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The One Day That Changed Dr. Saad’s Life

People can find their lives will change amazingly quickly. One day, all is set in motion and the very next they can realize this is not what they want out of life. This is what happened to Dr. Saad Saad.

One day he took a job and it was not right for him. Forced to work outside while the sun beat down on his head in the Kuwaiti heat, the doctor quickly found reasons to change the course of his life up that time. It is these sorts of moments that he wants others to use in their own lives.

Dr. Saad Saad wants them to come to an examination of what’s happened in their own lives and think about what possible direction might be right for their goals in life. As a doctor, he’s sen that such moments must be grabbed. He knows that understanding the self is crucial to understanding a person’s life and their overall goals. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

After that work, he knew that he could use his personal talents in more meaningful ways. He knew that changes in life were possible and they could provide benefits for him and his patients. This is why he decided that he would enter the field of medicine.

Medicine promised to help him and offer him the chance to be of use to his community at the same time. It was this determination to succeed in life that also led him to medicine.

Medicine was the perfect fit with his goals in life. He decided that not only would be a doctor, he would also be the best doctor he could be. This goal was always on his mind as he began to construct a career. Even as a teen growing up in Kuwait he could see that he had a future in front of him.

Once his goal was set, he never moved from it. Dr. Saad Saad soaked up all could in order to become a candidate for admission to medical school. This meant working hard and studying even harder. It mean spending many years mastering difficult materials. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

He was soon able to see the fruits of his success and his fierce determination. His true goal was not only to enter medicine but to become a pediatric surgeon. To his delight, he attained this goal.

He not only was able to enter medical school and learn the foundations of his practice and chosen profession. He was also able to do extremely well.

In the process, he graduated second in his medical class. In doing so, he tells others that it is possible to do the same thing he did and to become all they can be in their own lives and chosen professional careers.

The DAMAC Owner Knows A Lot About The World

Hussain Sajwani is leading in the world’s effort to bring diversity to organizations. He openly celebrates the diversity of his company and the fact that DAMAC employees come from 77 countries. DAMAC does does not discriminate based on nationality. The philosophy of this inclusive policy is that people from different backgrounds give very valuable viewpoints for organizations. Companies that are not inclusive make the world a less happy place. Hussain Sajwani knows that the world has to step into the 21st century by being more inclusive. Different groups in the world are very much connected with each other through globalization, being within close bounds with each other and travel. Exclusion is unreasonable, but it becoming more and more unreasonable as the years go on and as the world changes.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani‘s knack for understanding the state of the world has lead to his economic success. Real estate has been the golden goose for Hussain Sajwani. His travels as a young man gave him a good view of the world that lead him to make good decisions. His experiences in America showed him what was needed to be done in the United Arab Emirates. At the time, America seemed a million times more built up than the United Arab Emirates. Even places like Walmart seemed like wonders to him. Years later, he took part in the rebuilding of Dubai and other places.

One big plan that he has is to expand DAMAC’s business into the Far East. His knowledge of the state of the world has led him to this plan. The real estate billionaire sees how much of a good business partner the Far East would be. This is because of the massive economic successes of China. China has a huge population and a lot of manufacturing. The levels of manufacturing in China are so high that air quality has drastically suffered in major Chinese cities. There are infamous pictures of Chinese people wearing masks over their faces to combat the pollution. Read this post from Al Bawaba to know about DAMAC’s charity work.

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Marketing Lessons from Victoria Doramus

The marketing industry has drastically changed over the past decade. Many professionals struggle to advertise to clients effectively. Young people respond to much different advertising techniques than previous generations. With online marketing, it is possible to reach millions of people with a single video.

Companies need marketing experts more than ever. Victoria Doramus is a marketing professional with decades of experience in the industry. She recently gave a speech about the importance of advertising and shared basic marketing lessons for business owners.

Satisfied Customer

Victoria believes that a satisfied customer is the best advertising any business can have. With online products, some companies spend money on fake reviews to increase sales. Victoria thinks this tactic is unethical and a waste of money. A genuinely satisfied customer will go out of their way to tell others about the product or service offered.

Spend Money Strategically

Some business leaders wrongly believe that spending money is the best way to increase sales. Although spending money on advertising is essential, in today’s economy a more strategic approach is necessary. Victoria tells business owners to put advertising dollars towards converting potential customers. A business owner should understand where the potential customers are. For example, a business can have a much more effective advertising campaign on social media by advertising only to customers in a particular age group or income bracket.

Hiring Marketing Employees

Another critical aspect of improving marketing is hiring passionate marketing employees for a company. An employee should be excited about the product or service offered by a company. Advertising should be a part of the culture of any organization. From the moment a potential customer interacts with a company, a possible sale can be lost by poor customer service.

Other Advice

Victoria has had a successful career because she genuinely enjoys her work. She consistently tells students to enter a field they are passionate about. A true passion for work can make a substantial difference in a person’s success.


Hylands Homeopathic: A Brand Moms Trust

Since it was founded in 1903 by pharmacist George Hyland, the Hyland brand has been dedicated to creating natural products that encourage the body to heal itself. Hyland’s social media shows a brand that focuses on family. There are real pictures of real fathers, mothers, and children. Hyland isn’t just a company selling products. They are providing remedies to make sick children feel better. When the kids are happy, the families can get back to living their lives.


This is a video that nearly all moms can relate to. It depicts the ebbs and flows of motherhood. There are moments of frustration, joy, happiness, and sadness. The video captures the vulnerability of mom’s having to let their children go out into the world, and of sacrificing “me-time” for “mom-time”. It also shows the unnerving public meltdown that toddlers so often have. We see a mom who is the world to her child, as big as a giant. In that moment she feels helpless because she is unable to soothe her screaming toddler. A stranger is able to help, but she is no stranger at all because she, too, is a mother.


In another scene, we see two mothers, one old, one young, share a quite glance. You can see the happiness in their faces. Perhaps the young mother is thinking of the day that her daughter will marry. Perhaps the older mother is remembering when her daughter was just a baby. The commercial shows women of different ages and ethnicities sharing the common bond of motherhood.


No one worries about a child quite like their mother. Because of the bond that moms share, mothers trust other mothers’ opinions. Hyland has positioned itself as a trust-worthy provider of products that moms can feel comfortable recommending to other moms.


Hyland’s use to carry a product known as Hyland’s Teething Tablets that was recently recalled. Hyland’s Teething tablets are no longer on the market, but there have since been other products developed to help assist oral pain for babies.