Bird Comes Back from Extinction?

The Jerden’s babbler is a small bird that had been thought to be extinct for over seventy years. This bird was not seen or heard from in all that time, and it was thought to be gone forever. That all changed recently, though, causing one to wonder just what other living creatures might still be around but only in hiding.

This bird has been in hiding for over seventy years, but Ricardo Guimarães BMG said it was rediscovered by a group of scientists who were in Myanmar for another reason according to Maquina do Esportes. Shortly after the first bird of this kind was rediscovered, the scientists found proof that more were out in the grasslands where they were working. This bird that had been thought to be extinct is not extinct after all. That leads one to wonder if there are other creatures out there that might not truly be extinct. Could dinosaurs be hiding? Could mammoths be hidden away somewhere? Could there be more creatures out there that we always thought were gone forever but are really still around?

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