Andrew Rolfe’s Role in Restructuring Ubuntu Education Funds

Jacob Lief is the founder and the chief executive officer of the Ubuntu Education Fund, an organization that supports needy children in the township of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Lief realized that the money he was raising was not making great impacts in people’s lives. Mr. Lief was raising a lot of money and attending high-profile events and gatherings including the World’s Economic Forum’s annual meeting that took place in Davos. All this was not reflecting so much in the lives of the people he had dedicated his life to, and this forced him to change his strategy.

His new strategy dictated that the organization shall reject donors whose contribution come with certain restrictions on how the grants were to be implemented. He started focusing on getting other means to support the children who had led him to establish the organization. Ubuntu Education Fund decided to be approaching Family Foundations or wealthy individuals who understand that restricted grants limit the innovation of the organization.

Lief knew that his decision would impact the organization’s budget, but it was worth it. Even though the organization does not receive a lot of money like it used to, its impact on the children is greater. Donors are not the decision makers for philanthropic organizations. The Ubuntu Foundation is one of the organizations that is not chasing money. It is after flexibility and innovation to ensure that it has maximum results.

Andrew Rolfe is the current Chairperson of the Board of Directors for Ubuntu Fund. He also heads other organizations and companies such as Tower Brook. Andrew trained at Oxford University where he attained his B.A. in politics, philosophy, and economics. He attained an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Andrew Rolfe is an active board member. Last year, he went to the Ubuntu Education Funds Center based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He was accompanied by his daughter. During the visit, he met the dedicated team that works day and night to ensure the vulnerable children are in school. According to Lief, Andrew Rolfe brought valuable tools to the organization. Andrew spearheaded the formation of a board to govern the funds and other operations. Andrew used his experience in governing companies to make Ubuntu Funds a more defined organization. He gave the firm the moral support it needed to grow and become better.


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