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Educator Sujit Choudhry is a globally recognized scholar whose examinations talk about some concerns in politics and comparative constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry sees many issues that offer a potential threat to any democratic constitution. He talks about authoritarian backsliding or backsliding of democracy. As per him, it is a scenario where governments that have been elected democratically or the executives utilize legal means in manipulating institutions and rules to enable them to cling to power in future electoral cycles.

This is about election administration, the design of an electoral system, term limits of the president, political liberties and regulation of political parties and independent bodies like agencies and constitutional courts. According to Sujit Choudhry backsliding of democracy is rampant because of transitions in the global environment which only allow democracy to have no alternatives in place. This means that legitimation of politics can be achieved only through democracy, not bearing in mind the way it was delivered since it can be used to protect undemocratic regimes hiding behind democracy.

Choudhry wrote that there isn’t a distinction between autocracies and democracies instead; there is regimes spectrum alongside democracy with total dictatorship at their sides. He explains examples in the world politics and media which indicate democracy deterioration and also the position of the president moving into autocracy. Sujit Choudhry highlights some nations and the way their climate of politics pose a significant danger to the essential meaning of democracy; they involve South Africa, Germany, and Poland, helpful site (

Sujit Choudhry is a law professor from California University and the founder director of Constitutional Center Transitions. He has likewise been an advisor on constitutional matters for more than ten years, visit ( Choudhry is a master when it comes to managing any public dialogue session with civic groups in the society and various stakeholders. He leads stakeholder consultations, carrying out extensive advisory tasks with bureaucrats, civil servants on training and technical experts, engaging parliamentarians and party leaders, and drafting memoranda and technical reports, find out more on

Sujit Choudhry is at present a part of mediation roster of the United Nations and consultant in the development program of United Nations and at World Bank (World Bank Institute). Choudhry has been consulted by some foreign dignitaries who were in the process of drafting the constitution for their nations, like Yemen Ukraine, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Nepal, and Libya. Sujit consolidates a variety of agenda to research on with broad experience as a consultant and advisor to the building process of many different constitutions around the world, .you can check out more


Infinity Group Australia Co-Founder Graeme Holm and The Importance of Getting A Financial Trainer

To be a trusted investment, asset or portfolio broker in Australia, it’s not enough to be skillful, talented and well-connected. To establish a name in the finance industry, it is the duty of the company and its director to also be law-abiding, ethical and always responsive the needs of the clients. It’s not enough to be knowledgeable about concepts like market standards, long-term assets, market life cycle or accrual-based accounting. First and foremost, an investment broker should possess the ethical attitude to help clients with the simplest of finance problems: find ways to increase the clients’ savings and get the client in financial shape. In more ways than one, Infinity Group Australia, led by its director and creator Graeme Holm, is one such company that has built a good name already in helping clients not just be financially fit, but also help them increase their savings, even to the last dollar.



In an article from MPA Magazine, it is shown that Infinity Group Australia is meticulous or just conscientious in the way that it solves their clients’ problems. For starters, Infinity Group’s way of assessing the factors that contribute the finances of their clients is different from the rest. The fact-finding committee in Infinity Group Australia makes sure that the ongoing family expenses, including the ones from the household, should account for the wants, not just the needs. With these data, the team of Holm builds a cash-based budget for the client that helps them get a better bearing for their travel expenses, fuel and even entertainment allowance.



After this, the client is then assigned a personal banker by Infinity to find ways to pay off the loans that the clients have, as soon as possible. In fact, it may be relevant to state here that Infinity Group Australia’s biggest achievement was that it was able to lower a young couple’s living costs to about $96,271 in about a year. That’s an achievement that Holm is proud to state. Such issue is the kind of financial problem that Holm likes to always address with Infinity Group Australia, since it was founded in 2012. More problems like this exist in the Australian loan market, and it’s exactly the reason why he sees it fit for people to be financially fit. And one way to do that is to get a financial trainer, just as one would get a physical trainer to be physically fit. Infinity Group is such trainer.



