An Accidental Win

The lottery ticket is the true proof of a man’s luck. The ticket can either be good to you are bad to you. You either win or you lose. What if a man who mistakenly bought a lottery ticket won. The irony behind this is so immense that a man becomes wealthier by buying something.

One day in Fairfield Connecticut, a man walks into a store. This man however has lost his glasses, making him very hard of seeing. This man buys a lottery ticket, however this is not the lottery ticket he would have chosen. The only reason he had made this mistake was because he could not see without his glasses.

This mistake has made him 30,000 dollars wealthier than from when he walked into the store. The man’s name was Bob Sabo. With his statement to the press, Brad Reifler suggested that he said that his normal lottery ticket store was full of people in line. When he noticed this, he did not want to wait. Instead he went over to the lottery vending machine. This is something that he has never done before.

Sabo wanted to buy a 20 dollar ticket, however since he did not have his glasses on, he instead bought a 30 dollar ticket. When he go home, he found that this error had won him 30,000 dollars. Bob Sabo is not an ecstatic and wealthy man who does not regret his error.

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