Air Force Veteran Looking to Find Girl he Rescued During Hurricane Katrina

Today has the story of a U.S. Air Force veteran asking the country for help to locate a little girl he encountered during his rescue missions in New Orleans in 2005.

Sgt. Mike Maroney was working in 2005 as a pararescueman. He was sent to New Orleans to help rescue people from the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. While he was there, he met a little girl who has stuck in his mind ever since. Sgt. Maroney helped to rescue the little girl and her six other family members from the flood waters in the city. He and his team pulled the family onto their helicopter to bring them to a safer location. While in the helicopter, Sgt. Maroney remembers the little girl being strong for her family and comforting her crying mother during the aftermath. Her resilience is something he has never been able to forget.

As the family were exiting the helicopter, the little girl wrapped her arms around Sgt. Maroney for a big hug. An Air Force photographer was nearby and managed to snap a photo of that sweet moment. That photo became an iconic image related to Hurricane Katrina and that period.

Sgt. Maroney is now retired but is looking to find the little girl. He just wants to meet her and see how she and her family are doing now stated So far he has had no luck locating her. Check out the iconic image of the two on the above link to Buzzfeed.

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