rodrigo Terpins isn’t hustling, he is caught up with working together. As an effective business visionary, Rodrigo Terpins is famous for assuming a colossal part in the success of T5 Participacoes. Utilizing information procured from Hilaire Saint, Rodrigo has possessed the capacity to broaden into two completely unique profession ways with much achievement. It is just a short time before Terpins discovers his name in the record books as the best Brazilian rally champion ever.

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Shafik Sachedina Is Proud Of Six Sussex Health Care Employees Who Get Level 5 Diplomas

     The University of Chichester awarded high-level qualifications to six Sussex Health Care staff. The event was held at the company’s headquarters in January 2015. The University awarded the six workers with Level 5 Diploma in Professional Practice in Social Care. The qualifications are proof of the high quality staff at the care home and support group.

The year-long program is available to individuals who have completed a Higher Apprenticeship or Level 4 Registered managers Award. Level 5 Diploma provides individual with the platform to enhance their education qualifications, as they are allowed to enroll for BA degrees.

Speaking at the event, Pia Perry said that the program has helped individuals with no prior higher education experience to gain valuable education and exceed their expectations in life. She said that the university was proud to offer the program as it is in line with its goal of providing education to every member of the society. Pia Parry is the University of Chichester’s head of Childhood Social Work and Social Care.

The Level 5 Diploma involves attending monthly workshop where the students are taught by highly qualified lecturers. The university provides them with educational materials that they are required to study at their own time. Fifty percent of the assignments in the course are work-based. This ensures that workers can study without leaving their roles. It also improves the impact of their education on their professional lives.

Mrs. Anne Tuckley noted that the workers’ achievement made Sussex Health Care proud. She added that the diploma program is in line with the company’s objective of dealing with the challenge of learning while working. Mrs. Tuckley works for Sussex Health Care’s education department. She said that the six students pursued their diplomas at the company’s training academy, which is located at Warnham in West Sussex. Dr. Shafik Sachedina owns Sussex Health Care.

About Shafik Sachedina

Shafik Sachedina is a shrewd entrepreneur and health care expert. Dr. Sachedina’s visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of Sussex Health Care. The institution provides care home and support services to the elderly, individuals with dementia and neurological problems and the people living with disabilities.

The visionary leader is the head of Jamati Institutions. Jamati Institutions is a department of His Highness Aga Khan’s secretariat. Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950. He pursued his early education in the country. He traveled to London in early 90s. Shafik enrolled for a degree in dental surgery at the University of London’s Guy Hospital Medical and Dental School and graduated in 1975. Today, Sachedina ranks as one of the most outstanding dental surgeons in the United Kingdom.

USHEALTH Advisors Focuses on Helping Clients, Employees, and the Surrounding Communities

USHEALTH Advisors is the public representative of USHEALTH Group, a leading health insurance company based in Dallas, Texas. It is the division of the firm mandated with the task of marketing and distribution of the highly competitive health insurance covers.

The covers that are indemnified by Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and National Foundation Life Insurance include life and specified disease/sickness.

Investing in the Sales Agents

USHEALTH Advisors remains the best place to work for in Texas. The salary provided by the firm guarantees the agents a good life in the present and the future.

Any agent of the company is capable of creating wealth and achieving their dreams. Besides a good remuneration, there are other goodies that the agents are rewarded with if they hit and surpass their targets. Learn more about USHealth Advisors:

USHEALTH Advisors provides a good platform for sales agents to grow their careers. The firm follows a belief that its success depends on the success of the agents. In that breath, USHEALTH Advisors has a group of experts mandated with the responsibility of training the agents.

The focus here is to ensure that the agents get the necessary tools to rise to the top. The firm has an all-around the clock support team that is set to offer the much-needed guidance to the agents. Another remarkable aspect at USHEALTH Advisors is that the products that the clients need are always readily available.

