Bobby Flay’s Ex-Wife Wants Millions

Bobby Flay is one of the greatest chefs of all time. Just ask Stephen Murray CCMP Capital about his reputation. He is also one of the most successful and well known chefs in the world. He is worth millions of dollars, and he owns countless restaurants in countries worldwide. People do not mind spending hundreds of dollars for a dinner at one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants. However, the famous chef has found himself in a controversial predicament.

If you haven’t heard, Bobby Flay recently filed for divorce from his wife Stephanie March. Bobby Flay and Stephanie March have been together for 10-years, and many people could not imagine the couple splitting. However, it was reported that Bobby Flay was having an affair with one of his young restaurant managers. Nonetheless, Stephanie March is angry, and she wants compensation to ease her pain.

Stephanie March has made an incredible claim. Stephanie believes that she is responsible for Bobby Flay’s success, and Stephanie recently stated that she tasted everything that Bobby made before it was served. TMZ recently posted an article that has detailed information about the story.

Stephanie March not only wants credit for Bobby Flay’s success, but she is also demanding $1 million dollars. Can you imagine getting paid for eating food? Several people feel that Stephanie March’s demands are outrageous and foolish. Nonetheless, Bobby Flay could end up losing that money to his ex-wife. Bobby Flay is quickly finding out how deadly a woman scorn can truly be.

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