7 Tips for Busting Belly Fat


You’ve done all the exercises. You’ve counted every calorie. Still can’t get rid of the excess belly fat. Experts agree that a diet heavy in sugar, and carbohydrates are the leading cause weight gain in our belly area. Listed below are seven tips to help you fight belly fat.


Daily Sugar Intake

Just because you are not eating donuts all day doesn’t mean your diet isn’t sugar heavy. Sugar is a major component in our food supply. Avoid soda at all cost. Sugary drinks can add ten pounds a year to your waistline! Read your food labels sometimes sugar won’t always be labeled as sugar. Here are other substitute names for sugar: high fructose corn syrup ,sucrose and maple syrup. Try using vanilla bean or vanilla extract to satiate your sweet tooth without all the calories.


Fad Diets

The only thing you shall lose with a fad diet is money and time. Deprivation diets don’t last. Remember the last time you want on a fad diet. How long was it before you quit and gained back all the weight you lost? You must commit to a healthy lifestyle change. A healthy lifestyle encompasses not just foot but exercise and healthy habits. Fad diets put your body and health at risk. Be attentive to your portion sizes. Instead of large dinner plates serve your meals on salad plates. If maintaining a low-fat diet is difficult for you, Pure Health Living recommends trying a program like Nutrisystem for Men. Nutrisystem foods come packaged in small portions so you don’t have to worry about counting calories.


Strengthen Your Willpower

Most people are emotional eaters and don’t realize it. It is easy to say weight loss is not difficult, however, that is not easy. Motivation is where most people falter. Overeating happens when people are feeling upset, sad, or depressed. Setting goals will help you stay focused. Make a plan of all things you will do daily to reach your goal weight. Goals must be specific don’t just write down ‘lose weight’. Write similar to ‘Workout 30 minutes in the morning.’ Review your progress weekly and make changes as needed. Don’t weight yourself daily is body weight will fluctuate depending on your food and water intake. Finally, reward yourself for accomplishing your goals this will reinforce your desire to succeed.


High Fiber Diet

Fiber is an appetite suppressant. It fills you up and makes you less hungry. To make sure you are getting fiber in your diet include whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate. Fiber keeps your digestive tract healthy and boost your immune system.


Food Diary

Health studies have proven keeping a food diary is a vital step is winning the battle of the bulge. It keeps you accountable. Your progress, or lack thereof, is on the page for you to see. Show your food journal to a friend or family member. This will help you gain support for your healthy eating habits. You must track everything you eat from food to drinks. Be sure to include any snacking between meals.



The Right Workout Plan

Make sure you choose exercise that are fun for you. Exercising with a workout buddy can also keep you motivated. Choose a workout that is compatible with your skill level. If you like meeting new people try group workouts. Flexibility and strength are you concerns Pilates just may be the challenge you are looking for. Increase your endurance by incorporating cardio workouts like swimming and aerobics.


Mental Health

Weight loss also has mental health benefits. Studies show that exercising can greatly improve your mood. Aerobic exercise can reduce anger and improve and your energy. Depression and low self-esteem have been linked to the struggles to lose weight. Rapid weight loss can cause hormonal imbalances. Dealing with the depression of weight gain can be emotionally draining because of the change in lifestyle and eating habits. The key is to associate pleasurable memories with your new food choices.

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