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The Slow But Effective Rise of Drake

Drake has been a powerful artist that transitioned from acting to rap. It was amazing to see how a simple mix tape helped Drake become one of the most well-known artists in the world. His songs have collectively received more than a billion spins on Spotify. He has appeared in Sprite and T-Mobile commercials.

Some people may wonder how Drake continues to dominate, but the answer is rather simple: he is charismatic. This is the real reason that he gets the big commercials. People can relate to what he is doing, and his songs have catchy hooks. All of these things make a big difference. This is proof that Drake is among one of the best when it comes to propelling himself to the top. He doesn’t need a marketing team.

One reason for that is that Drake has created a formula where he gets popular off singles. He doesn’t have to make a whole album to sell music. He realized this with “Hotline Bling.” This was one of his biggest singles, but it was released during a time where there were only 2 two songs being released.

Drake is also known for battling, and he took down Meek Mills in a battle. There are so many areas where Drake has proven himself to be effective. He has his own team so his music does not sound like anything else out there. All of these are good things that make people appreciate what Drake is bringing to a very wide audience.

Original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, Receives Star

Lynda Carter, known for her role as Wonder Woman on the 1970s television series, is the latest recipient of a star on Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame. The honor was revealed on Tuesday afternoon, as the star was joined by her daughter in the celebration. The move has relevance today as the Wonder Woman series has been rebooted in recent years in a series of movies. She was also joined on Tuesday by the Chairman of CBS, Les Moonves, and director of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins.

Carter was first featured on television when she was just 5 years old and later became a singing sensation as a teen. She then was named as Miss World America in 1972, which catapulted her career into television. While she has shied away from the screen and stage in recent years, Carter continues to perform around the United States as a songstress, her first love.

She married Washington D.C attorney Robert Altman in 1984 and moved away from the Hollywood scene for the rest of the decade. During the late 1980s, her and Altman had two children. They continue to make the East Coast home today, living in the same home in Maryland since 1987.

Carter, 66, has been involved in the entertainment industry for an outstanding 50 years. During the Wonder Woman years (1975-1979) Carter was perhaps the most famous female in Hollywood. Her iconic status was finally cemented, literally, in history earlier this week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Decade of Design: AIA And Its Health Perspective

     In 2012, the American Institute of Architects announced a new commitment, a new initiative. Called the Decade of Design, it was a ten year plan that revolved around understanding how architecture affects health, changes that can be made to improve the health of a community, and then looking into implementing those changes in innovative ways. To do this, the American Institute of Architects has built connections with universities and communities. It is a massive undertaking, and as Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, Robert Ivy, said, has the goal to, “bring the force of design to bear in the public health arena and debate”.

As EVP and CEO, Robert Ivy has been a leader in the tremendous undertaking that is the Decade of Design. Ivy was made CEO in 2011 after a decades-long career in the field, one filled with much praise and many awards for achievement. These many years of experience has made Robert Ivy an industry leader, someone with extensive insight into the field of architecture and construction, and from this body of expertise and knowledge, he is not just able to lead AIA effectively, but also manage the Decade of Design. As a veteran of the field, he can see the connection between health and architecture, and in an interview with, explained the connection he sees between health and his field.

Part of this interview looks at the historical role of architecture and health. Robert Ivy talks about how the swamps of Washington D.C. were drained, which not just allowed the city itself to be built and expanded, but also greatly improved the health of the residents. He also mentions Central Park, which was initially meant to revitalize a struggling community, improving housing, and health, of those within that community. His point is simple, and that is the connection was always there and known about.

When the interview’s focus changes to now, and the future, Robert Ivy talks about how, even something as simple as changing how architects design their buildings, allowing for more potential to exercise such as less reliance on elevators and more emphasis on walking. This wouldn’t be something new for design, as design already does focus on these things, such as ensuring that areas are well-lit to improve mood, health, and general appearance of the surroundings, and taking into account for the resident’s need for clean air and fresh water.

These changes aren’t massive undertakings that will shake up the field, but a recommitment to things that are already happening, and an initiative to gain a better understanding of what can, and should, be done to not just improve the field, but community at large.


Aloha Construction, Covered with Solid Ethics

Aloha Construction is a family owned and operated roofing and siding company with multiple locations in Illinois and Wisconsin. The company is well known for customer service, but the Lake Zurich location paved the way as they hammered ethics over their foundations. In December 2017 Aloha Construction earned one of the most coveted awards available from the Better Business Bureau; the BBB Torch award was proudly received by the Lake Zurich branch team. The award is given by the BBB for outstanding ethics practices.

Earning the award is just the beginning for Aloha Construction. The roofing and siding company has huge aspirations for 2018. A new storm season is rearing is in the near future. who better to champion preparedness for all roofing and siding needs in vulnerable areas than Aloha Construction. The staff at Lake Zurich humbly await the challenge of the upcoming season and promise to deliver the same brand of ethics that earned them the BBB Torch Award last year.

