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Trump Partnership Has Helped Hussain Sajwani And DAMAC

At a time when the relative success and failure of U.S. president Donald Trump are being eyed by media outlets across the planet, one man remains steadfast in his belief in the positive way his life has been changed for the better by a business relationship with the New York real estate mogul. At the 2018 DAVOS event, Sajwani stated his belief in the positive effect a business partnership with the Trump Organization has had in his own brand and the real estate markets of the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani has been left with little doubt his own success as a business leader is being assisted by the arrival on the scene of the Trump Organization now being led by the sons of the President. Two golf courses are the first real estate projects the Trump brand and the Dubai-based developer have undertaken together; Sajwani has stated the halt to foreign projects President Trump placed on himself and his brand will remain in place for as long the Administration occupies The White House but Sajwani is already planning for the day the business partners can resume their work together.

The DAMAC group headed by Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) has a long history dating back to the 1980s when the group was founded as a supplier of catering services to oil and gas exploration companies in the Middle East and later the military. DAMAC once again changed tack in the 1990s when tourists from the former Soviet Union began flooding into the Middle East and saw Hussain Sajwani open a series of mid-range hotels to meet the needs of an expanding market.

Hussain Sajwani saw his fortunes change forever when in 2001 the government of the United Arab Emirates decided to allow foreign investors to own property and saw the birth of Hussain Sajwani’s luxury real estate empire. In the past, the majority of the projects completed by DAMAC have been focused on Dubai but the expansion of the brand into London is one which many hope will create a new era of success for the brand.

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Friendly Neighborhood Spoiling Spider Man

It is no secret in Hollywood that certain celebrities have a hard time keeping secrets to themselves. One such actor that has an extremely difficult time not spoiling anything for fans is Tom Holland, the young British actor who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The most recent film in the series in Avengers: Infinity War, where Holland and his fellow super heroes must battle the all powerful galactic warlord Thanos and attempt to stop him from collecting infinitely strong stones to help him take control of the universe. On opening night Tom Holland, along with a collection of other important figures from the franchise, surprised moviegoers in Los Angeles. It was here that Tom Holland, as a way to say “hello” to his fans, made the mistake of spoiling the end of the film but uttering a few short words.

While the words Holland stated will not be included here in order to spare you from also being spoiled, it should be noted that this was not the first time that Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers were worried that Tom would make this mistake. It is known throughout Hollywood that Tom Holland has a history of opening his mouth at incorrect times. In order to stop the leaking of information during filming the Russo’s actually refused to let Holland read the entire script. They were too worried that the young actor would spoil the entire movie before it was even released.


Ariana Grande Debut Album

Ariana Grande debuted a new single, a remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble.” The remix takes the rap song and remixes it to a gothic, rock anthem, similar to the sound of Evanescence (who’s 2003 album Fallen sold 17 million copies). Grande was the special guest and featured entertainer for the episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Paired with Jimmy’s house band, the legendary Roots, Grande took the task head on, and what came out was a meaningful, soulful song. As Grande said, “sit down, be humble.” Grande also remixed a Drake song as a 90s pop hit. She tackled both tasks with gusto and skill. Critics felt that Grande stole the show and bested Jimmy at his own game.

Grande has morphed from a Broadway actress, to youth television star, and now singer. Grande released her first album in 2013. Her albums have had unprecedented success. In 2016, she was named one of Time Magazines’ 100 most influential people in the world. Her music has a pop/R&B sound, but also incorporates elements of other genres, such as funk, dance, and hip hop.

Grande frequently finds herself in the news, sometimes for positive words on behalf of women, sometimes because of her clothing or treatment of reporters. Her current television appearance has increased her positive attention and shows that her skills as a signer far surpass many of her peers.

The Unassailable OSI Group At 100

From the tremendous growth of OSI Group in the past 100 years, it is vivid that a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step. The company began as a butcher shop and it is now unbelievable that it has become one of the leading multinational solution providers in matters of food. Currently, the group has over 20,000 employees in 65 facilities in more than 17 countries across the globe offering its quality services in United States, Europe, China and other areas.

The foundation OSI Group dates back in 1909 at the period when there was German immigration into United States, Chicago. One of the immigrants was Otto Kolschowsky who was living at Oak Park at the western side of Chicago. Being business oriented, he started a retail meat market and also a butcher shop with an aim of serving the community. This was after only two years of arriving in the US. After a decade, he had expanded to Maywood and had become a wholesale business. Later in 1928, the business was rebranded Otto & Sons and continued to be very successful.

