Adam Sender: an Art Collector With Passion

With time and enough money, anyone can purchase one or two good artworks. Be that as it may, consistently making quick and smart choices over decades can be quite difficult to do. One has to have great insight into this aspect and over a period you have a vast collection of art items that is truly valuable. At every step, this is an amazing and engaging step for every art collector. Positively Adam Sender has done quite recently that. He is not just an art collector; he is an art investor and exactly knows the value of each piece of art.

Grand Auction at Sotheby’s

At just 45, he has an immense collection of splendid artworks from the absolute best contemporary artists from around the world. Now people will have a chance to see the scope of his vision and his perspective, as more than 400 works from 139 artists are being displayed starting from May. This auction is taking place at Sotheby’s and will stretch out throughout the following year. As a matter of fact, several years ago Adam Sender moved to Florida and everyone knows him as an art investor rather than art collector.

Logical and Great Insight

In 2006, he sold approximately 30 contemporary art pieces that valued around $19 million. He received a six-fold return on his investment. Further to that, he altered his Miami beach house into an art gallery venue, to profit from the art crowds who are visiting the Art Basel Miami Beach. These are some of the business tactics used by Adam Sender, thereby led to his success. At present, he is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at Exis Capital Management, Inc. This firm was established in 1998. Prior to this, he worked as Portfolio Manager in SAC Capital Advisors LP and this firm was started by Steven A. Cohen.

Manager Turned to Art

He has always been regarded as the first generation of art investors who also worked as the hedge-fund managers. He graduated from the University of Michigan. Obviously, when he began, Sender had no clue that he would accumulate a collection that is worth of lending to museum shows. From here on, he plans to give major artworks to institutions. Moreover when he started purchasing valuable artworks, h never thought that this would turn into a profession. He aims to purchase more interesting pieces from new artists.

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