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Glen Wakeman – Master of Business Efficiency

Over time, seasoned business leader Glen Wakeman has proven the ability to be an extremely valuable asset to any company that he gets involved with. His efficient use of business resources and expert management skills have given him the opportunity to take on many different leadership roles with various companies all around the world. With decades of experience in the world of business, Glen decided to venture into entrepreneurship and started his very own company LaunchPad Holdings LLC in 2015.


LaunchPad Holdings

LaunchPad Holdings LLC is the result of Glen Wakeman’s many years of proven business expertise. The mission of LaunchPad Holdings is to help new companies grow through the implementation of Glen’s own time-tested 4 step approach to business which puts a focus on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution of business. This approach is guaranteed to help companies achieve sustained long-term growth while placing a premium on company leadership that makes a daily effort to understand the intricate roles of each part of their company. This is the best way to promote trust and transparency from within a company which leads to explosive business growth.


Building the Foundations

Before Glen Wakeman was an expert in business he built the foundations of success by investing in himself through education. He first attended the University of Scranton, where he graduated with a BS in economics and then went on to attend the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA in finance. The skills that he learned at those prestigious universities helped him land his first professional position at GE Capital where he held various leadership positions and helped grow the company for over 20 years.


Success in the Future

Today Glen Wakeman continues to get the most out of life by helping new companies attain the necessary start-up capital and long-term planning in order to ensure a successful transition from a new company to an established industry leader. His humble attitude and caring approach helps new enterprises greatly increase their chances for success. Consequently, Glen and LaunchPad Holdings will no doubt continue their track record of sustained success in the new year.


MB2 Covers Every Base in Dentistry

MB2 Dental offers an array of services to affiliated dentists and practice owners. Their services make it easier to run a practice since they take care of all the behind the scenes stuff such as billing, filing, and every other task that needs to be accomplished in order to run a dentistry smoothly. MB2 has been designed with dentists specifically in mind by dentists and makes it possible for dentists to run their practices with the patient front and center. MB2 will handle all the time-consuming tasks that need to be taken care of so that the dentist has more time to see patients. MB2 handles everything that has to do with human resources such as payroll, labor relations, talent acquisition, diversity, compliance, benefits, safety and security, and technology, just to name a few tasks. They also take care of accounting and finance tasks such as accounting procedures, preparation, and care of important dental records. Credentialing is another area that MB2 will handle including all of the extensive processes that credentialing requires.

With MB2 it is no longer necessary for the dentist to become affiliated with insurance companies in order to receive reimbursements. They also handle compliance and IT. MB2 will make sure that computer management runs smoothly even though it is very complex. They provide data management, on-site as well as remote computer support, and maintenance plans. They also cover disaster recovery, business network solutions, cloud network solutions, and telecom/data services. They also handle all the custom A/V installations, software implementation, and surveillance installation and network solutions.

MB2 Dental wants everything to run the way it should and that every area is covered. That is why they also provide a specialized Marketing Team that will help your dental practice grow its brand for maximum exposure and profitability. They will come up with customized marketing plans and at a cost-efficient strategy. Recruiting is yet another area of expertise for MB2 Dental. They will find the most competent and brightest individuals to work in your practice so that you can focus on more important things-like your patients. The MB2 team is very thorough and will find the best and most qualified candidates. Our procurement team offers cost efficient and high-quality products and makes ordering and shipping a breeze. MB2 also offers business development opportunities and training as well. MB2 has it all covered and is well worth the investment.

Troy McQuagge Gets Feted in the One Planet Awards for US Health

The USHEALTH Group, Inc’s CEO Troy McQuagge has been recently named the Gold Winner as the CEO of the year in the just concluded prestigious One Planet Awards. This award is highly coveted by business owners around the world, for it honors the excellence of any type of business in the industry world over. For a company to participate, they are asked to submit their nomination which does not discriminate against the size of business, whether governmentally owned or private, start-ups or smallest, or even non-profit or profit organization.