In 1955 Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s modern restaurant but entered into an agreement with the Otto & Sons to be suppliers of the fresh meat. Kroc later bought the restaurant from Richard and Maurice McDonald and became the CEO. The restaurant grew rapidly and symbiotically did Otto & Sons did. After various transitions and technological advancements, the Otto became OSI Industries in 1975; this involved the involvement of Sheldon Lavin as one of the partners who later became the CEO and the Chairman. The company grew to Germany and to Spain by 1980s; from then the OSI Group has grown to be one the largest private companies in the United States gracing the 2016 Forbes list at number #58 worth $6.1 billion.

K&K Foods saw OSI expand to Taiwan, Asia in 1987, GenOSI in the Philippines by 1990 while WFOE was an extension of the group to Beijing in China established in 1992. OSI Group also became a supplier to Yum, Starbucks, Subway, and Burger King among others. In the US, the group worked with Nation Pizza and Foods, opened brandy facilities in Chicago and Oakland. It has acquired Flagship Europe which was later in 2018 rebranded as Creative Foods Europe, besides; it acquired Baho Food and Tyson Foods in 2016.

The Group has earned several awards and recognition including Globe of Honor and California Green Business Award in 2016. The company continues to expand greatly while satisfying their customers’ needs fully.

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Ariana Grande transforms Kendrick Lamar & Drake songs on late show

Talented singer Ariana Grande was at it again as she wowed audiences with her vocal range during a late night appearance. The pop star and actress was a recent guest on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where both she and the host were able to take on a number of songs, transforming them through new interpretations. That meant interpreting several hip-hop songs as country, Goth rock, and 90’s pop diva versions.

Grande participated in Fallon’s “Musical Genre Challenge” on a recent episode of the show. The late-night show segment featured a random song title and musical genre presented to use when singing it. Fallon opened with a Ska version of “Shape of You” to get things going and received cheers from the crowd after a lively performance.

Among the songs Grande received were hip-hop hits “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar and “God’s Plan” by Drake. She handled the task admirably as she crooned out Kendrick’s hardcore track after asking if she needed to make it “Hot Topic shopping Goth.”

After Fallon slowed down the Usher and Lil Jon song “Yeah!” with his country style, Grande would belt out the Drake hit “God’s Plan” as a 90’s Diva. Once again she delivered and the crowd ate it up. A video of the segment was posted to Fallon’s YouTube channel and racked up nearly five million views in a day as it hit viral status.

It’s not the first time that Ariana Grande has displayed these impressive singing abilities, as she previously appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show and participated in the “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” During that appearance, Grande imitated Britney Spears singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and Christina Aguilera singing “The Wheels on the Bus.” If she ever runs into a wall with her own music career, she could very well have a future in doing singer tribute shows.

Destiny’s Child Singer Michelle Williams Accepts Wedding Proposal From Pastor Boyfriend

Michelle Williams has said “I do” to Pastor Chad Johnson, and she kept the delicious proposal a secret as she performed at the Destiny’s Child reunion at Coachella last Saturday night.

On Thursday, the engagement and super bling-ring made their appearance across social media. Williams is excited to get married immediately but says a summer wedding is fine by her, according to an item in the Huffington Post.

By the way, the stunning rock appears to be a 5-carat dazzler as some have speculated. Johnson told People magazine that it took him scrimping and saving for 11 years to have the funds ready should he meet the woman of his dreams to buy her the perfect ring.

The loved-up pair first met last March at a spiritual retreat in Arizona that is run by her fiance pastor and life coach. Williams, 37, was coming off a soured relationship, and Johnson, 40, was also in a similar place as a single person.

The couple took their time building a strong friendship and then, romance blossomed with the pastor getting down on one knee and asking for the singer’s hand on March 21st. The pair were on vacation in Pebble Beach, California when Johnson popped the question.

Most folks know Michelle Williams for her talent as a singer with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Her pastor fiance also has an interesting background as a chaplain for professional sports teams like the L.A. Dodgers and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Congratulations, happy couple!

Abba Songwriters Can’t Say If New Music Will Be Accepted by Fans

After not performing together since 11 December 1982, Abba recently announced they would be returning with two new songs to accompany a planned tour using hologram avatars. The BBC reports songwriters Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus revealed they were unsure if the two new songs recorded with Agnetha Faltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad would be accepted by fans and critics as a positive part of the legacy of the Swedish band.

Abba initially shot to fame winning the Eurovision Song Contest with the song, “Waterloo” and went on to enjoy global success before the two married couples divorced and found working together too difficult by the time of the release of their final album, “The Visitor” in 1981. Although the band did not officially split up they are classed as dissolved by fans, critics, and the music industry alike who have largely welcomed the return of the four-piece band since the recent announcement.