One might wonder why an award from the BBB is so important. The Better Business Bureau has been around for over 100 years. The company is dedicated to finding the right businesses for the right jobs. The BBB has accurately listed and rated more than 5.3 million businesses. The Bureau keeps tabs on both good and bad aspects of businesses and allows would-be customers an inside look at the trustworthiness of prospective businesses. A person can be sure that if they need to find information, they can trust the BBB to have the information needed to make solid, informed decisions that will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Aloha Construction is also community-minded in the sense they enjoy giving to others in the form of charities. In February 2018, Aloha Construction donated nearly $2,000 dollars to Camp One Step by Children’s Oncology Services. This is a true testimony to a company that cares about getting it right.

Adam Milstein’s Video Competition’s Stories Of Israel And Its Place In The World

Adam Milstein has used a variety of ways to promote Jewish sovereignty and tell the stories of those who make big differences in today’s world, and one of the ways he’s done so is through social media-based video competitions. He hosted a competition not long ago known as Inspired by Israel which had hundreds of contestants from all over the world who created videos of people in Israel doing big things. The committee that Adam Milstein headed selected 10 finalists all of whom received cash prizes with the top winner getting an $8,000 prize. The winner this last year was a video titled “The Immigrant” which detailed someone’s journey to Israel in which he changed his antisemitic views to that of someone who fully supported Israel. Milstein and several other Jewish leaders mentioned this video in the Jerusalem Post and even the mayor of Jerusalem was very pleased with it.

Adam Milstein has had ties on both the conservative right and liberal left as an activism, but he says political affiliation should not matter. The most important thing he says is to support the nation of Israel even if you don’t agree with all of their ways of gaining peace. But Milstein is 100% behind them and as a young man he fought in the nation’s military during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. After the war, he completed both his undergraduate and master’s degrees and decided to make money in real estate. Milstein is one of three managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties which has an extensive list of commercial properties totaling in the billions.

Adam Milstein founded the Milstein Family Foundation with three cornerstones in active philanthropy, path life impact and philanthropic synergy. As part of these cornerstones, the Milsteins support each partner group of the foundation not only financially, but also with their own personal involvement. They also strive to bring in a variety of community leaders into the conversation about Jewish-Americans and their relationship to Israel and the US political process. The Milsteins also want families to teach their children about the importance of Jewish history and the Hebrew language, and one tool that is used to do that are books about Jewish culture published at Sifriyat Pijama B’America.

‘Sex And The City’s’ Cynthia Nixon Announces Run For NY Gov

The rumors were circulating for weeks, and now, the famous TV actress has tossed her glamorous hat into the ring.

Cynthia Nixon will challenge Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo in NY’s September primary and made it official Monday via social media on Twitter. The former star of HBO’s iconic “Sex and the City” television series has never held public office, but she says she loves NY state and is a “progressive advocate” who wants to fight for a “better, more fair New York.”

The is reporting that Nixon, 51, will definitely include education in her platform. She attended public schools in NY and believes that the state can do a lot better for today’s children. Currently, she points to the high school drop-out rate increasing to more than 30 percent in NYC, there not being not enough funds spent per pupil and overall classroom performance being very poor.

The mom of three also mentions that the state needs vast improvements in health care, the ailing subway system and prison overcrowding.

Cynthia Nixon has been married to her longtime partner Christine Marinoni since 2012. She is best known around the globe for her role as attorney Miranda Hobbes on “Sex and the City.” She has won three out of four with an Emmy, Tony and a Grammy. She doesn’t have an Oscar yet.

Actress Rosie O’Donnell is thrilled that Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York.

Andrew Cuomo has said he’s not concerned about potential challengers.

Aubrey O’Day and Don Trump Jr. Had Affair During Marriage To Vanessa

It looks like the impending divorce of Donald Trump Jr. and wife Vanessa is becoming a bit more rumor-ridden and complicated. The latest buzz centers around a former “Celebrity Apprentice” TV contestant (season five) and her alleged affair with the eldest Trump child.

According to a report in US magazine, Aubrey O’Day admits she hooked up with Trump Jr. in 2011 while the two were filming the reality show. Reports say the affair went into 2012; meanwhile, Vanessa Trump delivered the couple’s third child, Tristan. In early 2012, she became pregnant again with son Spencer.

O’Day claims that Donald Trump Jr. expressed being in love with her, was pursuing her and wanting to be with her and allegedly admitting that his marriage was on the way out after 12 years. Perez Hilton had kicked off the story on Monday; there’s been no comment from Trump Jr.

O’Day has a popular personal Instagram page. She boasts more than 888,000 followers and includes countless selfies at her social media site.

Rumors have it that Vanessa Trump had discovered emails sent between the pair and confronted her husband. She almost left Trump Jr. back in 2012. Donald Trump had told his son Don Jr. to knock off his behavior.

Vanessa Trump has been silent about filing for divorce, but the buzz continues. The NY Post claims that the mother of five is splitting from Trump Jr. because he was cheap and allegedly treated her like a second-class citizen.

