Avi Weisfogel Helps With New Dental Sleep Appliances

Avi Weisfogel, co-founder of Healthy Heart Sleep and owner of Dental Sleep Masters, is working hard to help people to understand the issues around sleep apnea. Avi is a dental professional that has spent many years helping another dentist to understand the importance of dental appliances. Graduating with degrees in psychology and biology first, Avi understands the psychology of not sleeping and the problems sleep apnea causes to the body. As a chief lecturer, he spends a lot of time talking with other professionals. He provides hours of dental coaching and consulting to his colleagues.

Avi Weisfogel spent his first 15 years working in his own dental practice. He earned several awards before he began his pursuit of training on sleep apnea and it’s dangers. In New Jersey, he is treating people with special appliances that are going to help people that suffer from sleeping disorders.

When people are planning their vacations they have to worry about how they will carry their large c-pap machines on the airplane or on the train. Packing a continuous pressure machine is not as easy as you may think. It is large and there are many different parts to consider. If the person does not take the c-pap with them on their vacation, they may suffer from exhaustion. If the person has sleep apnea really bad, they will have difficulties concentrating and staying awake during a business meeting.

New equipment is coming. A travel c-pap machine is better to bring along in your luggage. It is smaller and lighter. Oral appliances and Avi Weisfogel are working together to provide relief to people with sleep issues. A mouth guard helps keep the tongue from falling into the throat. Another new appliance is the nasal valve. This attaches over the nose and provides a valve that opens and redirects air during breathing. People using these may have a better chance of sleeping and getting enough rest to function on their trip. If you are bringing any of these special sleeping devices or oral devices with you on the trip, make sure you bring a copy of your prescription with you. Empty out any water from the humidifier tank. Make sure to carry any of the items you can in your carry on bags.

Avi Weisfogel is also involved with the Operation Smile campaign. He is hoping to get people to donate to the fund me page so that many people can get free dental care. Check out the article in the Huffington post and be sure to look for the GoFundMe page for Operation Smile.

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