Andersson and Ulvaeus have been working together and appeared at the start of May in London’s West End to celebrate the revival of their musical, “Chess” written alongside Oscar-winning lyricist Sir Time Rice. The musical was one of the first post-Abba projects undertaken by the two songwriters following the final album created by Abba and is being performed on the West End stage for the first time since 1986 with Sir Michael Ball starring.

Answering questions on the return of Abba, Benny and Bjorn explained they believed the two songs recorded in 2018 had very different sounds with one having a contemporary feel and the other sounding as though it could have been released in 1972; both songwriters hoped fans and new listeners would enjoy the new songs and hinted at more music to be made by the band in the future.

Working on the music for the planned hologram tour proved to be the catalyst for the writing of new music with Andersson and Ulvaeus explaining they felt the new music was reserved for the tour. Singers Lyngstad and Faltskog were quick to agree to the small reunion with Andersson praising them as being the sound of Abba as soon as they started singing.

Kanye West Debuts Lots Of New Yeezy Sneakers On Social Media

It isn’t easy being Yeezy when you go from hip-hop royalty to designing footwear. Kanye West’s latest Yeezy sneakers were making their debut on his personal Twitter page on Friday, and some folks don’t know what to make of the unique-looking trainers that have not been released yet.

A few have said the Yeezy slides, for instance, look like blue shark gummies, and others have quipped that the bulky footwear resembles Legos.

Kanye West has made his recent return to social media, breaking his longterm absence from sites like Twitter. Now, Yeezy is happy to return with thoughts of wisdom and his flair for fashion and brand building as reported in Huff Post Celebrity.

West has been using Twitter to tease his fans (more than 10.7 million) about his upcoming Yeezy season of fashion and hints of a new album or two possibly dropping in June and a coffee table book coming out in the same month. The rap star has also tweeted various sample fabrics photos and the interior of his Yeezy design showroom.

Yeezy’s stylish wife Kim Kardashian West likes premiering the latest Yeezy fashion and footwear, and his new Track Pant Boots are certainly one of a kind. The boots are worn with track pants tucked in and rise to just below knee-level.

Kim KW would look amazing modeling this edgy new footwear.

Stay tuned, Kanye West fans; the designer has developed an Adidas Yeezy basketball shoe in a high-top sneaker.

A Super Watch for a Super Hero

Nothing says advanced technology like a well known and respected celebrity choosing to wear it during a movie shoot. Such is the case with Avengers: Infinity War star Robert Downey Jr. and his decision to sport the Devon Tread 1F, as chronicled at Forbes ( Downey Jr. wears the watch throughout the first segment of the movie, which is located in New York City. The incredibly sexy time piece looks like it itself is from the far reaches of outer space, with its sophisticated design and shape and its projection of a bold yellow font to display its numbers.

To better support the super heroes of the United States of America the Devon Tread 1F is 100% completely American made. This means that while Iron Man and the Avengers defend the American people from harm’s way in the newly released film we as citizens of this great country can decide to do the same way by buying American products and boosting our own economy. It was unclear whether or not Downey Jr. would be able to continue to wear this incredible watch during the shooting of the film but luckily he was able to and the watch is forever recorded in time on the silver screen.

This is not the first theatrical watch that Devon has produced; they released a special edition time piece in 2015 to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This particular watch retails for $28,500 and is one of the rarest Devon watches.

Jim Carrey Paints Extremely Unflattering Portrait Of Trump Lawyer Cohen

Jim Carrey is known to most people as a great comedian and actor, but these days, the title of artist would aptly apply.

The funnyman has been turning out nasty portrait after nasty portrait of President Trump, members of the administration, and his newest masterpiece, that of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Carrey enjoys displaying his work on social media sites like his verified Twitter account.

The painting follows Carrey’s signature pop style art; it’s full of vibrant color, and one expert called Carrey’s work a cross between a Warhol and a Matisse. In other words, a lot of people say that the comedian-turned-artist is actually quite talented.

The Huffington Post reported that Carrey’s portrait of Attorney Michael Cohen is titled “Auto-moronic ASSphyxiation. ;^P.” The political painting shows a green-faced Cohen with vulgar text around the portrait image. The words go back to a threat Cohen made to the media in 2015. In part, Cohen allegedly said he would do something “f***ing disgusting” to them if the media did not tread lightly.

Meantime, Attorney Cohen is in hot water as a federal probe continues following a recent FBI raid at his law office. Investigators are looking at records related to a $130,000 payment Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels. The hush money was given to keep her silent about her alleged affair with Donald Trump.

Jim Carrey also recently tweeted a portrait of FOX-News TV host Sean Hannity in the image of a manatee.