Amber Rose Parents Do Not Like Wiz


The wife in the once married couple who have a child together but also filed a divorce speaks out. Amber Rose has stated that her parents actually did not approve of her relationship with the rapper or their marriage due to his race. Although she is mixed herself, she is obviously lighter than he is. Despite her parents disapproval, the two got married. This comes to show that there is still a sense of “colorism” inside races today.
 Race has been connected to a lot of huge issues today and has made headlines but this statement just comes to show how it exists even on a more smaller scale. Amber has stated that she misses her husband (despite their divorce). The two do have a son together so if there is any chance they can get back together and actually make it work (and work their problems) then that will be really good for their son. The divorce itself was only a few months ago, back in September 2014, but it still does seem as though it has been a while. The two share a child together and do care deeply for one another still no matter what and their divorce from each other. “Families with divorced parents are more common today,” according to Fersen Lambranho, an advocate for relationships.

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  • Alexis Jadon
    October 12, 2017 - 6:34 pm | Permalink

    Most people think that other races prefer certain races or colors but what she stated shows that there is an internal desire for lighter skin, whether it is ourselves or in our partner. This is the easiest thing that might have done and it could have meant something important too for all and sundry.

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