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The Most Famous Brewpub in Canada With Eli Gershkovitch

The formerly hugely popular mass-market domestic beers directly resulted in many of these kinds of beer companies growing into their own empires. That is changing as Millennials are more drawn to craft beers. The mass-market empires really aren’t empires anymore and steadily becoming less so amidst the rising popularity of microbreweries. This change is somewhat mystifying to experts who can’t seem to figure out why exactly it is taking place. While mass-market beers are still popular, it is estimated that by 2020 at least 20 percent of beer sales will come from the craft beer sector.


There are also well-known craft beer competitions. Perhaps the most well-known competition in North America is the U.S. Open Beer Championship. This competition has shown that Canada breweries have really shown the Canadian craft beer industry to be among the best in the world. In the 2017 competition, Canadian breweries won 24 of the medal (bronze, silver, and gold) awards. And the main center of craft beer making in Canada is Ontario (MontrealGazette). One of the most famous brewpubs in this area, Steamworks, was founded by Eli Gershkovitch.


Eli Gershkovitch was the first to start the brewpub, combining a brewery and pub into one. He originally founded Steamworks in Gastown, Vancouver as just a pub ( It opened with 184. It has become so popular that it now has 754 seats. In 2013, he connected a full-size brewery to the establishment, thus creating a brewpub. He also opened several other bars and restaurants in the Vancouver area, all which serve Steamworks craft beers. Being free to do anything he wants to with the company has always been a priority for him. As a result, Gershkovitch has complete control of all decisions, being the only owner and have no shareholders. In his rare free time, he is passionate about working with his large collection of classic cars.


Glen Wakeman: LaunchPad Holdings LLC Executive

Glen Wakeman is one of the most efficient businessmen In the United States who established LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is the current CEO of the company, and he is showing a practical way on how to become a leader. Under his leadership, LaunchPad Holdings LLC grew tremendously, and it posted some of the most excellent records in business growth. Part of the reason why the company developed exponentially is the belief of Glen Wakeman in five principles of doing business. He has been practicing these principles every single day making it a part of his daily mantra. Since the establishment of LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, Glen Wakeman has been known to help hundreds of small business owners, because of the techniques and methods that he is sharing. His skills in mentoring and training entrepreneurs are useful, and he is the reason why more people in the United States are becoming interested in managing their businesses (AnalystOfFinance).



Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an MBA Degree in Finances, Glen Wakeman is destined to become a businessman. He decided to enter several companies after he graduated, and he had to work in different departments until he decided that being an employee is enough. He decided to become an entrepreneur instead, and he is keeping track of his achievement as a businessman. He chose to build a firm that would help entrepreneurs to transform their small-time businesses into big and exciting corporations.



Being an icon of victorious business thinking, Glen Wakeman keeps on serving the people through the firms that he established. He is hoping that the business empire he built would one day help thousands of people around the world. He stated that he wanted to help everyone in growing their business, and it is the reason why he is still running a website which gives tips and tricks to those who wanted to pursue a career in being an entrepreneur. Glen Wakeman encourages everyone who is curious about his business to try it out and see for themselves.


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Dr. Mark Holterman, a native from Wisconsin, from his humble beginnings, he was a very dedicated student, his efforts helped him land his initial career at Yale University where he graduated in 1980 with a biology major. He decided to continue studying and enrolled in the medical field at the University of Virginia. As part of his educational effort, he followed interests to become a medical scientist. Close interaction with another medical resident made him decide of following a specialty on surgery and pediatrics (BitsyLink).


Upon graduation from the University of Virginia, Dr. Mark Holterman he became a surgery resident from the Health Sciences Center from the same university. Other future positions he held were located in Seattle, WA, and Quebec, Canada.


