Andrew Rolfe Seeks Change with Ubuntu Education Fund

If you haven’t heard of the Ubuntu Education Fund yet, you probably should take a moment to read up on it. Failing that, we can tell you a little bit about the Ubuntu Fund and how people like Jacob Lief and Andrew Rolfe are going about changing the lives of those their foundation is touching. To put things simply: the Ubuntu Fund seeks to change lives via charity work in ways that are dramatically different from what you are probably used to reading about.


Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief attended the World Economic Forum in Davos and it was there that a sudden realization hit the man. Lief points to the forum as the moment that he said, “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Lief, of course, is speaking from his position as the founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew Rolfe serves on the Board of Directors, using his voice to help sway the flow of money toward places where it will go to make the largest impact. With the way that Andrew Rolfe and Lief had been fundraising it was easy to see that the money was so tied up it never really got to where it needed to.


A decision was to be made in order to change things up, thus leading to the Ubuntu Education Fund that we are seeing today. Lief decided to focus more on individuals with a high earning threshold while declining donations that had a ton of stipulations. Lief doesn’t want you to think that his decision has changed the success of his foundation. Conversely, the foundation is seeing fewer donations but they are able to streamline them directly to their destination — thus effectively accomplishing more.


The big problem with non-profits is that they are beholden to the donors and the strings that come with them. Donors tend to like to flex their leverage and push the money in a certain direction. This can obviously cause problems for a foundation trying to make a big difference in specific places. That is why we are so excited to see how Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund materialize in the future.


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