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Funnyman Jim Carrey Paints New Bloody Portrait Of NRA As ‘National Disgrace’

This time, his bullseye is on the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its new president, Oliver North, reported the HuffPost on Tuesday. He shared the caustic painting with his social media fans on Twitter. His artwork and political activism have made him quite popular there with more than 18.5 million followers and on the rise. Check out his rendering of North and the NRA here.

Carrey refers to the NRA as a “national disgrace,” and his new painting depicts Oliver North with a large snake coiled about his neck and chest. Above the portrait are the large initials of the NRA in dripping blood. The comedian-turned-political artist calls greed the venom that is killing America and suggested that the NRA organization is full of sadists and scoundrels. So far, the painting has received some 60,000 “likes” on Twitter.

Carrey didn’t stop there; he also unleashed a blistering portrait of President Trump’s new personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. He pokes fun at Giuliani’s teeth, saying the former New York City mayor only bothered to bleach his upper teeth. The painting depicts that Carrey observation.

The funnyman with the sarcastic stroke of the paintbrush also rendered a portrait of Vice President Mike Pence. He refers to Pence as “Psycho Mike-O.”

Carrey seems to have retired from Hollywood to concentrate on his painting.

Author and Journalist Tom Wolfe Dead at 88

The country lost one of its greatest writing pioneers of recent times when author and journalist Tom Wolfe passed away on Monday. The author of the bestsellers “The Right Stuff” and “The Bonfire of the Vanities” died after being hospitalized with an infection in New York City, according to a statement by his agent Lynn Nesbit. He was 88 years old.

Wolfe was best known for introducing the literary style now known as New Journalism. Employed in non-fiction pieces, this style relies on detailed descriptions which come as a result of the authors immersing themselves in their subjects. Through the use of extensive dialogue and various points of view, authors are able to more fully detail their writings.

Born in Richmond, Virginia in 1930, Wolfe eventually received a degree from Washington and Lee University where he honed his writing skills as sports editor of the college newspaper and co-founder of the literary magazine, Shenandoah. Wolfe went on to earn a Ph.D. at Yale University. Wolfe began his career as a reporter for the Springfield Union, eventually working his way up to the Washington Post and the New York Herald-Tribune.

Wolfe dabbled in a variety of writing forms, from newspaper reporting to non-fiction to fiction. The highly-acclaimed “The Bonfire of the Vanities” was his first attempt at fiction writing and the book went on to become a major motion picture, solidifying Wolfe’s place as one of America’s greatest writers.

Lime Crime Beauty Company: Doe Deere

It was in an interview when Lime Crime founder doe Deere talked with a stylist. In the description, Doe Deere came to interview with a serious bold eye and striking hair. She had made the makeup making her look nice. People may talk about Doe Deere but what she can be said to be is a lady lacking introvert which ends up same like the company she owns. Her company Lime Crime does beauty products manufacturing.


The stylist asked Doe Deere to talk about the cult beauty product. In her words, Doe said that cult can be said to be something unique. She then said that the market requires unique things so that you can be recognized and appreciated. It should be something that when even people try to introduce similar thing, then they can not be able and you are the only person who can do so. Lime Crime is a company that has been trending since the year 2008. There have been fluctuations of products in the market and if you want to stand out in the flooded products in the market then you will require offering the market something that is unique. It is what lime crime targets every day.


Describing lime crime as being 100% vegan and free from cruelty is supported by Doe Deere. So that they can prove it, the company has been spending some money on animal charities and with that, it is said to be vegan and free from cruelty. It has also been a reflection of her attitude where animals are tested and mainly focusing on the companies objectives.


Doe Deere was asked to talk about the mistakes as entrepreneur experience and how to overcome them. She said that as an entrepreneur, making some mistakes is part of entrepreneurship game. What is most important in the mistake is learn from it and then let it help you grow. She also said that lime crime has been facing challenges on the way but they have been able to get rid of them and that becomes the most important thing for them. The company is now ranked together with best-performing companies.


In beauty trends, Lime Crime is shining always. She said that the chance they had of introducing Pantone’s which was violet, was what the market was waiting for. The company has a unicorn brand and in the year 2018, bright purple will become the ultimate color. It is also looking at the exploration of lilac, lavender together with more purple staring shades which are like Venus III which was an eyeshadow and released recently.


When she gives advises to young women who might like to become beauty entrepreneur, Doe Deere said that what will boost them is having passion and plan on where to start. In the beauty market, there is a wide gap waiting for new innovations for the market. Focus on what your inner voice wants to achieve and then make a good decision. What you will need at last is make it happen. Wake up go and try. Learn more:


Why some financial management firms will fall according to Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar went on a rampant tweet storm containing 50 consecutive tweets. In the tweets, he did not hold back any of his negative opinions towards the state of the financial markets in USA. Most of his tweets reveal his deepest sentiments regarding the economy. For over 21 hours, he tried to analyze financial institutions, governments, and leading firms, some of which he is a top investor.


The reason behind this escapade remains unexplained since he did not reveal why he did it, but this took place after he abandoned a lawsuit against a firm he had accused of smearing his name. Shervin Pishevar’s tweets caused a bubble of excitement among his followers on Twitter with most of them joining the debate. Those with contrary opinion did not spare him of their snide remarks either.


The significance of his remarks supersedes the reason he went on a rant. In his tweets, he touched a loathsome subject that concerns the fall of major managed future funds. This is a sensitive topic given that most ordinary investors rely on such firms to invest on their behalf.


Shervin Pishevar argued that most of the funds that go underground are leveraged. In simple terms, the firm has more debt than capital. Besides this, some firms tend to lean towards low volatility. This means that the value of the security changes value at a sturdy rate. This risk averse behavior contributes toward the popularity of such firms, which keeps on building up.


Shervin Pishevar alludes to the disorder in the volatility index to explain why managed future funds could be at risk. The volatility index is a term that refers to the expected fluctuation in prices of security options. As such, it is only a prediction that is not based on any concrete data. Shervin argues that this, coupled with asset prices that follow the flawed volatility index, could lead to a fall in some fund management firms.


In the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar also reveals that he expects firms that enjoy monopoly powers to fail. He maintains that such firms must collapse if different corporations are to come into place.