As one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies, OSI Group has earned many awards and garnered impressive recognition for its continued corporate success

As one of America’s top 100 companies in food, OSI Group started from very humble beginnings. Known as Ottos & Sons, Inc., and founded in 1909 in Chicago, Illinois, this small family meat company was the predecessor to OSI Group. Today, OSI Group, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is a billion dollar company with 20 thousand employees.

In terms of OSI Group’s strategy of brokering key acquisitions in Europe and other regions, in August, 2016, OSI purchased Baho Foods, a Dutch food company. The purchase of Baho Foods was designed to help build a much stronger presence in Europe.

As part of the Baho Foods purchase, OSI added five new subsidiaries to their corporate consortium. Some of these subsidiaries included important facilities and processing plants that were situated in Germany and the Netherlands. The five subsidiaries that were included in the Baho Foods acquisition were Vital Convenience, Bakx Foods, Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Q Smart Life.

OSI Group has garnered many impressive awards and honors for its excellence in the food industry. One of OSI’s subsidiaries that was located in the UK, was given the Globe of Honour award in December, 2016. This award is presented to companies — situated in the United Kingdom — that continually maintain excellence in environmental safety. OSI was also recognized as one of the Top 100 American Food Companies, for its impressive business track record, quality and excellence. This also includes OSI Group’s commitment to eminence, excellence, and innovation in the food industry.

OSI Group provides employment opportunities in many parts of the world. The different regions that OSI Group provides work opportunities in, include Europe (Spain, Germany, Poland, UK, Hungary), the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific sphere. OSI Group noted on their website that they believe strongly in their employees to spur their company’s future success, and that their company is known for their commitment to innovation in the food industry. OSI Group emphasized that they are very committed to an inclusive and diverse staff of workers. OSI Group’s corporate philosophy includes maintaining a family-like culture and environment.

OSI Group produces a large variety of poultry, fish, meat, specialty-dough, vegetable and food processing solutions to many stakeholders. OSI Group and its subsidiaries supply products to private-label, retail, restaurant, foodservice-distributor, and industrial business sectors.

OSI Group’s products are manufactured and produced by using 65 facilities in 17 countries, internationally.

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Renee Zellweger Has Transformed Into Judy Garland For Biopic

The film is called “Judy” and in production in London now, and star Renee Zellweger looks a lot like the late iconic singer Judy Garland.

Photos of Zellweger surfaced on Monday, showing the eerie transformation into the late Hollywood star right down to the short black hair and red lipstick. The Huff Post revealed that the biopic takes place in winter of 1968; Garland would be gone only a year later at age 47 from an accidental drug overdose.

The movie even has a place on social media with its own Twitter page. Fans can learn all about the flick, see old photos of a performing Judy Garland 30 years after filming the “Wizard of Oz” and watch how Renee Zellwegger assumes the role.

On Monday afternoon, Zellweger was snapped on the set in a fluffy navy robe and black furry slippers. The actress is known for her blonde tresses, but it appears like she had it cut and dyed for the role. The biopic focuses on Judy Garland’s last concerts in London, her struggles with addiction, financial instability, a long career that began in her teens and her fifth marriage to Mickey Deans.

Deans found the body of Judy Garland in the bathroom of their rented home in Chelsea, London on June 22, 1969.

Renee Zellweger is playing the role at age 48. It is unclear if she will sing in the movie or if Garland’s voice will be brought to life in the biopic.

Philanthropy and Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a direct sales company that is currently located in Dallas, Texas. They primarily deal with energy related marketing and keeping their consumers connected.

Leslie Kennedy of the Dallas Patch recently sat down with Stream Energy to discuss the wonderful work that they exhibited in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Due to the success of the company, they were able to launch a charity organization of their own known as ‘Stream Cares.’ Stream has worked with several charitable groups in the past like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, and the Red Cross. However, since this devastation was so close to home they teamed up with an organization knows as the Hope Supply Company.

The Hope Supply Company was founded to provide homeless children with clothes, food, and even with fun activities to do. Stream Energy had not considered philanthropy on this scale before the plunder of Harvey, but they agreed that there was no other choice than to help the awesome people of Texas in an extreme way.

Stream Cares uses funds that the company earns through their widely successful sales to help benefit the people of Dallas, as well as people located in surrounding areas. They also reach out to local veterans and veteran families to provide exciting events like barbecues. They also reach out to children of veterans to provide special toys and experiences for them, like dining with brand new American Girl Dolls at the American Girl cafe.

They also teamed up with the Salvation Army in 2016 by sending both volunteers and by matching thousands of dollars worth of donations to help with the devastating North Texas tornadoes. Through helping the families cope and by helping people start over, the company made a big difference.

Overall, Stream Energy loves to help out local people who are struggling. They consider themselves successful not just because of their sales, but also because of the huge difference they get to make in the lives of thousands of people each year. The employees of the company love helping everyone that they come into contact with