Giving Back

USHEALTH Advisors values teamwork. Besides offering unparalleled service to the customers, the staffs are dedicated to serving each other and the communities. At the steering wheel is the able Chief Executive Officer cum President, Troy McQuagge, who is dedicated to seeing the firm live its mission of helping other people every day.

In 2010, he led the company to start a charity initiative, HOPE that guides them in the mission. HOPE in conjunction with the Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) started off by rebuilding houses for Hurricane Katrina’s victims.

The firm then donated clothes and shoes to a children’s shelter called The Crisis Nursery. These acts of kindness have been devolved to other regional offices of the firm. The offices in Brevard County Florida as well as in Scottsdale, Arizona also invest in the local communities.

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Daniel Mark Harrison Career and Success at Monkey Capital

Besides his educational qualifications from recognized universities, Daniel Mark Harrison is also an entrepreneur, an author and evangelist. Apart from managing his family office, the Daniel Mark Harrison Co. (DMH&CO), Harrison is the founder and Managing Partner of Monkey Capital since March 2016. Monkey Capital is a fund that invests in the Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts.

Under Harrison’s tenure, Monkey Capital has gained recognition. For instance, Monkey Capital became the first company to sell the pre-Initial Coin Offer (ICO) options. In addition, during Harrison`s interview by a renown US radio host Chris Waltzek, Monkey Capital gained recognition by receiving the 6 out of five-star rating as a result of its vision and achievements.

During his tenure, Monkey Capital has received the billion dollars brand. According to Azeem Khan, to attain this brand, chat room plans to raise billion dollars through a crowd funding campaign shall be utilized. The chat room plans according to Harrison include the distribution of COEVAL tokens which trade on Waves DEX.

Daniel Mark Harrison Career

Besides his work at Monkey Capital, Daniel Mark Harrison has a wide academic qualification. Harrison studied theology at Oxford University and has a Masters degree in Business Administration and Journalism from the Norwegian Business School and New York University respectively. These qualifications have increased his competence in top business organizations.

Among the organizations Harrison has worked with include the Motley Fool between 2009 and 2015 and Minisuco Ltd Manager in 2014. He has also worked at Stanley Court as a co-founder between 2010 and 2013, Asia Markets between 2006 and 2009 and St Helen`s Capital Plc in 2005.

In addition to his work experience, Harrison has also published books such as The Millennial Reincarnation and journals. His works appear on popular sites including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The, and Portfolio Magazine among others.


Avaaz Spans The Globe Enlisting Help of Millions of People To Solve Problems

The world’s elephants are being hunted down by poachers and killed so that the ivory from their tusks can be sold to criminals on the black market. Experts say the elephant could be driven to extinction within 10 years.

That’s just one of the incredibly serious problems facing the world today, and it will take the serious and concerted effort by thousands of people to tackle these challenges and make things right again.

That’s what an organization known as Avaaz is all about. Avaaz is the world’s largest online social advocacy group. Established in 2007, it currently has more than 45.7 million members – people from all over the planet who are serious about solving critical problems and making the world a better place.

There’s no limit to the kind of issues Avaaz members address. Climate change, poverty, helping refugees flee worn-torn countries, political oppression, water pollution and degradation of agricultural land – all of these and much more are being taken on by the concerned participants in Avaaz.

Avaaz is a grassroots organization that uses an Internet platform to identify problems and organize people to take on those problems. It was formed through a coalition of groups, including Res Publica, and the Service Employees International union. Several key individuals also had founding roles, including Ricken Patel, former Virginia Congressman Tom Pravda and Australian entrepreneur David Madden to name a few.

A strength of Avaaz is its global presence and its ability to raise funds from millions of small donations from lots of people. Avaaz accepts no major corporate cash or huge donations from billionaires looking for positive PR and tax breaks.

Avaaz means “voice’ taken from a variety of languages, and that defines its purpose. It gives a “voice” to the average person, empowering anyone to do something real to solve problems and more inforamtion click here.

