Bone Marrow Survivor’s Wedding Vow

This may sound strange but tragedy has such a way of bringing people together, here in this story it’s more than that. A bond that spanned for over 24 years and connected families together through the act of giving. Folks at Boraie Development know that it is amazing to see people help one another and go above and beyond a mere act. This donor show a huge amount of compassion by literally saving another person’s life, so that 2 decades later a dream can be realized. Reddit reports the selfless act by one human being to another that not only effected his life, literally.
This act also, affected the life of a daughter who was able to have her father at her wedding because of compassion. Situations like this really allow people to see what they are made of, and what other people are too. The reality is who we are comes forth in the rawest form when we have to act from an uncommon place.

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