A Few Interesting Factors About Nobilis Health

As of December 2015, Northstar Healthcare Inc.changed its name to Nobilis Health Corporation. Announcing the change, company President Harry Fleming said that the company was happy to introduce to its partners, patients and investors to the new name saying it was a necessary part of the company’s bigger entrance into the US capital market. By adopting the new name, the company was to a very large extent avoiding possible confusion with funds and companies with the Northstar name.

By the time it was making the announcement, it had a registration appeal pending with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and it was expected to get a double listing early the following year. However,the company was scheduled to continue trading in the TSX using the NHC symbol. However it was expected to start trading under the Nobilis Health Corp. name within a few days after getting the TSX clearance.

Northstar is well known to partner with professional physicians in the management as well as ownership of sudden care facilities as well as healthcare facilities. The company manages and owns deep interests in not less than 5 ambulatory surgery centers, 3 in Houston, 1 in Dallas and the 5th in Scottsdale, Arizona. On top of that, the company owns and manages one sudden onset care hospital in Houston. It also manages and owns not less than 2 imaging centers and an acute care clinic in Houston.

At a time when the worldwide markets are in a dormant state at the last quarter of 2015, an analyst at Mackie Research Capital said that he had identified a healthcare play that was expected to it make some money. Delivering a comprehensive report, Mackie’s top analyst decided to pick Nobilis based on the fact that it had exhibited very high organic growth. He noted that the company had a strong track record when matters related to M&A are concerned. He also pointed out that the company’s acquisition of a hospital worth $7.5 million could be used as an excellent example .

On September 2014, the company made an announcement that it had acquired a 60% stake as well as management control of a hospital named Freedom Pain located in Scottsdale for not less than $3.2 million. The analyst insisted that at Mackie’s, they view the company as a player when matters related to an increased demand for surgical procedures that arise from aging population and obesity prevalence are concerned.

As of April 2015, the company announced that it had closed a $25 million credit facility that was aimed at supporting its growth efforts and provide a new line of working capital to repay the company’s outstanding debts. The transaction made it very easy for the company to achieve its early 2015 goals as well as streamlining its capital structure. The company believed that its new partnership with GE Capital was set to provide another good platform for its anticipated growth throughout the year. GE Capital has been in the capital provision business for a long period was also happy with the transaction and wished Nobilis well in its future endeavors.

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