An Introduction To Sergio Cortes MJ Impersonator

Seeing your favorite musicians and singers is a highly anticipated event for many fans. For fans of Michael Jackson, seeing him perform live is no longer a possibility. While this may be an unfortunate circumstance for some people, there is an individual who best resembles him. This individual is Sergio Cortes and he has been a top performer as well as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Throughout his entire life he has devoted himself to mastering Jackson’s singing and dance techniques. As a result he has been able to give fans a very worthwhile experience in terms of seeing a live Michael Jackson performance.

Sergio Cortes is of Spanish origin and was introduced to Michael Jackson by his mother who was a big fan of Jackson. As a result, Cortes was able to listen to Michael Jackson’s music on a regular basis as well as watch his live performances. Since he was such a big fan of Michael Jackson, he began learning the various dance techniques and singing tendencies of Jackson himself. Since his appearance was quite reminiscent of Michael Jackson, Cortes was also able to make himself look just like him and therefore get lots of attention.

Over time, Sergio Cortes gained a lot of recognition from the Spanish media and posed in photos as a Michael Jackson double in Barcelona. With his attention and recognition, Cortes began to consider doing live shows to audiences in Spain and give them an experience similar to a concert of Michael Jackson himself. Therefore, Cortes decided to get a band, backup singers and dancers together to tour and perform live shows in front of audiences in Spain and throughout the rest of the world. This gave Cotes even more recognition and an opportunity to showcase his talents to fans everywhere.

By performing in front of live audiences worldwide, Sergio Cortes has emerged as the best Michael Jackson impersonator in the world. Due to his looks, precise dance techniques and unique singing voice, Cortes is able to have fans experience a Michael Jackson concert without the actual performer being present. To learn more about Cortes you can watch videos on websites as well as read about him in social media. These sources will help you learn more about him and how authentic an experience he provides to fans. Those who are looking to see an excellent Michael Jackson impersonator will benefit by seeing a live show by Sergio Cortes.

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