Up to these days, Dr. Mark Holterman has accomplished several medical endeavors accumulating more than two decades of professional experience. His current roles include being the CEO for Mariam Global Health Investment Firm, which is dedicated to management and promotion of innovative medical businesses and, being a full-time professor on the fields of surgery and pediatrics on the University of Illinois College of Medicine ( He still finds time to take care of pediatric patients at university’s hospital and work on promising research projects and technologies that encompass: Regenerative treatment with stem cells, and cancer and diabetes-fighting. Areas that upon full emergence could greatly improve human lifestyle.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s research on the medical field has led him to the co-creation of the Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a charitable organization that assists kids suffering from unusual chronic diseases to get access to leading-edge regenerative treatments. He is also a core person for IPSAC-VN, a medical support and assistance organization for underserved kids at South Vietnam.


Dr. Holterman currently belongs to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Surgeons. His two professional practice offices are located at Peoria and at the Village of Maywood, both at the state of Illinois.


Stream Energy Hires Leticia Castellanos for Energy Services VP

The big energy company, Stream, decided to put a new Energy Services General Manager on its staff. This time, they picked a woman who had a heap of experience in product development and general innovation. Stream felt that Leticia Castellanos was the perfect person for the job because of her high level of expertise with generating company growth. Larry Mondry gave a kind welcome speech like he does when anyone new comes to the team ( He pointed out the qualities that he felt Mrs. Castellanos had that made her an excellent fit for Stream leadership. One of the qualities that he mentioned was her “strategic business eye” as well as her ability to lead teams that had multiple purposes. He feels that she will accomplish a lot while she’s on the team, and he is delighted to have her on it. He said that he thinks of her as an invaluable asset that will become more valuable as the years with her on the team go by (PUC.TEXAS).


Mrs. Castellanos will be taking care of all aspects of the energy services. She will be responsible for bringing innovation to the table in that area. She will be organizing teams and strategies that will help to sell Stream’s energy services to the community. She brings with her a long record of success, dedication, and commitment. Mrs. Castellanos said that she hopes to help to grow business at Stream. She has been a long-term fan of the company and wants to be a strong asset.



Stream Energy Snapshot

Stream Energy continues to add more services to the arsenal of services that it currently provides to the masses. It started as just an energy company, but it quickly advanced to more than that. It quickly advanced to a company that offered many of the things that people need in their homes. Stream Energy provides cell phone services as well as home products and security items.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based business, but it has branches in other states like Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and so on. It continues to grow every day.


Unselfishness promotes Food feelings, Revealed in Jorge Moll Study

Jorge Moll could not hide his pleasant surprise after viewing the results of their recent study with Jordan Grafman his fellow neuroscientist. These neurologists from the National Institute of Health had been conducting some scans volunteers’ brains. They had requested the volunteers to think about an act involving donating some cash to charity or just withholding the amount to use on themselves.


Jorge Moll delight on the results prompted him to email Grafman, who came in immediately and his surprise was also very evident. According to the results, once the volunteers had the interest of others before theirs, this kind of generosity stimulated a primitive segment of the brain that normally responds delightfully to sex or food (DiasDaCruz). The research indicated that benevolence or rather altruism, was a very elemental and tightly-fixed to the brain, not forgetting pleasurable. As a matter of fact, Kindness is by no means a superior moral faculty that puts down the normal selfish desires.


From another of their study conducted in 2006, Jorge Moll and the team found out that putting others before oneself can feel great ( These findings have been scientifically supported by spiritual leaders like Saint Francis of Assisi who once stated that “For it is in giving that we receive.” other than that, Moll’s study and several other such studies have triggered a discussion among neuroscientists about morality and the literal meaning of being good.


Morality and animals


Results in brain imaging and experiments from psychologists show that morality is a fixture in a human brain and most likely a possibility in other species as well. Though no much study has been done on other animals, one experiment done on a rat indicated that a rat would sacrifice its meal to a neighbor who receives an electric shock: selflessness.


More About Jorge Moll


Jorge Moll is the founder and president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is a 1994 Medicine graduate, from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He later undertook Neurological studies from the same university which he completed in 1998. Moll is a Ph.D. holder in Experimental Pathophysiology which he was awarded in 2004.


Due to his efforts in neurological research, Moll has received a number of awards, some of them being Research Fellow NIH award in 2004 through to 2007, Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford University, Neuroscience Institute in 2015.



