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David Giertz Shares Insights on Retirement Planning and Social Security

David Giertz, the President of Nationwide’s Financial Distributors has an explanation as to why financial advisers are not talking to their clients about Social Security, and what it means to the consumer. In an interview with Veronica Dagher, a columnist and wealth adviser for the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz brought up an interesting issue with Social Security and retirement plans. Advisers don’t always talk to their clients about Social Security because of the depth of rules, and the consequences of ignoring Social Security with their clients are unfavorable.

What are the effects of financial advisers ignoring Social Security? The most noticeable is people simply leaving their advisers to find one that does talk about Social Security. David Giertz explains that in a study performed by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, the majority of consumers who are retired, and those ten years from retirement have advisers that do not talk to them about Social Security. Four out of five consumers also reported that they would leave their current financial adviser because of this lack of communication.

So why do financial advisers ignore Social Security in the first place? David Giertz explains that “the Social Security handbook has over 700 rules. That’s a lot to comprehend, it’s very complex.” Giertz also emphasized the importance of Social Security being implemented properly, as it can make up to 40 percent of a retirement planning process. Social Security has the potential to play a major role in a retirement plan.

David Giertz has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. He started in 2004, where Giertz lead the Financial Institutions Bank channel. Revenue grew six and a half billion dollars during his time there. He is now the Nationwide Financial president. Succeeding in his career to where he is today, Giertz has also been involved in community organizations.

David Giertz has been a chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Budget and Finance committee of Milliken University. Milliken University is the national leader in performance learning. They value the commitment to the discovery of knowledge, and advancement of the greater good.

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Nick Vertucci Helps Aspiring Realtors To Become Successful

His background is very different from most successful realtors. He lived with a single mother for many years, and her long hours limited the amount of contact that he had with her. Nick Vertucci left the house at eighteen years old, and he lived in extremely challenging circumstances after moving out.

What Was His First Business?

He began his career as a self-employed computer salesman. He was able to escape his dire circumstances and support a family with this career. His computer store did well until the dot com crash, but this crash ruined his electronics business. Nick Vertucci sank into debt. His family nearly lost their home, and they lost a lot of important and valuable belongings.

What Brought Him To The Real Estate Business?

Nick Vertucci scrambled to find a way to make ends meet, and one of his friends suggested that he attend a real estate conference with him. He took him up on the offer. While he was there, it was often challenging for him to understand the things that were being discussed. However, it was clear that you can become very wealthy from a career in real estate. He immediately began studying to become a realtor on after he returned home, and his efforts paid off.

His Academy:

After he became a millionaire in real estate, he had a strong desire to teach people how to succeed as a realtor. He did this by founding the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a large business, and many instructors work for him. Students of the academy have been satisfied with the quality of the classes, and there are many positive reviews of the academy. If you’re interested in learning from Vertucci, it’s possible to go to one of his workshops for free.

Troy McQuagge Made the Right Moves to Change the USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge has always been a positive influence on the USHEALTH Group. He knows there are things he can do to make the company better and always wants to provide other people with the options they need. He knows the insurance clients he has are the ones who are the most important part of the business and he will push to make sure he is helping them in every way possible. He has always wanted to make sure there are things these clients can get out of different situationsso they will have a chance to experience the best type of insurance possible. There have always been things the company can do to make sure they are providing people with the options they need and that’s what has allowed him to keep giving the business all the right tools. It is all up to Troy McQuagge since he is the president and the CEO of USHEALTH Group.

By looking at all the things the company has to offer others, Troy McQuagge US Health knows what he can do and how he can make sure things are going to continue to help. Troy McQuagge also knows what it will take for him to make sure things are getting better in different situations. The health insurance industry does not have enough people who are working to actually help people because most of the companies are just trying to get the profits they think will make them thrive in different situations. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge knew this when he started. He knew the health insurance industry was not what it could be. He wanted to make his company better, though. He wanted people to realize USHEALTH Group was more than just a company that was providing insurance. They are a company that can provide everything their clients need. They know what it takes and how they can make people happy. It is all part of their mission to continue giving the community what they are looking for. It helps them see there are different opportunities they can use to make things more positive.

One of the things Troy McQuagge came up with was HOPE. The program is Helping Other People Everyday. With the program, USHEALTH Group works to provide valuable help to others. They do this aside from the insurance part of their business and make sure what they are doing is charitable. They don’t have a specific charity they give money or time to. Instead, they focus on different charities and different things people might be able to use to help themselves with the money they need or the time they need. It is Troy McQuagge’s way of giving the community all the best options for success.

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Securus Technologies and Protection From Contraband Devices

Robert Johnson wants to do anything and everything in his power to stop incarcerated individuals from getting cell phone use of any kind. He comes from Delray Beach located in South Florida and used to work as a corrections officer. He believes that giving inmates the opportunity to use cell phones is a major hazard to human beings. Johnson was the victim of an incarcerated individual who had a cell phone in his possession. His aim at the moment is to take action to make sure that people who are in prison are unable to zero in on others.


Johnson had employment at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution back in 2010. He had been working in the corrections world for 15 years at that point. His main responsibility revolved around the confiscation of contraband. He was extremely skilled in his profession. That’s actually the reason it encouraged an inmate to shoot him while he was in the comfort of his own home. Johnson had blocked a sizable package from getting through to an inmate approximately two weeks prior to the incident. It was a contraband package that was thought to be worth roughly $50,000 or so. Johnson was awake and ready to head to his job at about 5:30 A.M. on March 5th in 2010. That’s when he heard an oddly loud sound. He realized without delay that he was most likely in the middle of a questionable situation. He asked the trespasser to head to the hallway to keep him away from his sleeping wife. The man was on the bigger side and forced him back. He noticed a gun and that was the last thing he saw until later when he regained consciousness in his bathroom on the floor. He was shot both in the chest and on the stomach. This occurred six times in total. He believed that he was going to pass away. His wife believed that, too.


Sean Echols was found to be the individual behind the attack. A contraband cell phone was the reason for all of this. That’s how criminals were able to reach Echols in the first place. Johnson has been through 23 surgical procedures throughout the course of seven years. Excessive pain is a constant reality for him.


Securus Technologies is a trusted and established company that focuses on criminal and civil justice technology approaches. It specializes in Wireless Containment Systems that aim to pinpoint and stop all kinds of hazardous and serious incidents. These systems strive to stop incarcerated individuals from being able to use contraband cellphones for all sorts of problematic activities. Securus Technologies is in Dallas in Texas and caters to facilities all throughout the North American continent.