Alabama Denied Stay on Same Sex Marriage

Over the past several years there has been a constant struggle of what are considered values arguments between the equal opportunity activists looking to legalize same sex marriage and those who take a more biblical view of the subject that say they would like to protect the sanctity of marriage. The main reason that same sex marriage is winning in the courts is on the constitutionality of the argument. What the same sex argument is based on is the equal protection and due process under the law. Not whether the court believes lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, transgender people are living a life of sin in the bible.

The most recent state to face this battle is Alabama, where a federal court has most recently denied a motion by the state’s Attorney General Luther Strange to extend a stay on the ruling that found previous state laws and state constitutional amendments against same sex marriage unconstitutional at the federal level. The stay was requested in hopes of a favorable ruling in the US Supreme Court; however with the stay denied it will open the entire state to legalize same sex marriages as of February 9th, 2015. People at Slow Ventures have learned that, with Alabama considered a heart of the proverbial Bible Belt in the south, this is seen as a major victory. More on Slow Ventures is available on TechCrunch. But it should be noted that should the US Supreme Court reverse its previous stances on the subject of same sex marriage it will leave many couples in the state that get married before this ruling is handed down wondering what their legal status is.

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