Biography of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a name that you may have heard before. He has mad a mark for himself in the fields of tech and business for his history as a technological innovator and entrepreneur.

Eric Pulier first entered the realm of technology and software programming when he was still a very young man. By the fourth grade of elementary school Pulier had already begun programming computers on his own. In fact, he was owning and operating his own database computer business before he even graduated from high school.

By the year 1984 he was a student at Harvard university. Though he has a long and established history of working on technology or health care based endeavors, during college Pulier pursued other academic courses. While enrolled at Harvard University he studied and eventually earned a major in English and American Literature. Pulier used these experiences to get a position writing at the Harvard Crimson. While there he worked two separate jobs and did work both as an editor and a regular columnist. However, his origins working with computer inevitably showed through. The campuses close relationship to MIT allowed Pulier to crossover and attend several classes at their campus. He graduated with considerable honors in 1988, and took his Literature Major and considerable programming knowledge into the business world.

By 1991 Pulier was headed to the West Cost and the city of Los Angeles. There he set up a business referred to simply as People Doing Things. PDT, as it was often called, focused it’s resources on investigating ways technology could assist in solving problems faced in other realms of society. This included not only business but education and health care as well.

Pulier has since gone on to work on a huge number of initiatives for public and private entities. For more information on his recent endeavors check out the links below.

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