Andy Wirth Is Still Keeping Things Positive

Andy Wirth is the president and the CEO of squaw Valley ski resorts in California. Andy Wirth is definitely a man who is very dedicated to his profession, and he has been working in the ski resort industry for a very large portion of his life. Andy Wirth is a very dedicated man that shows true responsibility towards the communities in which he serves. He is involved in many philanthropic activities to help youths and other individuals in need to be able to find stable housing, and apart from that he works tirelessly to conserve the ecosystem and takes all measures necessary to lower the economical footprint that his company leaves on society. A few months ago Andy Wirth did an interview with Madeline Brand from press play. She asked many questions about the ski industry, and also about the future of Squaw Valley.

Reports show that the drought is the most pressing issue on the minds of the majority of individuals living in California, and they have lost the use of 27% of the water in California. Many ski resorts in California decided to end their season early, and Madeline Brand ask Andy Wirth about his opinion of what was going on.

Mr. Wirth admits that this year has been a difficult year, and because of that squaw Valley was down 20%. The reason was because of the ridiculously resilient ridge. This is a rage that prevented low-pressure systems from coming onto the mountain. Even though there was a dip in gains at squaw Valley, Mr. Wirth is sure that his ski resort has the ability to withstand the volatility of the weather systems.

Mr Wirth asserts that they will continue to put themselves in the position to be ready for an increase in snow and cold. Squaw Valley has 6000 acres of land for skiing. Since that is the case, last year they chose to close 2000 of those acres, but that still left a whopping 4000 available. Squaw Valley is working along with meteorologist in Colorado to see how the weather may or may not change in their favor. These meteorologist and investigators are predicting that because of the absence of the resilient ridge, is very possible that there will be a fruitful and cold winter this year. Even if that is not the case squaw Valley continues to make adjustments in their technology as far as snow making equipment goes, and they are doing things to promote more summer events such as hosting weddings, and meetings.

Squaw Valley is making sure that they are doing a good job in the management of their resources, and they also take managing naturalists resources as a very serious task. They have been very active in reducing their carbon footprint by doing things such as removing the use of burning coal, adjusting their business model, and reducing their contribution to climate change. Andy Wirth is sure that next year will be a profitable year for Squaw Valley, and he is very positive about the opening season.

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