Clayton Hutson: A Capable Tour Manager

Clayton Hutson has been a fan of DiGiCo for ages. DiGiCo is a company that specializes in all kinds of advanced digital mixing consoles. It’s based in the United Kingdom and was launched back in 2002. Hutson has a penchant for all kinds of DiGiCo offerings. These offerings assist him with his jam-packed career as well. Hutson manages tour and production needs for musical acts. He functions as an engineer who concentrates on monitoring and FOH (Front of House) as well. This individual has researched the SD11, a type of system that’s rack-mountable. He wanted to secure this product for touring purposes. Hutson has gotten his hands on all kinds of DiGiCo consoles throughout his career. He employed an SD7 console while touring with Maxwell. He employed a number of SD8 consoles during other musical performances, too. Hutson states that he was equipped with a customized D5 that served him well during a Marilyn Manson tour close to a full decade ago. He said that relying on a brand new console was intimidating to him. He also noted, though, that everything turned out just fine when all was said and done. He was grateful for the assistance DiGiCo gave him at that time. He, because of that, has been a major fan of the company and all that it does. Learn more:


Clay Hutson is a talented engineer who concentrates on live sound. That’s the reason he spends so much time out on the road with skilled musicians who have sizable audiences. He’s a trusted production manager who makes his clients feel relaxed and secure at all times. Musicians who want to enjoy smooth and high-quality live performances frequently reach out to Hutson for comprehensive assistance. Hutson can enthusiastically aid musicians with all kinds of useful specialties. He knows a lot about subjects such as rigging, stage management, logistics management, show production, production management and even production design.


This professional has never been unfamiliar with the music scene. He’s been highly active in the music field essentially for his entire life. He remembers thinking in great detail about music as a kid, too. Hutson strived to do his best and to hone his craft. He, as a result, was able to secure a genuine vocation in music. He’s collaborated with a vast number of prominent musical acts. These recognized acts include household names like Kelly Clarkson, Garbage, Guns N’ Roses and Pink.

Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor and an entrepreneur who has a long list of accomplishments in his field. Dr. McKenna has been seen on the CBS “Docupreneur” show, which profiles medical doctors who shares the entrepreneurial spirit with people within their community.

McKenna is a licensed doctor in Georgia and Louisiana. He followed in his father’s footsteps, a Tulane University Medical School graduate. After practicing for a few years, Dr. McKenna decided he would need a way to supplement his medical income. So he put his mind to work to develop a few successful ventures.

Dr. Mark McKenna always had a head for success. Even in his early years as a medical student, he earned $50 per hour giving physicals to prison inmates. He made it a point to save every penny he earned for the future.

The first thing Mark McKenna did was work on his financial portfolio. After he opened his first medical practice in New Orleans, he also opened, McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate investment firm. He went on to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Mortgage.

Disaster struck in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. His business was ruined and he was forced to start over. Dr. Mark McKenna has a determination unlike most other people. He wasn’t going to let a little thing like a Hurricane get the best of him.

He started over and moved to Atlanta. He recently opened up a chain of medical offices called Shape Med. This caters to individuals who are interested in Botox, laser hair removal and medical counseling. So far, the clinics have been a rousing success.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now working on a new venture for 2018 called OVME. It will be like an Uber service that makes house calls to perform Botox injections.

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David Giertz Shares Insights on Retirement Planning and Social Security

David Giertz, the President of Nationwide’s Financial Distributors has an explanation as to why financial advisers are not talking to their clients about Social Security, and what it means to the consumer. In an interview with Veronica Dagher, a columnist and wealth adviser for the Wall Street Journal, David Giertz brought up an interesting issue with Social Security and retirement plans. Advisers don’t always talk to their clients about Social Security because of the depth of rules, and the consequences of ignoring Social Security with their clients are unfavorable.

