Avi Weisfogel Announces GoFundMe Campaign for New Smiles

One of today’s leading dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, announced he will devote a large part of his time to Operation Smile, helping to restore smiles to deformed faces. Additionally, in response to the ongoing mission to help repair deformities, Dr. Weisfogel has also set up a GoFundMe campaign. “All proceeds are donated to the non-profit organization to help families in need,” says Dr. Weisfogel. His GoFundMe campaign draws attention to the need for these operations. “These fundraising campaigns enable the pro bono work of the volunteers, making it organizationally and financially possible,” adds Dr. Weisfogel.

A Congenital Malformation

A cleft lip and palate is a congenital malformation of the mouth area. Frequently it is accompanied by nasal malformation, misaligned teeth, developmental language disorders and hearing disorders. According to the Cleft Palate Foundation, about one in every 600 births in the U.S. results in a cleft palate. A correction of this congenital malformation is quite possible, but hardly affordable for children from poor families. The non-profit organization “Operation Smile” allows children in more than 80 developing countries a free operation, and nearly 750,000 have been completed.

With a dual bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, and a Doctor of Dental Surgery from NYU, Weisfogel set out on his own, launching New Jersey-based, Old Bridge Dental Care. After a successful early career, and unafraid to diversify, Dr. Weisfogel established Dental Sleep Masters, a business focused on treating sleep apnea, and instructing dental professionals how to immerse “dental sleep medicine” using oral appliances into their business.

In addition to his goals in educational outreach, Dr. Avi Weisfogel works diligently to carry out Operation Smile’s mission in helping more children by offering this funding mechanism. Much of the organization’s work is made possible by private donations, and it’s clear Dr. Weisfogel’s message of hope exists in his GoFundMe campaign.

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