Paul Mampilly Three Important Investment Options

Paul Mampilly was born in southern India. As a teenager, India suffered a financial crisis due to large government debts the government had accumulated. The government sought private investments including from its citizens, in exchange for the investment, lenders received 18% return annually for the next 30 years.

This experience encouraged Mampilly to become an aggressive investor. He moved to the United States where he graduated with bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the University of Montclair State University, New Jersey. He then received his MBA from Fordham University Gabelli School of business and studied financial engineering at several universities in New York. He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina where his focus is in researching investment opportunities and writing for several publications, including Profits Unlimited and extreme fortunes.

Statistics indicate that most Americans invest in stock; much more are interested in understanding the stock market but are not sure on how to get started. Stock investment requires a person with a lot of knowledge and experience. Paul Mampilly reached out to give advice governing three investors sectors that are bound to see a great deal of growth over the coming years. Paul featured in the mainstream news where he dispensed advice on the topic.


Paul Mampilly discussed the electric vehicle industry in details. With the times changing one has to keep up, alluding with innovation and development in the mobile phone industry. He views the same growth in the electric vehicle growth. The modern cars come many repairs and maintenances and this comes at a huge cost to the car owners. Electric vehicles have only three parts and eliminate extra costs of repair. Manufacturing companies have a huge share in electric cars as it’s the future. This would be a huge long-term investment.

With precision medicine. He alludes the same with mobile phones. Personalized medical care uses genetic testing in diagnosing and treating patients. Doctors can be able to run genetic information and put it in a database where they can select target treatment for a patient. This treatment will allow a faster diagnosis of a serious problem and choosing a more effective approach. Paul advice people to invest in genetic testing companies.

On food delivery, there has been a serious shift on healthy eating. Healthy eating and convenience don’t often match. However, there are food companies that have tapped into this recently. In the coming years, Paul predicts that this company will benefit a lot since their services include, delivery healthy ingredients to the doorsteps of various homes and thus create healthy meals for families. They take out the guesswork and limit waste production. Paul encourages people to put their money in the sector. Paul is a winner in the Templeton Foundation Investment competition, with his advice investors are sure to receive maximum returns.

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Things You Need to Know about Richard Blair

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions Inc, a firm that focuses on offering diverse financial solutions to its customers. The enterprise provides financial help to all interested parties in the surrounding areas including affiliate individuals, companies, sole proprietors, among many others. The firm has grown faster over the past years and has seen a vast number of individuals deal with their financial issues and efficiently meet their needs even in the tough economic times. Richard has extensive experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has been working in the commercial area for an extended period. Learn more:

Wealth Solutions Inc has always strived to employ all the unique and most modern strategies to ensure that it keeps carrying out its operations efficiently as well as stand out among its competitors. The leaders of Wealth Solutions Inc are not only dedicated to offering the best services to their clients but also have a great passion towards designing the highest quality of products to ensure reliability. The financial firm has established its operations in a vast number of areas including Georgetown, Marble Falls, Houston, among many other firms in the country. It has thrived even in the hard economic times and successfully offered its clients with the exact products that they request. Besides, Wealth Solutions Inc has endured many challenges that act as a barrier to most firms and sometimes lead to their closure.

Richard is among the significant contributors to the success of the firm and his commitment towards achieving the best has seen him succeed in his venture. The renowned entrepreneur has vast knowledge in the financial field and is always ready to offer his expertise and advice concerning business-related issues with his clients as well as any other individual that shows interest. Over the past years, Richard has learned and acquired a lot about the field of finance thanks to his well informed and business oriented family members, who always had a profound dedication towards sharing their knowledge with him.

Richard is change-oriented and has always been prepared to adapt to new ways of conducting business due to the various emerging issues in the field of business. Under his management, Wealth Solutions Inc has successfully maintained a great reputation fro itself, and the company continues to receive a lot of accreditation as well as industry recognition from other firms and professionals. He does not turn back and always has a high drive towards achieving the best in all his ventures.