In 2010, McQuagge started working in USHEALTH Group Inc., and since then, he has always strived to turn the company around. First, Troy McQuagge targeted the USHEALTH Advisors agency setting it to what should be the company’s captive agency. That was a success, and it’s what made him be elected the company’s President and CEO in 2014. The company has since realized a significant change in performance, growth, and profitability ever since Troy took USHEALTH Group, Inc.’s steering wheel.  Read more about Troy McQuagge US health at

While receiving the award, Troy McQuagge UShealth expressed that it was his honor to be named by the award’s organizers to receive the esteemed industry and peer recognition. He continued to dedicate the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. saying that that was a statement to the company’s commitment to bring down the cost of healthcare affordability for their customers, through making innovative coverage available, and can grow as their customer needs grow.

Enterprises should be recognized for their professional excellence, and this is what the One Planet Awards are for. Currently, these honors are conferred in categories and sections such as teams, executives, PR, Marketing, new products and services and Corporate Communications, and enterprises from all over the world.

Everyone who knows Troy would describe him as a very humble and down to earth man despite having achieved great things in life. People who have worked under him would term him as the best boss who is ever considerate and has the welfare of other people at heart. Through his good leadership, Mr. Troy has elevated the USHEALTH Group, Inc. from its humble beginnings placing it among the world’s best performing businesses of all times.

In the year 1982, He went to the University of Central Florida to pursue Legal Studies Bachelor of Arts. In 1992 is when his career started, at the time working for an insurance company called Allstat. He went on to work for a couple of insurance companies such as Freedom Life insurance of America, and Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc.Troy has worked with many other organizations including Hope Kids Phoenix, Health Market, Trinity, Habitat for Humanity, Semper Fi fund, and Phoenix of New Orleans.

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Ted Bauman, hero writer for the everyday people

Atlanta, Georgia resident and financial writer Ted Bauman is on a mission to help people get the resources they need. He has worked with Slum Dwellers and has helped 14 million people in 35 different countries all over the world. He has lived in the United States and also South Africa. Mr. Bauman was born in Washington D.C. but raised in Maryland. Ted received a BS in Business Administration in 1993. He also went to Georgia State University and Cape Town University.

As for companies Ted Buman has worked for the list is extensive. At Electrotek Concepts as Fulfillment Specialist. He has worked for MEAG Power as a Senior Economic Services Analyst/Bulk Power Marketer MEAG Power. He has worked in managerial and high ranking positions at Mirant, SouthStar Energy Services, ABB Enterprise Software, Sapient, and The Structure Group. Now he writes his heart out with his newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing when he joined forces with them in 2013. His most popular and well known newsletter The Bauman Letter where he writes about making everyday people not only wealthy, but to keep their money protected by government agencies and greedy corporations. Ted Bauman also is an editor for Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Not only has the successful businessman and writer help people all over the world, but he has traveled of over 75 countries! Some of these include the Caribbean, Africa, parts of Asia, Europe, and Latin America. You can get a real taste about the world’s conditions by just visiting there. Mr. Bauman lived and has a 25 year career in South Africa.

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As a writer Ted needs to make his stories compelling and utilize his real life experiences to draw conclusions. His best writing takes place in the early morning and not being interrupted is crucial for him. He ends work at 5pm, when most people end their work days. As a youth he worked some not fun jobs back in the day. Ted Bauman worked minimum wage jobs as a busboy, as gas stations, at Burger King, and at McDonalds. Although these jobs were very hard work and often degrading, he learned a lot of important lessons from them like what it takes for most people to make a living. You really have to put up with a lot to barely make ends meet. It is probably a huge reason now why Mr. Bauman helps these people get ahead. Read more:


Flash Gordan: TV Chef Gordan Ramsay Dodges Speed Cameras

In the earliest hours on the motorways of Los Angeles, CA, you might just catch a feint glimpse of celebrity chef, Gordan Ramsey zipping by in his Ferrari convertible. Gordan Ramsay admitted to racing at high speeds in the wee hours in SoCal and unabashedly revealed that he does something else a little illegal, he wraps his license plates with plastic cling wrap. The Kitchen Nightmares star swears that by doing this, it makes it a little harder for the police to identify him. He went on to explain that it will conceal his plate’s numbers by reflecting the flash from the speed camera.

