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Bob Reina: He Will Show You The Right Way

If someone out there is feeling lost, a little insecure, or scared, they don’t need to feel that way because there is someone out there that is going to show them a better way to live. That individual is Bob Reina, a former cop turned CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the video communications company. A lot of people are tired and fed up with life. They feel like life has given them the short straw and they are sick and tired of it. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired, as they say. Because of this, they really don’t know what to do or how to react to life. Do they quit? Do they just go through the motions? Do they accept the hand they have been dealt?


Bob Reina believes there is not a single thing that cannot be accomplished if someone is willing to commit themselves to a project and also to themselves. They need to be wiling to really push themselves and really look at life in a whole new way. They need to look at it from a survivor’s mentality. They need to attack life. They can’t look at themselves as a victim. If they view themselves that way, the whole world is going to view them that way. However, they need to know they are better than that. They need to know they are a step ahead.


After all, they can use everything that has happened to them as an advantage. They can use it as something to be proud of because it is something about them that is different and something about them that is special. They are not just like everyone else out there with a boring story. They have a great story to share of how they have overcome obstacles in life. Bob Reina’s story is one of a career change. He used to work in law enforcement and now he’s the founder and CEO of the best video technology company out there in Talk Fusion. That is something he really hangs his hat on and something that means a great deal to him. It matters to him because he showed people he could do more than just one thing.


He prides himself on being versatile. He knows others can do more with their lives as well if they test themselves and break out of the norm. It will be so worth it when they see the results of their life at the end of the day. They will see they have accomplished so much more than they ever thought possible. It’s a truly special feeling for the individual, and they can thank Bob Reina for showing them the blueprint on how to get it done. Learn more:





Great Employee Remuneration Tips from Jeremy Goldstein

Often, large corporations find themselves facing a multitude of challenges. One of these challenges is remuneration, especially for their top level employees. Jeremy Goldstein, a long-serving New York City attorney has amassed close to twenty years of experience helping corporations overcome these challenges.


Large corporations are highly profitable business entities. As a result, they generate a lot of interest from diverse quarters of society. Most of the interest they generate is often from employees and shareholders, especially those invested for the long term. The investors are interested in seeing their investment grow in the form of an increase in share price while employees want to see that they are compensated well for the value they create in the organization. According to Jeremy Goldstein, an employee remuneration advisor, these organizations resort to pegging their pay on the Earnings per Share of their traded stock which is not always a correct position.


Jeremy Goldstein opines that there are both pros and cons of learning to EPS based remuneration. He observes that shareholders are more likely to prefer EPS based compensation so that executives do everything possible to grow the EPS and thus their investments will grow.


On the other hand, this could give leeway to company executives to work towards manipulating their company’s share price illegal, to please their investors and to increase their pay. In addition, EPS based pay leads executives to focus on the short-term profitability of the organization and not the long-term sustainability of the organization.


With these varying opinions in mind, he advises that corporations should have the ability to look at both their profitability and sustainability. He recommends that corporations adopt performance-based pay. He opines that this form of pay leads to better working environments and cultures. In addition, with a proper system of accountability, company executives are able to focus on the longevity of the organization and seek ways to grow it and thus build a strong investment for shareholders.


Jeremy Goldstein has close to twenty years practicing as an attorney in the corporate world. He has a wide range of experience in the American corporate scene. He has participated and led teams in several corporate transactions in diverse sectors of the economy. He has been involved in telecommunication transactions such as the United Technologies acquisition of Goodrich, he has also participated in major banking and oil and petroleum industry transactions.


Mr. Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy. L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He is a highly regarded legal mind and listed in the Legal 500 magazine as such. Jeremy is a highly sought after speaker and published writer on matters, corporate governance and executive compensation. He also sits on the Board of Directors of Fountain House, which is a charity that focuses on helping those recovering from mental illnesses. Learn more: 

The Future of Dental Industry with MB2 Dental

MB2 Dental is a dental organization that has been established to serve the affiliated dental practitioners and dental hospital owners across the States. Dr Chris Villanueva founded the group. The main aim was to facilitate the dentist to focus and deliver quality services to the patients all over the States. The vision of the team is to provide the best of the best in the dentist practitioners and other corporate dentistry in the industry. The underlying principle that prompted Dr. Chris to set up of MB2 Dental based on the idea that doctors working with each other can help them accomplish more than when working individually as a dentist. Since its inception, MB2 Dental has achieved a big success in establishing a complete togetherness in the dentistry industry. It currently has more than 500 employees across six states in the United States, and it is still expanding in its operations and service deliveries.

MB2 Dental has certain unique qualities that make it one of the most outstanding organizations in the dentistry world. It encompasses the traditional means of dental practices, and it aims at not only making profits but also creating customer satisfaction. MB2 dental focuses more on autonomy support, personal dentist growth and working together in the industry to share knowledge and experience between the dentist practitioners. The organization also focuses on making improvements and innovations that help in revolutionizing the dental sector. These changes aimed at providing quality services, and higher improved standards leading to the better result, client satisfaction and this will typically lead to more business growth. MB2 Dental provide an environment in which dental practitioners in can learn and grow each other.

The organization is characterized by several factors making it one of the unique establishment in the dentist industry. Apart from promoting knowledge sharing between the dentist, it has a team of professional lawyers to teach its associates and advice them on legal matters pertaining the industry. The expert team also information on the issues of marketing challenges and ways of overcoming them. MB2 Dental provide an avenue in which the dentists can share experience and knowledge and thus create an ample working environment between the dentists. The organization also has a team of technologically versatile young men who can advise accordingly on technological matters and the current technological trends in the market. The company is well conversant with the current technological changes in the market making it one of the most advanced dental company.


Highland Capital Provides Top Notch Investing Service

Looking for a reputable or reliable investment or financial advisory firm or professional? Want to be certain you are investing properly in lucrative opportunities? It is imperative to select a reliable firm that provides outstanding investment advice, money management guidance and financial planning.

Highland Capital is a top rated investment firm with a team of knowledgeable financial advisors and wealth building advisory experts. Highland Capital has been catering to business and individual clients for many years and is well known in the industry. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Every person who wants to invest has to start somewhere. It is important to learn basic investments such as stocks and bonds, and consult professionals who have been in the field for a long time. Learn how to select the ideal investment vehicle for your situation and what steps you need to take.

Investing is a complex process and you need to enlist the services of a firm or professional with an impeccable knowledge of finances and money management. In order to achieve the success you desire, you need to have access to the right resources and be able to make sound decisions. Professionals have the skills to manage investments and can help you on your way to your investment goals. Many people, particularly new investors, need expert advice and guidance provided by an established investment advisory firm. That’s where Highland Capital comes in.

Highland Capital has an established history of rendering outstanding investing and money management services to clients and comes highly recommended in the industry. This renowned company has access to top quality resources and industry connections, which enable them to meet the needs of clients. Read this article at PR Newswire.


When you get in touch with the advisors and consultants at Highland Capital, you will be asked to disclose certain information about your financial standing so they can help you make the right decision for your situation. Keep in mind, these professionals have been advising and guiding clients for years and they know what works and what to avoid. They can help you select an investment vehicle that suits your financial situation.

An investment vehicle refers to anything that you can invest your money in. Experienced investment advisors are familiar with many types of investment vehicles for people looking to invest their money. In selecting an investment vehicle, it is crucial to identify an investment opportunity that will allow your money yield significant returns.