Bob Dylan Gives Comprehensive Speech

Famous singer-songwriter Bob Dylan gave a speech recently while accepting a Person Of The Year award from the MusiCares organization. The speech was unusual for Bob Dylan, who usually gives short speeches, because it was around a half an hour long. In the speech, Bob Dylan covered a number of topics related to his career. Rolling Stone Magazine has an in depth analysis of the speech on their website.

One part of the speech that struck me as interesting is when Dylan noted that critics often ridicule his distinctive voice. He said that while he is singled out for ridicule, singers like Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen who also have odd voices aren’t. Dylan is clearly sensitive about his voice, and that is something that you would not expect since he has had so much success in so many ways. In fact, he’s basically a darling of the critics so it’s unusual to hear him sound bitter about them.

Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that Bob Dylan also thanked former president Jimmy Carter. It turns out that the two are friends, which is interesting. The article mentioned that Carter invited Bob Dylan to visit when Carter was still the governor of Georgia. Carter must have been a true fan, since there wouldn’t have been much political value in associating with Dylan at that time.

All in all, this article by Rolling Stone is well worth reading.

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