A Man Who Found a Large Gold Nugget Provides a Life Lesson for All of Us

Usually men find nothing pleasant about being nagged by their wives. That was probably how Australian Mick Brown felt when he was told by his wife to get out of the house. He was apparently being grumpy, and given that Mick had just quit smoking, that is very believable. He was rewarded for his grumpiness by finding a chunk of gold worth about $141,000 after leaving the house. He actually had metal detecting equipment, and he found it about a foot below the ground. One can only imagine he told his wife to tell him to leave again anytime that he’s being grumpy.

This seems to illustrate a basic yin and yang of life that I have observed in all my years on this Earth, even in the housing market. Your life can be going bad for a bit, and then suddenly something good happens that seems to make things worthwhile again. He was probably feeling miserable with his smoking withdrawal making him and his wife unhappy and then this happens. I typically find that when things are going bad for me for a while something good inevitably comes along to pull me back up again. This would be an important life lesson for those who feel such despair that they decide to end their lives. They are probably doing so right before the upswing that would have picked them up from whatever bad situation they found themselves in.

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