About Graeme Holm



Holm has been in the world of finance for about 17 years already. He has completed accreditations in the field of real estate, finance and financial planning, and he uses this licensed expertise to fix the lives of Australians today who are finding it hard to solve their debt problems.



Holm has also been part of the Major 4 banking environment for almost a decade already. When he became frustrated about how most families in Australia receive little incentive and help from financial firms, he found the inspiration to co-founder his own, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd., . It’s now the company that many people trust with their predicaments regarding debt. Learn more:


An Overview of Hussain Sajwani’s Career as the DAMAC Owner

DAMAC Properties is one of the best property development firms in the world according to a 2017 Forbes ranking. The company which was started in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani has delivered over 18,000 homes and has several more in development. The company had completed notable projects including a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and is managed by the Trump Foundation. The success and expansion of the real estate firm can be associated with the excellent business acumen of the DAMAC Owner, Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani discloses that his thirst for entrepreneurship started when he was just a young boy helping out in his father’s shop. After completing his studies, he was employed in Abu Dhabi’s finance industry for two years before he quit to focus on establishing his businesses. His first venture was a catering business in 1982. Today, it is a global catering service with reputable clients like Bechtel and the United States military.

One trend that excites the billionaire is social media and in particular, the advent of digital marketing through social media. The DAMAC owner admits that digital marketing has grown to become an integral part of marketing for businesses. He also says he uses newsfeed apps to get updates on what is happening in places around him and in the world.

The DAMAC owner likes to travel, and he urges entrepreneurs to do the same. Traveling helps individuals to acquire new perspectives in life that can be useful in running businesses. One of his best habits that have contributed to his success is embracing failure and understanding that even in defeat, there is a lesson to be learned. Hussain also advises entrepreneurs to be willing to learn new skills to become better versions of themselves.

Hussain Sajwani attended the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. He is ranked as the fourth richest Arab by Forbes magazine, and his net worth is approximately $4.1 billion. Hussain resides in the United Arab Emirates with his family whom he spends quality time with daily because he believes in living a balanced life.

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Michael Burwell: The New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson And His Trust for Employees’ Intuition

What most people who want to be in the know have to learn about Michael Burwell today is that he’s the new Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a consultancy and advising services firm helping companies large and small with their finance problems. Burwell would be the one replacing the former CFO of Watson, Roger Millay. Millay voluntarily retired last 2 Oct 2017. However, there’s more to the name Burwell than such official press release announcement would say. People probably didn’t know yet that before such position, Michael Burwell was the fantastic man in power for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC). It was in that time that he spent 31 years honing his leadership skills as well as his educational background as a public accountant.


It was in 1997 that the work of Burwell in PwC had led him to be elected as the company’s official partner and the head of the company’s business advisory service. He was also promoted to run PwC’s Detroit Transaction business until he was then appointed as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer. The biggest achievement of Michael Burwell by then was when in 2012 he was promoted as Vice Chairman Global of PwC’s U.S. Transformation programs. This allowed for the expansion of the private shares services of the firm.


The feature that the website Inspirery wrote about Michael Burwell also added some of the more personal nuggets of wisdom generated by Burwell in all his career. It was there that Burwell shared his personal experience in getting the best ideas that he uses for his work. He shared that the most practical, encouraging and brilliant ideas he’s been able to offer for the company he’s worked for often come from the unique perspective of the employees.


The people within the company have the invaluable skill to intuit, see and infer ideas that the someone not involved in the operations would be hard-pressed to discover. It is then the duty of people like Burwell to get the enthusiasm among the workforce going and to make sure these ideas are filtered through before they disappear into other people’s hands. Read This Article for related information


Brief Bio of Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant currently working as Chief Financial Officer for Willis Towers Watson. He got his BBA degree in Finance at Michigan State University.