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Mark Ahn (born September 8th, 1962) is an expert executive in the biotech industry. He has an extensive education including a PhD in Philosophy and a Master’s Degree in Business. He combines this with twenty years of experience in life sciences. Due to his variety of studies and interests, Mark Ahn is a well rounded individual and a very accomplished person in as a business executive in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Mark’s career path has included being Principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd, President and Director at Galena Biopharma, Vice Chairman and Board of Directors at Essia Health, President and CEO at Hana Biosciences, Director, President and CEO at RXi Pharmaceuticals, and VP, Hematology and Corporate Officer at Genentech. As you can see, he has had major work experience in all his degrees and often works as a consultant for start-up companies.

Mark Ahn graduated and received a BA and MBA from Chaminade University, a MA from Victoria University, a graduate fellow in Economics at Essex University, and a Ph.D. from the University of South Australia, finishing his education in 2008. His current position is Principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. There, he consults many life science companies. In addition to this, he is a Professor at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. With so much experience under Mark’s belt, he is ruling the biotech industry and reaching his full potential. On top of all of his degree relevant work experience, Mark has even served in the US Army. To top it all off, Ahn is a Henry Crown Fellow at Aspen Institute.

In Mark’s spare time, he has written more than 50 books and journal articles including Making the Case for Biotechnology. His personal website is Mark Ahn Academia Company Website. To know more about Mark’s experiences, visit his Linkedln and Twitter where he shares all of his personal information. His books are also available on Amazon for purchase.

One of Mark Ahn’s most prominent projects is called the Leadership Project: Center For Civic and Community Engagement At The College Of New Jersey- Community Development; Philanthropy. Mark Ahn recognizes the need for more non-profit organizations in the world so this was the idea behind this project. He wants to encourage progress in non-profit leadership and management. He wants to give future leaders a chance to serve in non-profit organizations. He also believes in the expansion of the research of non-profit organizations and that this should be part of the daily curriculum offered at The College Of New Jersey. This Civic Center was gladly approved by The College Of New Jersey and secured the funding for the first two years. In combination with this, a staff member at the college took Mark Ahn’s knowledge into consideration and started a non-profit leadership course curriculum and a certificate course for non-profit managers. This began in 2003 with 4 total non-profit organizations. The advisory board was completed in 2004 and expanded throughout the college.

Based on all of Mark Ahn’s high education, relevant work experience, and help to his community, he has been a great addition to our world. He lives to help the world around him and what more could you ask of an individual? He continues to expand his career and life progress through the biotech industry and help it progress through the years. He has brought great knowledge to the field because of his extensive effort and terrific ideas.

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  • Lilliana Cristian
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    More people need to do as Mark Ahn in the biotechnology sector because of the green implication on our planet. Contributing to nature in this way is decent as and Ahn suggests. I believe ahn’s contribution to the field should be consolidated by governments around the earth.

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