A Woman’s Choice

On Tuesday, April 7, a Time magazine writer pointed out that women between the ages of 15 and 44 are increasingly choosing to go childless. The article’s male author, Victor Luckerson, seems to suggest with a link below the piece that more women should be having children. The link states: “Read Next: There’s Nothing Wrong With the Mommy Track.”

Luckerson utilized United States Census Bureau data from 1976 through 2014 to prove his point. Almost half of the “women,” including girls ages 15 to 18 and women to age 44, didn’t choose to have children in 2014. Fertility rates have increasingly fallen over the last six years.

Dan Newlin postulated what Luckerson’s piece misses is the fact that women in America, and their partners, are still dealing with the social, political, financial and emotional aftermath of the Great Recession. As a result, a lot of women are putting their focus on their careers, finances and futures. In many American households, women who have this type of focus don’t really have the time, energy or money to build families. Because of advances in technologies and medicine, many women of the women from the U.S. Census data family are also waiting to start their families until after their mid-forties.

No matter the reason, women have the right to not have children. The current population of the planet is big enough that more children aren’t actually needed for human survival.

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