What are the effects of financial advisers ignoring Social Security? The most noticeable is people simply leaving their advisers to find one that does talk about Social Security. David Giertz explains that in a study performed by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, the majority of consumers who are retired, and those ten years from retirement have advisers that do not talk to them about Social Security. Four out of five consumers also reported that they would leave their current financial adviser because of this lack of communication.

So why do financial advisers ignore Social Security in the first place? David Giertz explains that “the Social Security handbook has over 700 rules. That’s a lot to comprehend, it’s very complex.” Giertz also emphasized the importance of Social Security being implemented properly, as it can make up to 40 percent of a retirement planning process. Social Security has the potential to play a major role in a retirement plan.

David Giertz has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. He started in 2004, where Giertz lead the Financial Institutions Bank channel. Revenue grew six and a half billion dollars during his time there. He is now the Nationwide Financial president. Succeeding in his career to where he is today, Giertz has also been involved in community organizations.

David Giertz has been a chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Budget and Finance committee of Milliken University. Milliken University is the national leader in performance learning. They value the commitment to the discovery of knowledge, and advancement of the greater good.

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Nick Vertucci Helps Aspiring Realtors To Become Successful

His background is very different from most successful realtors. He lived with a single mother for many years, and her long hours limited the amount of contact that he had with her. Nick Vertucci left the house at eighteen years old, and he lived in extremely challenging circumstances after moving out.

What Was His First Business?

He began his career as a self-employed computer salesman. He was able to escape his dire circumstances and support a family with this career. His computer store did well until the dot com crash, but this crash ruined his electronics business. Nick Vertucci sank into debt. His family nearly lost their home, and they lost a lot of important and valuable belongings.

What Brought Him To The Real Estate Business?

Nick Vertucci scrambled to find a way to make ends meet, and one of his friends suggested that he attend a real estate conference with him. He took him up on the offer. While he was there, it was often challenging for him to understand the things that were being discussed. However, it was clear that you can become very wealthy from a career in real estate. He immediately began studying to become a realtor on after he returned home, and his efforts paid off.

His Academy:

After he became a millionaire in real estate, he had a strong desire to teach people how to succeed as a realtor. He did this by founding the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy.

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a large business, and many instructors work for him. Students of the academy have been satisfied with the quality of the classes, and there are many positive reviews of the academy. If you’re interested in learning from Vertucci, it’s possible to go to one of his workshops for free.

Troy McQuagge Made the Right Moves to Change the USHEALTH Group

Troy McQuagge has always been a positive influence on the USHEALTH Group. He knows there are things he can do to make the company better and always wants to provide other people with the options they need. He knows the insurance clients he has are the ones who are the most important part of the business and he will push to make sure he is helping them in every way possible. He has always wanted to make sure there are things these clients can get out of different situationsso they will have a chance to experience the best type of insurance possible. There have always been things the company can do to make sure they are providing people with the options they need and that’s what has allowed him to keep giving the business all the right tools. It is all up to Troy McQuagge since he is the president and the CEO of USHEALTH Group.

By looking at all the things the company has to offer others, Troy McQuagge US Health knows what he can do and how he can make sure things are going to continue to help. Troy McQuagge also knows what it will take for him to make sure things are getting better in different situations. The health insurance industry does not have enough people who are working to actually help people because most of the companies are just trying to get the profits they think will make them thrive in different situations. Learn more at about Troy McQuagge US Health.

Troy McQuagge knew this when he started. He knew the health insurance industry was not what it could be. He wanted to make his company better, though. He wanted people to realize USHEALTH Group was more than just a company that was providing insurance. They are a company that can provide everything their clients need. They know what it takes and how they can make people happy. It is all part of their mission to continue giving the community what they are looking for. It helps them see there are different opportunities they can use to make things more positive.

One of the things Troy McQuagge came up with was HOPE. The program is Helping Other People Everyday. With the program, USHEALTH Group works to provide valuable help to others. They do this aside from the insurance part of their business and make sure what they are doing is charitable. They don’t have a specific charity they give money or time to. Instead, they focus on different charities and different things people might be able to use to help themselves with the money they need or the time they need. It is Troy McQuagge’s way of giving the community all the best options for success.

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