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The Most Famous Brewpub in Canada With Eli Gershkovitch

The formerly hugely popular mass-market domestic beers directly resulted in many of these kinds of beer companies growing into their own empires. That is changing as Millennials are more drawn to craft beers. The mass-market empires really aren’t empires anymore and steadily becoming less so amidst the rising popularity of microbreweries. This change is somewhat mystifying to experts who can’t seem to figure out why exactly it is taking place. While mass-market beers are still popular, it is estimated that by 2020 at least 20 percent of beer sales will come from the craft beer sector.


There are also well-known craft beer competitions. Perhaps the most well-known competition in North America is the U.S. Open Beer Championship. This competition has shown that Canada breweries have really shown the Canadian craft beer industry to be among the best in the world. In the 2017 competition, Canadian breweries won 24 of the medal (bronze, silver, and gold) awards. And the main center of craft beer making in Canada is Ontario (MontrealGazette). One of the most famous brewpubs in this area, Steamworks, was founded by Eli Gershkovitch.


Eli Gershkovitch was the first to start the brewpub, combining a brewery and pub into one. He originally founded Steamworks in Gastown, Vancouver as just a pub ( It opened with 184. It has become so popular that it now has 754 seats. In 2013, he connected a full-size brewery to the establishment, thus creating a brewpub. He also opened several other bars and restaurants in the Vancouver area, all which serve Steamworks craft beers. Being free to do anything he wants to with the company has always been a priority for him. As a result, Gershkovitch has complete control of all decisions, being the only owner and have no shareholders. In his rare free time, he is passionate about working with his large collection of classic cars.


Glen Wakeman: LaunchPad Holdings LLC Executive

Glen Wakeman is one of the most efficient businessmen In the United States who established LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He is the current CEO of the company, and he is showing a practical way on how to become a leader. Under his leadership, LaunchPad Holdings LLC grew tremendously, and it posted some of the most excellent records in business growth. Part of the reason why the company developed exponentially is the belief of Glen Wakeman in five principles of doing business. He has been practicing these principles every single day making it a part of his daily mantra. Since the establishment of LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015, Glen Wakeman has been known to help hundreds of small business owners, because of the techniques and methods that he is sharing. His skills in mentoring and training entrepreneurs are useful, and he is the reason why more people in the United States are becoming interested in managing their businesses (AnalystOfFinance).



Receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and an MBA Degree in Finances, Glen Wakeman is destined to become a businessman. He decided to enter several companies after he graduated, and he had to work in different departments until he decided that being an employee is enough. He decided to become an entrepreneur instead, and he is keeping track of his achievement as a businessman. He chose to build a firm that would help entrepreneurs to transform their small-time businesses into big and exciting corporations.



Being an icon of victorious business thinking, Glen Wakeman keeps on serving the people through the firms that he established. He is hoping that the business empire he built would one day help thousands of people around the world. He stated that he wanted to help everyone in growing their business, and it is the reason why he is still running a website which gives tips and tricks to those who wanted to pursue a career in being an entrepreneur. Glen Wakeman encourages everyone who is curious about his business to try it out and see for themselves.


More about Glen Wakeman at


Dr. Mark Holterman, a native from Wisconsin, from his humble beginnings, he was a very dedicated student, his efforts helped him land his initial career at Yale University where he graduated in 1980 with a biology major. He decided to continue studying and enrolled in the medical field at the University of Virginia. As part of his educational effort, he followed interests to become a medical scientist. Close interaction with another medical resident made him decide of following a specialty on surgery and pediatrics (BitsyLink).


Upon graduation from the University of Virginia, Dr. Mark Holterman he became a surgery resident from the Health Sciences Center from the same university. Other future positions he held were located in Seattle, WA, and Quebec, Canada.


Up to these days, Dr. Mark Holterman has accomplished several medical endeavors accumulating more than two decades of professional experience. His current roles include being the CEO for Mariam Global Health Investment Firm, which is dedicated to management and promotion of innovative medical businesses and, being a full-time professor on the fields of surgery and pediatrics on the University of Illinois College of Medicine ( He still finds time to take care of pediatric patients at university’s hospital and work on promising research projects and technologies that encompass: Regenerative treatment with stem cells, and cancer and diabetes-fighting. Areas that upon full emergence could greatly improve human lifestyle.


Dr. Mark Holterman’s research on the medical field has led him to the co-creation of the Hannah Sunshine Foundation, a charitable organization that assists kids suffering from unusual chronic diseases to get access to leading-edge regenerative treatments. He is also a core person for IPSAC-VN, a medical support and assistance organization for underserved kids at South Vietnam.


Dr. Holterman currently belongs to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Surgeons. His two professional practice offices are located at Peoria and at the Village of Maywood, both at the state of Illinois.


Stream Energy Hires Leticia Castellanos for Energy Services VP

The big energy company, Stream, decided to put a new Energy Services General Manager on its staff. This time, they picked a woman who had a heap of experience in product development and general innovation. Stream felt that Leticia Castellanos was the perfect person for the job because of her high level of expertise with generating company growth. Larry Mondry gave a kind welcome speech like he does when anyone new comes to the team ( He pointed out the qualities that he felt Mrs. Castellanos had that made her an excellent fit for Stream leadership. One of the qualities that he mentioned was her “strategic business eye” as well as her ability to lead teams that had multiple purposes. He feels that she will accomplish a lot while she’s on the team, and he is delighted to have her on it. He said that he thinks of her as an invaluable asset that will become more valuable as the years with her on the team go by (PUC.TEXAS).


Mrs. Castellanos will be taking care of all aspects of the energy services. She will be responsible for bringing innovation to the table in that area. She will be organizing teams and strategies that will help to sell Stream’s energy services to the community. She brings with her a long record of success, dedication, and commitment. Mrs. Castellanos said that she hopes to help to grow business at Stream. She has been a long-term fan of the company and wants to be a strong asset.



Stream Energy Snapshot

Stream Energy continues to add more services to the arsenal of services that it currently provides to the masses. It started as just an energy company, but it quickly advanced to more than that. It quickly advanced to a company that offered many of the things that people need in their homes. Stream Energy provides cell phone services as well as home products and security items.


Stream Energy is a Dallas-based business, but it has branches in other states like Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and so on. It continues to grow every day.