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How Adam Milstein’s Charity Work benefits the Israeli-American Community

Adam Milstein is an individual who is appreciated for his success as a businessman and philanthropist. He has accumulated significant wealth by investing in the real estate industry. Milstein is an Israeli-American and has always dedicated himself to helping people from his community. The entrepreneur was raised in Israel and formerly served in the country’s army. In 1973, he was among the IDF soldiers who fought in the Tom Kippur war. Adam moved to the U.S. in 1981 to look for the better opportunities. He completed his undergraduate studies in business and economics from an Israeli university and also has an MBA from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein kicked off his profession in real estate by working as an agent. He has developed his career gradually and is now a managing partner at a top firm that is known as Hager Pacific Properties. The company’s expertise is in running commercial and industrial real estates that are located in the Southern California area. The responsibilities of Adam Milstein at the enterprise include accounting, financing, and planning. Other professionals in the real estate sector consider him as a role model due to his outstanding accomplishments.

Adam Milstein has made significant donations that have benefited the Israeli-American community. He has been giving away about 10 percent of his wealth through a Jewish practice that is called ma’aserrishon. Most of the charity work that the real estate mogul does is managed by Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, which he started in 2002. His wife is the founder of SifriyatPikama B’, a charity institution that has been giving Jewish children books that can educate them about their culture. Her philanthropy has been beneficial to over 15,000 Israeli-American families, and read full article.

Another significant accomplishment of Adam Milstein was being among the founders of the Israel-America Council (IAC). The organization’s primary goal is to ensure that Israel and the United States have strong ties. More than 100,000 people have volunteered to be part of events that are hosted by the organization. Institutions such as Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, and Hasbara Fellowships have appointed Adam Milstein as a member of their boards.

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The Pittsburgh Steeler’s Susan McGalla is an example of a woman succeeding in a male-dominated field

Susan McGalla of the Pittsburgh Steelers is an example of how a woman can rise up the ranks of a typically male-dominate industry and achieve success. McGalla, who is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was formerly President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, CEO at Wet Seal Inc., and founded P3 Executive Consulting.

Companies with a high amount of gender and ethnic diversity outperform companies without diversity. However, despite the high number of women in management positions, it is rare for companies to have women in C-level positions.

Women leadership initiatives have not been able to help women break into top management positions in many companies. Executive sponsorships, however, have a better track record of helping women succeed. Women who have held C-level positions, such as Susan McGalla, therefore have an opportunity to assist other women move up the corporate ladder and help to shatter the glass ceiling that many women face. And because diverse companies are often top performers, sponsoring women leaders will often increase the bottom line at almost any company.

McGalla rose up to be President and Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters after joining the company 1994 after leaving the Joseph Horne Company, where she had worked from 1986 to 1994. As President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, she was in charge of the marketing, design, and merchandising of the company. She served in that role from 2005 until 2009. She is also the former CEO of Wet Seal Inc., a position she took in 2011, before founding her own consulting business in 2012 and later joined the Pittsburgh Steelers.

She is from East Liverpool, Ohio, and graduated from Mount Union College, located in Alliance, Ohio, with a degree in business and marketing. In addition to her role with the Pittsburgh Steelers, she sits on the Board of Advisors of Mount Union College, the board of directors at both HFF Inc., a commercial real estate company, and Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She has also served as a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Sahm Adrangi: The Financialist To Watch Out For

Sahm Adrangi has led a brilliant career in the field of finance and continues to do so with the company that he founded, which goes by the name of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Kerrisdale was founded by Adrangi after he spent a few years working for other financial companies. With Kerrisdale Capital Management, Adrangi has been gaining a growing amount of popularity among financial costs circles and in the industry. Today, Kerrisdale Capital Management handles investments that go into the millions, and are all supervised and carried out by Adrangi himself.

One of the first endeavors that Adrangi took on in the field of finance was working for company known as Chanin Capital Partners, where he worked with clients who were on the brink of bankruptcy to help bring them back on their feet. He had to think innovatively in the field, and went on to learn extremely valuable things about the field. His fluency with financials showed in the work that he did, which helped him in his rise up the corporate ladders.

