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Clayton Hutson- Jack of all Trades

Clayton Hutson earned his bachelor’s degree in the niche of theater design from Central Michigan University. He then went on to receive his Master’s degree from Stephen M Ross School of Business with his major being business administration.


Moving on after graduation, Clayton went on to hold many positions with different live entertainment companies. He worked as the project manager as well as the sound engineer with these companies. Ever since Clayton was young, he always had a passion for the music industry.




Clayton Hutson moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue his passion for starting his own business after working for a few different companies. Nashville presents better opportunities to maintain important business relationships as well as develop new connections. These relationships all help with growing and expanding his events production company, Ronin Event Creative.


In 2018


Clayton Hutson is a busy man with just finishing up the “Soul2Soul Tour” with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and going right into the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour” with Kid Rock. Clayton is currently the Production Manager for Kid Rock’s current tour which started the beginning of this month in Maine.


Being a Production Manager consists of so many things including organizing and coordinating the big picture. Making sure everything from the very beginning of set up till the very last piece of equipment is back on the trucks after the show is all done according to plan. Clayton has to plan all this accordingly as well as deal with all the politics that go with putting on a larger event.


Clayton also has to have solutions prepared for any issues that may come up before they even happen. This is a challenge he feels he is ready and willing to take on. He showed his skills in this area on the previous tour of Kid Rock where he was the Stage Manager. Clayton let his previous experience in production and stage management to guide in finding the solutions to all the issues that came up on Kid Rock’s tour.


He was successful in the solutions he came up with, as most of the the dates of Kid Rock’s last tour were sold out. This situation was what led Kid Rock to having Clayton come back as his Production Manager on his second tour of 2018.


Clayton Hutson is a jack of all trades when it comes to live performances in the music industry. If you are wanting to put on a big show of any kind, why not give him a call. Learn more:

Who Is The Infinity Australia Group

Why Great Mortgage Terms Are Important


Your mortgage can be a very complex time, even with a mortgage professional. There are many factors to consider including an actual lender. Nobody wants to get stuck with ridiculous interest rates that will force you to lose your home. There are several ways to secure a mortgage, but many lenders only want to seal the deal, and aren’t committed to your long-term investment. In fact, many financial institutions will offer you an opportunity to secure a great mortgage, but often fail to do so. The Infinity Group is there to help with your mortgage needs, says, Infinity Australia Group, founder, Graeme Holmes.


Who Is The Infinity Group Australia


The Infinity Group, wealth solutions firm is committed to your long-term success. They help their clients make better financial decisions to improve the projected outlook of their Fortune 500. Thousands of customers have been able to realize their dreams of wealth. Their customers get a compassionate analysis about their finances with honest results. Experience a financial consulting expert that is willing to walk you through the emergencies in life that do happen.


Infinity Group Australia Financial News


Infinity takes their clients through a financial fitness plan as a group member. They ask many of their clients, when is the last time they did a check on their finances? They provide a unique model that will give your finances an analysis with immediate results. Each clients is given personalized financial assistance to build their wealth. In fact, they can help you pay off your mortgage in half the time it would take with other financial networks with lending services. You can get years taken off of your mortgage with a solid future financial plan. Sit down with one of their wealth professionals to find out how you can minimize the repayment terms of your mortgage loan.


Wealth Solutions Business News


The 5-point wealth checkup is available on their website. You can discreetly get details about the conditions of your finances. The goal is to give their customers a financial solution to debt. One couple was told they didn’t qualify for equity to invest in property, they quickly located the Infinity Australia Group, and are the proud owners of over 4 properties and one of their own thanks to their financial plan says, the couple. Learn more about the Infinity Group by visiting their official website today.

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Living your Purpose Inspired by Dr. Mark McKenna

Success is measured in different angles. Some define success as acquiring financial freedom, while others define success as finding your purpose and doing it for the rest of your life. Life has a way of placing you where you belong no matter how much you try to run from it. Dr. Mark McKenna can relate to this. He is a successful entrepreneur and a medical doctor.

Dr. Mark McKenna grew admiring his father who was a medical doctor. He loved what his father was doing, and he followed the same path and studied medicine. After his schooling at Tulane University Medical School, he joined his father. However, somewhere along the way, he realized he had a passion for real estate that he was not ready to let got to waste. He went ahead and began the McKenna Venture Investments. He had the passion and the skills to run his business, and it picked up well.

Unfortunately, the Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the assets of McKenna Venture Investments. He was not well insured and restoring the business could have been a lot at the time. The natural calamity also scattered his clients and employees. The other factor that made it unsuitable to restore the business at the moment was that many people were surviving on credit after losing property as they tried to get their life back together.

At this juncture, Dr. Mark McKenna had no alternative but to go back to where he belonged: the medical world. He moved to Atlanta, GA where he rebuilt his career in medicine. Today he is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVME. OVME is pronounced as “of me.” The name describes the feeling that OVME leaves to their client. A great sense of satisfaction. OVME is a medical aesthetics industry that operates like Uber. Whenever you want their services, they are brought right to where you are. It helps eliminate the medical set up and formality that causes many patients discomfort.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a dedicated doctor and serves the community happily. In fact, one of his favorite trends is the reducing of smoking in the nation.

Shervin Pishevar and the Emerging Potential in Digital Currency As Highlighted in 21-Hour Twitter Engagement

Shervin Pishevar is the founder of Sherpa Capital but resigned after he was alleged to have been involved in various sexual harassments, which included even rape cases. However, that seems to be behind him when he engaged his twitter followers with a 21-hour Twitter rant where he was expressing his feelings towards various government policies and what he thinks the future economy will look like. The financial investor seemed to take a huge interest while at the same time expressing positive energy in the upcoming digital currency adoption in the world.

Cryptocurrency involves the use of digital currencies such as Bitcoin to transact of the web. This newfound methods of exchanging goods and services see owners of bitcoin or other digital currencies purchase services to people in different parts of the world through blockchain technology. Although Shervin Pishevar views digital currency as the future in a boundaries economy, he is concerned due to the volatility of the digital currency, especially the trends that have been portrayed in recent times.

Shervin Pishevar tweeted that bitcoin will continue to depreciate up to a point where it will stabilize for around 2k. This acts as a precautionary measure to the people who want to invest in bitcoin or those holding the digital currency in the view that it will appreciate hence helping them to increase their profits. However, despite the volatility facing the digital currency, Shervin Pishevar notes that its adoption will continue to increase and its time that government and other policymakers embrace the new technology by developing rules and regulations to govern the use of digital currency.

One of the main benefits of using digital currency is that it is more secure than other currencies used around the world. Shervin Pishevar is more concerned about the security of transactions that people have when they are conducting various transactions. Moreover, the use of digital currency has the potential of investing in real estate to be an easy undertaking as real estate owners can tokenize their properties. This will help investors with a limited amount of money to own a proportion of a property, which is a similar innovation used in the stock market.