Brad Pitt Brings Preferred Director To The World War Z Sequel

Brad Pitt has called on an old friend to help save the day. Pitt has asked David Fincher to helm the sequel to World War Z and Fincher has agreed to helm the project. In doing so, Fincher may have saved the film from being tossed into the pile of “planned sequels that were never made.”


World War Z definitely was a departure for Brad Pitt. The actor is not exactly known for appearing in films known for their zombie mayhem. Pitt’s star power was a fantastic addition to the film. His presence also contributed to the massive box office success of the multimillion-dollar project.


David Fincher worked with Pitt on a number of different projects. Their most famous actor-director team-up was on the cult classic film Fight Club. The realm of World War Z is absolutely different from the land of the Fight Club, but the two talented men should be able to forge of unique vision in the zombie sequel.


Pitt’s desire to bring Fincher aboard shows a commitment to the sequel. An actor who is as big of a star as Pitt is never going to be short the projects to choose from. Pitt’s box office appeal has definitely not diminished over the years. He is still a major bankable star. The actor really has a passion for revisiting the dismal world of the original film. Perhaps there is still something very compelling to tell about the events of the original project.


Then there is the issue of the sequel being as big of a hit as the original. Pitt definitely would not suffer from having another hit film under his belt.



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