Another company that Adrangi worked for in his initial years was Longacre. Adrangi served as an analyst at the firm and brought in a good amount of clients to supplement the profits that the company saw. He was a notable member of the financial firm and was another stepping stone towards one day being his boss and taking on the financial industry.

Today, Adrangi can safely say that he is at the top of his game, and is one of the more notable players in the field. He is known for his out of the box investment strategies that he likes implementing. He analyses financials in a way that no one else does and finds a way to seek the best opportunities for him and Kerrisdale Capital Management. Having had such an expansive career in a variety of financial facets and having worked with so many different types of clients has indeed helped Adrangi rise to be the leader that he is today. With his efforts and dedication to the company, Kerrisdale is soon on its way to becoming one of the more well known financial and investment firms in the country.

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Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Law Firm Dominates Mass Litigation in Brazil

Leite, Tosto, & Barros is a renowned law firm. Over the years, the firm has gained reputation for its excellent performance in complex and high value lawsuits. To this end, the entity has attracted many international clients. In a recent interview, one of the company’s clients said that they always enlist the services of the law firm. The client added that the firm’s mass litigation strategies have been beneficial to his company.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carlvalho co-founded the firm together with two like-minded lawyers. It became the first law firm in Brazil to offer the mass action model, an approach that has become common in the South American nation. Although some firms are leaving the model, Leite, Tosto, & Barros is working towards improving the model as the number of Brazilian businesses enlisting for the services continuous to rise.

Clients have benefited greatly from the firm’s expertise in matters of banking. According to many customers, the firm has handled some of the most complex cases in the country. This success has been enhanced by the firm’s key qualities, which are dedication, agility, efficiency and skilled technique. Numerous banks are seeking for the firm’s services, as its industry knowledge matches with its litigation expertise. Banco Industrial do Brasil’s Eduardo Maia Abraao notes that the banking industry has benefited from the insights of the senior partners and lawyers of the firm. Owing to their vast experience, the firm has been able to provide businesses with intensive legal services. Eduardo works in the bank’s legal department. Leite, Tosto, & Barros is headquartered in Sao Paulo. Under the leadership of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, the firm has managed to open other offices in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Sao Paulo-based mass litigator and shrewd entrepreneur. The prominent lawyer has handled various intricate cases. Through his transformative leadership, Leite, Tosto, & Barros has continued to serve its diverse clients as a going concern.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho made a name for himself as the firm’s leading lawyer. He originated and conducted several cases at the firm in an efficient and organized manner. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has not slowed down. He continues to offer extensive services in mass ligation.

Success and Experience of Matt Badiali

     Matt Badiali has an approach towards his investment research and prospects that can be given an extensive description. It is often termed as being a talk-to-everyone, go-everywhere, as well as hands-on. It is worth acknowledging the contributions of his work. They include taking him to different areas such as Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong, Haiti, and Iraq among the other locations across the globe. He has managed to make visits to different oil wells and mines internationally. It is through such encounters that he interrogates the concerned Chief Executive Officers regarding their most recent resource prospects together with the analysis of the whole geologic data.

He is prominent for being an expert in line with mining, agricultural firms, and energy. He is also among the contributors to the Banyan Hill Publishing. He acknowledges that one cannot sincerely know themselves until they are capable of seeing it for their selves. This addresses an extensive coverage ranging from company outcomes to politics. The safety and correct choice of an investment entail the ability of an individual to view it on their own.

The training of Matt concerning geology is the principal reason behind his capability of identifying particular red flags which are vividly evident on the ground. Such an instance is visible in the fact that he finds a lot of interest checking the skillfulness of the drilling crews and the length of time consumed by drilling a hole. Also considered is the smoothness of the operation. The view of the drillers implies a lot concerning the capability and health of a firm.

For over a decade, Matt Badiali has gained an extensive knowledge following his training concerning investment that has the objective of obtaining significant profits.

Before getting to serve at Banyan Hill, he served as a geologist with a drilling firm as well as a consultant for an environmental organization. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree concerning Earth Sciences. He attained this from the Penn State University. The attainment took place before his attainment of a Master’s degree in Geology. He earned the latter from the University of Florida Atlantic.