Gordan Ramsay jokingly declares that you should get rolls of ‘cling film’ when you own your own Ferrari and wrap the front plate so you won’t get caught speeding. He happens to own a collection of eight gorgeous Ferrari vehicles in his garage back home in the United Kingdom. The particular one he loves to speed in Los Angeles is the Ferrari California T model that can reach speeds up to 196 miles per hour and accelerate from zero to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds. Maybe he’s correct that the license plates won’t photograph when shrouded with plastic cling wrap. One thing we do know for sure is, chef Ramsay is just plain lucky he never got caught.

The Aretha Franklin Movie Is Ready For Production

The world has been graced by the melodic voice of Aretha Franklin for more than five decades. Aretha is a Soul Music, rhythm and blues icon. She has earned the title of Queen of Soul from the music industry, and her millions of fans. It has just been announced that a movie depicting her life will soon be in production. Ms. Franklin has searched long and hard for the right person to play the role of the diva in the movie. She hand selected the beautiful Jennifer Hudson, who is an award winning singer and actress. She is the one person with the voice range that will do justice to the songs of Aretha Franklin. Both ladies are Grammy winners, and know the music industry intimately.

Clive Davis, who has been in the industry for decades, is the source behind the project. He and Aretha have worked together for much of her career. With the voice and acting ability of Jennifer Hudson, Ms. Franklin will be perfectly portrayed. Jennifer even has a similar appearance as Ms. Franklin in the earlier years, and will grow in the movie to be an exact replica of the Queen. This movie has been long anticipated by Franklin’s many fans. It will give much insight into the life of someone who has been adored for most of her life. Younger people will get to know the Aretha that started it all from her humble beginnings. This movie will be a treasure for all of the fans.

Tom Hanks Cast As Beloved Mr. Rogers in ‘You Are My Friend’ Film

Tom Hanks is going to be playing America’s favorite neighbor-Mr. Rogers. The film, You Are My Friend is slated to be a Biopic and is directed by Marielle Heller. Heller known for her work in Diary of a Teenage Girl noted that this the Biopic has been underway since 2013 but was recently picked up for production. It was noted at the time as one of the “most liked” screenplays not yet produced. The screenplay was written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster.

The film will follow the friendship of Fred Rogers and the somewhat cynical journalist Tom Junod. Over time, Junod’s perspective of life and of Fred Rogers changes significantly as he gets to know him better. Junod later refers to Fred Rogers as a hero to society and the world.

Heller was noted in a Variety Magazine interview that she was thrilled to be bringing the life and times of Fred Rogers and this special friendship to life. She noted how uplifting this message of kindness was as it explores the gifts of the human spirit. On a personal note she said that as a mother she has always felt inspired by the daily messages of the Mr. Roger’s Show.

There is no official word on when Hanks will start filming the project. The film will focus on the life and impact of Fred Rogers who was beloved by millions and known around the world for his show Mister Rogers Neighborhood which was a mainstay on PBS for 33 years.

Visionary, Entrepreneur & Trendsetter: Doe Deere

Fashion Designer Doe Deere is more than the average entrepreneur. This woman has grown into becoming a visionary thanks to her brilliant way of thinking. She is the founder and chief executive officer of Lime Crime. This company/brand is one of the leading cosmetic lines in society today. The products are loaded with some of the most dazzling, vivid and dynamic colors. Deere has always had a knack for being a bit eclectic, but her cosmetics are now making a firm statement. The reason for going in this eccentric-route’s direction is because none of yesterday’s cosmetics offered such diversity. Her decision to introduce such bright colors was a no-brainer, which has paid-off in huge financial returns.


Though brands such as Revlon, Covergirl, Almay and L’Oréal have good products, these brands haven’t been introducing anything new to the market. Until 2008, the cosmetics industry had hit a plateau to some degree. Since its inception, Lime Crime has brought new life back into this exclusive field of work. Every square-inch of the color-spectrum is being covered here. Lime Crime’s dynamic range of colors consist of red velvet, pink velvet, alien (neon green), utopia (neon blue), cement (gray), black velvet, wicked (blood red), shroom (burgundy), scandal (intense plum), bleached, riot, rave, cupid (pink) and many others. This brand even takes it further by offering lipsticks that glisten and glimmer. This includes:


  • Zenon (gold)


  • Posh (deep purple)


  • Pansy (electric purple)


  • And others



Why did Doe Deere choose to go the cosmetics route? Deere chose this specific route because it was something that she already love doing. As a child, she would dress in some of the most flamboyant of colors. She dibbed and dabbed in fashion for while, and she attended F.I.T. in New York City. Her first fashion line was introduced back in 2004. Ebay was the platform of choice and she found some success. Deere spent most of her time cutting, sewing, fabricating and modeling her own clothes.