With the presence of his approach regarding the boots on the ground, his regular meeting with the CEOs of the mining companies, experts of precious metals as well as resource investors keeps him up to date concerning the latest trends, discoveries, and most advanced technologies.

Looking at his experience, he taught the subject of geology at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. This adds up to his presentation of his findings at the geologic conferences together with the firms such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko.

Roberto Santiago –The Exceptional Investor.

Why do we work hard? To have a good time using what we earn. However, in this society, people are all about adding more and more wealth. This way people hardly have a moment to bond and have leisure time. Research shows that individuals who take some time off their normal schedule to have some fun, are more productive compared to those people who work 24/7. Roberto Santiago realized that one factor that hindered his people from having their leisure is the struggle of accessing leisure joints.

Many people use the weekends to do their shopping for next week leaving no time for fun related activities. Roberto Santiago decided to solve this problem for the residents permanently.

Roberto Santiago’s popularity began because of his blogging activities. He blogged on informative, interesting topics that attracted a good audience. However, his great success that he is associated with is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall.

Roberto began his career by attending Pio X-Marist College and later the University of Joao Pessoa where he acquired a bachelor degree in Business Administration. This was to ensure he got the fundamental skills of running a business. This is an essential aspect for every CEO.

His first entrepreneurial venture is the cartonnage company. Later in 1987, he purchased the land on which the mall was going to build. By 1989, he launched the company. This was the greatest gift to his people. After some time, he established the Domus Hall at the rooftop of the Manaira Mall.

The Domus Hall is the most significant feature of the Manaira Mall. The hall can accommodate a capacity of 14000 people. The hall is divided into two. The lower part is used for the public entertainment through shows and concerts. The upper part has cabinets for individuals who want privacy. The Domus Hall is not limited to shows and concerts. The residents are allowed to lend the space for their occasions. Many weddings, graduation, and conferences have been held in the Domus Hall.

The Domus Hall is well aerated to ensure that the airing condition is conducive for everyone. Based on the capacity of the hall, it is essential that the conditioning is given special attention. Despite the large size, during shows, everyone gets a clear view of the screen. A lot of energy an attention was given to the designing process. The Domus Hall has a very outrageous sound range and a lighting system. This provides the audience with a thrilling experience and a chance to live in the scene.

Roberto Santiago is among the most prominent business people in Brazil. His business has improved the welfare of the society. This is through employment by attracting investors and developing the infrastructure of the area. Investors are advised to follow his example of minding the welfare of the community.


Lime Crime is Here for Brunettes with Four Moody New Unicorn Shades

 Lime Crime has been slaying the unicorn game, and while earlier releases of bubblegum shades work magic on lighter locks, the dreamy new wave of dramatic tones are created especially for darker tresses.

These four inky shades join Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection as the enchantingly sultry sisters to their candy-hued counterparts, and the rich, fall vibes are absolutely mystical. Complete your perfect look for cool weather months with sparkle and glow with Lime Crime’s other new dark crystal drops of the season.


The alluring, midnight purple gives bouncy waves a touch of edge while conjuring up an ideal backdrop for a sparkly pop. Layer Unicorns, the glittery new Hi Lite palette, on cheeks and eyes for a finished look that shines brighter than a clear, winter’s night sky.


This maroon-brown pigment is a dreamy delight perfect for cozying up by the fire with cocoa. For a spellbinding glow, dab the diamond crusher, Over the Rainbow, on cheekbones and the tip of your nose.


Cast a deeper, darker spell with Charcoal, the brunette answer to the granny hair hue, for a captivating complexity accentuating your mane. Light up your pout with Unicorn Queen for a next-level look. The iridescent violet shade is a new release in Lime Crime’s diamond crushers line of totally lit lip toppers.

Sea Witch

The bewitching, deep teal will create ultimate, swirling braids while hinting at the dangers of the deep sea. Dare to rock the trend with a sweep of milky peach from the Hi-Lite palette in Opals for an irresistibly mythical glow.