Lime Crime was intended to be a complimentary to her now dunked fashion line. The products are certified vegan, they’ll glide on smooth, they’re animal cruelty-free, and they’re touch-proof. All in all, Doe Deere is definitely one of the top innovators in cosmetics of the new millennium. Learn more:

The Success of Glen Wakeman and Why He Is A Mentor

Glen Wakeman, a business revolutionary known for his entrepreneurial and mentoring spirit. As part of his works, Glen has provided guidance for startup companies as well as the creation of key dimensions for performance assessment and improvement methodologies. A holder of an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago and a BS in economics and finance from the University of Scranton, Glen Wakeman is the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings. During his early career, Wakeman held various positions as a Board member, public company CEO, small businesses owner as well as an investor. In addition to these is a 21- year old background in management at GE in business development and P&L roles (

Wakeman is passionate about the development of businesses through company and individual agility improvement and through the application of the key performance dimensions. Ie leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He is currently the founder and president of Nova Four, a strategic advice and capital access providing business accelerator for developing companies. As a way to sustain the improvements, he also performs Board duties and CEO coaching. Through his startup,, Glen also works with early-stage entrepreneurs. This also provides online business planning services as well as reaching customers through digital marketing (Affiliatedork).

According to Wakeman, reviewing of numbers from the previous day of business is how a typical day should start. These numbers include service performance, cash totals, and sales. A conference with partners for the division of duties follows next to ensure each partner is assigned a responsibility for the day, who will attend to sales meetings, payment of bills, design revisions, and management of administrative tasks. According to him, productivity depends most on trust, the division of duties, and no backtracking.

Glen Wakeman attributes his success to his curiosity. He says that through his curiosity he has been enabled to persevere through his problem-solving methods. He adds that it has provided him with innovative thinking through which he has achieved customer satisfaction. For use of web services, Wakeman, recommends a live chat with customers as it is more flexible, professional and inexpensive. He adds that Doodle is great in the organization of meetings, calendars, and general time management while consistently keeping the administrative costs down. Having worked in an automobile parts factory as one responsible for cleaning bathrooms, Glen rates this as his worst job ever but he had to do it anyways for his college fees. Glen learned that there is dignity in every job and he never took any opportunity for granted.


Video Game Star Todd Rogers Stripped of Record

Todd Rogers is a video game player notorious for setting multiple world records. Back in 1982, Rogers allegedly completed a finish time of 5.51 seconds in Dragster, a racing game developed by Atari for the 2600 gaming system. The score was accepted by Activision’s official fan newsletter. 35 years later, Rogers was recognized by Guinness World Records for having the longest-standing high score.

Now the star is embroiled in controversy with Twin Galaxies, the video games arm of Guinness World Records. They publish leaderboards of high scoring players, and although Rogers had enjoyed his position at the top of those boards, Twin Galaxies is now invalidating Rogers’ achievements.

The reason? There’s no proof that Rogers ever actually achieved those 5.51 seconds. Although Rogers claims that Activision’s article is proof enough, Twin Galaxies begs to differ. Their new system of double-checking scores immediately called Rogers’ efforts into question.

A speedrunner analyst known only by the handle Omnigamer launched the controversy through a Reddit post. In the post, Omnigamer explained that after examining the Dragster code, they learned that a score of 5.51 seconds is literally impossible unless cheating is involved.

A thread emerged on Twin Galaxies that discussed the legitimacy of Rogers’ scores. Robert T. Mruczek, who used to be a referee for the site, ultimately determined that Rogers be stripped of his title and banned from Twin Galaxies.

While Rogers holds to his claim, he commends Twin Galaxies for their thoroughness and states that the fun of gaming is the most important point.